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  1. jrgong420

    The Latest WTA Activist Outing Update

    Didn't read the whole thread but thought I should chime in with a hiker story. Aug 18 while riding from Maverick Saddle to Mad Lake we came upon a group on the trail of about 10-15 hikers (looked like boyscouts) heading towards the saddle. We thought nothing of them as we slowly passed by them and said thanks for for letting us pass through. Once at Mad Lake we were hanging out on the west side of the lake under some trees for a while and my pop's noticed some smoke coming from the area we normaly hang out at. We ran over to find a campfire was starting to kick back up and starting to catch the grass around it on fire. We ended up putting the smoldering fire out with a trash bag that we had and made sure it was out. Not acussing anybody but it's hard to think that it was anybody but the HIKERS.
  2. Is there a recommend spot to camp for the Devil's Gulch Trail?
  3. jrgong420

    Lake Wenatchee Trails Closed

    ^^^ That sucks. Didn't they just open the upper trails?
  4. jrgong420

    Mad River ride report 7/25

    Thanks for the report. Sounds EPIC. I can't wait to ride up their. Hope some of the mosquitos go away down at Goose Creek.
  5. jrgong420

    Buttstomper 24 Hour Race is On!!

    Who got their buttstomped?
  6. jrgong420

    Mad River Trails

    Not going to open! That's nuts. Has there been a year when it didn't open? Edit: I thought he was talking about the 1409.1 (seasonal closure). I always thought the lower was overgrown.
  7. jrgong420

    Mad River Trails

    Bring the bug spray if your staying at Goose Creek...
  8. jrgong420

    Quick After Work Ride at Reiter

    No More Index Wall is BS! What do they think their protecting?
  9. jrgong420

    Lake Wenatchee Trails Conditions

    Thanks again! Big time let down for me though. Not gunna be able to ride until I replace my swingarm bearings. Glad I figured out they were shot before we hauled the bikes over.
  10. jrgong420

    Lake Wenatchee Trails Conditions

    Thanks for the info. Still a toss up on where to go. Might just wait till we leave and figure it out from there. I love both places and just want to ride so it dosn't matter.
  11. jrgong420

    Lake Wenatchee Trails Conditions

    Any updated info on L.W. trial conditions? Going riding in two weeks and debating L.W. or Taneum. Cheers
  12. jrgong420

    Taneum 6/7

    What loops/trials are good to go at Taneum? Taking a trip in two weeks and trying to decide Lake Wenatchee or Taneum. I know L.W. would be all lower trials but those might be enough for us as I have not rode since October 08.
  13. jrgong420

    airway heights tires

    I don't ride track but I use MH3's as my do it all tire for the NW. Works good in every condition. And last way longer than a 756. Not sure on the MS3 but I would think it will wear quicker on anything but soft stuff.
  14. jrgong420

    suspension re-valve recommendation

    Seems like everybody knows someone who does suspension work.... I can only vouch for Moto Pro but I'm sure everybody else does fine work also.