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  1. I want to pull the carb to give it a good cleaning but the hot start is stuck! Anyone else have this issue? How do I get it out of the carb? I've never had to use it to start the bike when riding so I'm not surprised it's in this predicament...help!
  2. leepic

    What's the stock pilot jet?

    With the 45PJ and my above listed settings, how may turns out should I have on the screw? I think I'm at 1.5, or is it 2...dunno. Suggestions?
  3. leepic

    What's the stock pilot jet?

    Uh...don't remember, but there's a good possibility it's aluminum. What do you suggest?
  4. leepic

    What's the stock pilot jet?

    Here's why I asked... My bike has the JDJetting kit (installed per instructions for my altitude of 250-1600), air box mods, AIS blockoff, and full FMF exhaust. Bike starts easy when cold, but when hot, I either have to pump the throttle 3-4 times, or hold the throttle just a tad to make it fire. My thoughts are it's just a bit too lean on idle and since I'll be pulling the carb out this weekend to give it a nice internal cleaning, I thought I might fix the jetting (if that's the problem). I have the stock 45 PJ in and was thinking of installing a 48 PJ. Would that fix the issue? Thanks
  5. leepic

    exhaust question

    I would get rid of the stock header, gets in the way of oil filter changes. I have a FMF Powerbomb and it works great!
  6. leepic

    What's the stock pilot jet?

    Only because I haven't touched the carb in 4 years, (and my memory is going ) what's the OEM pilot jet? Thanks
  7. leepic

    Hey, Rotella users...

    What Rotella product do you use? Which weight?
  8. leepic

    I'm looking for black plastics

    Looks like Polisport and Acerbis have nothing listed on their websites for the KLX450R, so UFO it is... I wanna put the RidePG Skreem graphics kit on it. Just a subtle hint of green & white so you know who makes the bike...
  9. leepic

    I'm looking for black plastics

    For '08 KLX450R... I have Acerbis on my KTM, and Acerbis KX450F rad shrouds on the KLX now (to fit my IMS tank), but I want to black out the bike. I've had real good luck w/ the Acerbis products, just what to know if anyone knows of a place that sells them in black...?
  10. leepic

    I'm looking for black plastics

    Except for ufoplasticusa.com, does anyone know where to get black plastic?
  11. leepic

    Tire/gearing suggestions for a '02 Warrior?

    Stock gearing is 13/40, right? You're saying go with 14/40 with the 20" tires, correct? Pics to follow...
  12. leepic

    KLX 450 Mods?

    It's a toss up between the two bikes, but I find myself gravitating toward the KTM more. Both are awesome trail bikes and they both have their pros/cons: KTM: Light (30 lbs less) More power (and good torque for a 2 stroke) Higher steering head (I'm tall) Exhaust note doesn't carry in woods Easy to jet and rejet KLX: Smoother power delivery More comfortable seat Better front brake No mixing gas/oil Jet it once, haven't touched it since The Kawi really rips thru open trails, but my buddies and I try to hit as many single tracks as possible and the KTM just carves right thru those... As for the price, I got my KLX in May '07 and the KTM in Jan '08. I paid exactly $51 more for the KTM (got roughly $1000 off MSRP on each one) so it was a wash for me. The only thing I noticed is the KTM seems to hold it's value a little better and the 300XCW is still being produced. ...that's why I have both!!!
  13. leepic

    Wheel size

    I just found that ITP T-9 Pro Series makes a wheel that adds 1" per side on the front that will fit my Warrior. Offset is 2+3...
  14. leepic

    Wheel size

    My '02 Warrior has 10x6 front and 9x8.5 rear stamped on them. Front offset appears to be 4+2 now. What offsets do you have? The ITP Baja wheels i found are 3+2 which doesn't get me any more offset than I have now.
  15. leepic

    Wheel size

    I'm new to the wheel thing too...I'm looking at a set of Douglas .190 10x6 2+4. That would be 2" inside 4" outside offset? Would that be a good wheel?