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  1. orangyktmthing

    2 stroke or 4 stroke

    I like fried chicken, not on these 90+ degree days, though.
  2. Not to start a battle, but I wonder if it is due to the fact that the orange brand has been building these bikes for years?[emoji12]
  3. orangyktmthing

    Electric Fan Worth it for Michigan Trial Riding and Harescramble?

    On my 4th 300, none of them have had fans. If you are overheating, start out by checking the radiator cap. If that is good, then the bike is possibly running lean.
  4. orangyktmthing

    JD my TMX or go Airstryker?

    Also smallz700r, the first thing that I would do if you keep having issues is to email James Dean. He can give you a good starting point on jetting specifications. In A2, you are probably around between 750-800 feet above seal level. As you go north, you are going to go to around 900-1000 feet above sea level. It shouldn't affect the jetting that much. I have a bunch more experience with jetting a pwk and might even have a spare pwk sitting around here (I currently run a 38mm smartcarb on my 300xcw, just for the ease of setting it for any temp and altitude). If you could guess, I'm local to the Washtenaw county area...
  5. orangyktmthing

    To plate or not to plate???

    Proper preparedness prevents piss poor performances..... [emoji12]
  6. orangyktmthing

    To plate or not to plate???

    Why put it together to have to tear it down again in short order? Just replate the cylinder and do it right the first time. That part of the cylinder is in contact with the ring(s) and you don't want to lunch the new piston and rings, do you?
  7. orangyktmthing

    Mako 360 by XC Gear or Fasst Flex Bars

    I would do the flexx bars. The BRP clamps are nice, but I really don't think that they are as noticeable as the bars. I also have experience with the ktm powerparts/xtrig PDHS handlebar mounts. I had them installed with the flexx bars and also had them installed with regular handlebars. I actually like the pdhs mounts and they are the least expensive in the hierarchy. I haven't tried either the mako mounts or the twisted engineering bars, so I can't comment on either. Although, if I was to purchase anything first, I would find a set of used pdhs mounts and buy the green elastomers and you will be in for about 120 to 140 bucks. Not that the flexx bars are worst, but by the time that you have everything needed, you can be upwards of 400 bucks into bars/bark busters.
  8. orangyktmthing

    Mako 360 by XC Gear or Fasst Flex Bars

    Got the Scotts/BRP rubber mount triple clamps and the fasstco flexx bars. Not a cheap setup, but it is nice
  9. orangyktmthing

    Cold garage

    I keep mine in my basement, next to the billiards table in the winter. When I was house shopping, the first thing I wanted was a polebarn....didn't get that. Second? A walk out basement and my video games/big screen/surround sound/beer fridge are right there, as well.
  10. orangyktmthing

    08 YZ250f, Won't Stay Running

    My bro-in-law was having a super hard time chasing down jetting on his 07 250F. It would run great one moment, then it would die intermittently and we went through everything. Ended up it was that stupid aluminum fuel screw tip deformed and would do crazy things.
  11. orangyktmthing

    08 YZ250f, Won't Stay Running

    Yeah, the brass won't deform and cause you to chase your tail looking for issues that mysteriously appear and disappear.
  12. orangyktmthing

    KTM Differential Cylinder Pressure Test Fail

    No. If you are worried about longevity, get stainless valves and new valve springs/etc..
  13. orangyktmthing

    08 YZ250f, Won't Stay Running

    Also, another bit of advise. If your fuel screw is an aftermarket aluminum with a knob, ditch that pos as soon as you can. That thing will give so many mysterious issues, due to the seat wearing rings and cause hard starting and stalling issues. JD jetting has a brass fuel screw that won't give that issue.