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  1. I am 6'1" 195lbs and I ride an 06 smr510 (Husky) and came off an 06 600rr. Love the Husky I commute on it and I race it so its the best bike for me, the maint on it is a bit more than the more streetable bikes like the drz400 but I think it is worth it.
  2. WOW...That is funny!!!
  3. I rode Yamaha forever and finally upgraded to the Husky (07 SMR510) now I wonder why I waited so long...I even converted a Honda friend of mine. Love working on the bike and it really is a conversation piece, oh and its fast as hell!!!
  4. Same thing happened to me on my smr 510 on the same bolt. I called Halls and they shiped me the crush nut that goes in the subframe I think it was $2.00.
  5. noxious

    husky getting into 450 singles roadracing

    Looks like fun. I guess it is a cheap way to get into racing but then again so is Super Moto...
  6. noxious

    Staying out of Trouble on the Street

    green belts through neighborhoods will get a little distance between you and the cops.
  7. noxious

    Bang For Buck Used Motard?

    I have seen a couple Husqvarnas 2005-2006 smr450 or smr510 for as little as 5200.00. If you are willing to spend up to 5500.00 you could easily get into a Husky. I have an smr510 that I ride on the street all the time and have had no problems with the bike.
  8. noxious

    Husky 450 for a beginner?

    I change my oil every 300 miles and I check my valves every 1200 miles.
  9. I use a mx right now for both street and track. I am planning on a Arai XD for the street this summer.
  10. noxious

    Husky 450 for a beginner?

    The smr450 is a race bike and with that comes more fun but more maint...Man up and get the Husky...
  11. noxious

    Husky Decision

    I have a dealer about an hour from me here in Colorado but i still order most everything from Halls. The staff there know what they are talking about and I have never had a problem...They have been a Husky dealer for ever too. Get the Husky I swear you wont regret it!!!
  12. noxious

    watch these guy's go!

    That lead rider could have walked away from the camra guy he was fast as hell!!! Nothing is better than passing a spot bike in the turns on somthing with a third of the power!!!
  13. noxious

    Damaged Exhaust 06 SMR510

    I have the bike in the shop right now but I will post a pic over the weekend when I get it back. That would be great if your fabricator could fix it. Where are you located jjm525? I'm in Denver, Colorado.
  14. noxious

    Damaged Exhaust 06 SMR510

    I tried both, Fast by Ferracci will only sell the entire system, and I have e-mailed Sil Moto a couple times over the last two months with no response???
  15. Hello all, this summer I laid my 2006 smr510 down:foul: and damaged my muffler. The exhaust set up I have is a Fast by Ferracci ti system. I have been trying to find a dealer that sells just the slip on portion of the system and in doing so I found out that Sil Moto manufatures the muffler (slip on) for Fast by Ferracci:crazy: . From Sil Motos site it looks like I need the part number SM12-32 but I am having a real hard time finding anyone who sells this particular item. Do any of you out there know where I can buy the slip on portion of this exhaust setup?