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  1. I posted this in the General section but should have posted here. Well, After 6 months of thinking it would "just heal" I have been told by the doc I gotta go under the knife for a shoulder injury I got after a nasty crash. I guess I tore the rotator cuff in a way that allowed the end of the long head of my right bicep to pop out of it's "groove" as well as some other fun stuff. I was wondering how long open surgery (not a scope) takes to recover from. I am 28 if that helps. Thanks
  2. fastenuf4u

    September 30th

    Kzoo, Can you check your IM's? Got an important question for ya.
  3. fastenuf4u

    When is it time to quit???

    I decided it was time to get out when I crashed hard while I was just practice riding, tore my rotator cuff and 5 months later it still hasn't healed. I used to lift weights religously to blow off stress from work but after 5 months without being able to I feel I am about to blow my stack. Their are alot of things I feel I would prefer to spend my time and money doing. Good luck. This is just my opinion though, to each their own as they say.
  4. fastenuf4u

    Bong Recreational Area

    Octane250F, I have to agree with Racer47. I used to live like 10 minutes from Bong and even being so close I only went their once to break my bike in. The quads blow up so much dust and destroy the trails so bad it isn't funny. If you are learning it is a good place to start, but by the time you learn to shift and use the clutch it will get old. It is too bad some of the best tracks you can try out are like 2 hours away, Sunset Ridge MX was always my favorite when I lived out there. www.sunsetridgemx.com is the website in case you didn't know.
  5. fastenuf4u

    looking for water pump guard 03 yzf 450

    You can get a new one from the TT OEM store for 25.43 + shipping. The non-discounted price is 41.49, for a small, thin piece of sheet metal. That makes alot of sense. I will tell you this, if you are gonna go that route get a bunch of parts all at once as the shipping + handling charges are steep especially if it is just for 1 part. Part Number is: 5TA-2147A-00-00
  6. fastenuf4u

    New Holly track?

    God the sarcasm on this board is the best, I could read this instead of watching TV and get so much more amusement!
  7. fastenuf4u

    Holly Track Is Still A Go

    I think we were just referring to the fact that this thread needs to die, and a new one can be started. Then again, that is just my opinion.
  8. fastenuf4u

    Holly Track Is Still A Go

    I 2nd the motion.
  9. fastenuf4u

    Stock upper triple clamps for 03 YZF?

    Thanks for all the replies, I got a set that should be enroute soon. It's a good feeling so many people are ready to help someone in need, too bad the rest of the world isn't as nice as you guys on here!
  10. I seemed to have misplaced my old set of triple clamps and stock handlebars. I am getting ready to sell my bike and I am parting it out so I was wondering if anyone had either the triple clamps or triple clamps with stock bars together they would be willing to sell? Thanks for any replies.
  11. fastenuf4u

    baja 6-28-06

    That would be unreal to see him out there. Was he riding or was that the next day? I would love to see a "real" pro riding Baja, I have seen local A riders ride and they look insanely fast, I am sure he would make them look like a C rider out there.
  12. fastenuf4u

    '07 YZ450 info released

    Wow, that new color scheme is really starting to grow on me... May be time to trade in my 03.
  13. fastenuf4u

    McCullochs Pro-MX Property

    Dude, you gotta get the double in the front section down at Baja before you can even think of hitting a big jump like you are referring to above! J/K BTW, I am still nursing the dislocated shoulder, have a black/yellow bruise on my entire right bicep which looks cool. I am just ticked that I can't lift weights for a while.
  14. fastenuf4u

    Any Bloomington IN practice Tracks?

    The closest track I can think of to you would be Casey in Illinois right off of I-70. It is about 1.5 hours away depending on how you drive there (46 to Terre Haute and then onto I-70). That was one of the things I hated most about living in Bloomington, no tracks besides Casey within 2 hours and you go 5 miles out of the city you are in the sticks. Makes no sense to me. Try to find private land or something, that is your best bet.
  15. fastenuf4u

    Baja Tomorrow 6/3?

    I would say Kong is a good 60 feet, but sometimes my sense of distance is off. I think it is alot tougher than a normal jump because their isn't much of a landing to absorb the impact and since it is small you have to land right on it or you come down on flat ground before it or after it. Check out my helmet cam video's of the track (Baja HelmetCam), it is the jump around the 35 second mark, it has a long, long uphill right before it. Fenton is about 45 miles from Baja, here are directions The track is really close to the corner of Bray and Birch Run Road. http://www.google.com/maps?f=q&hl=en&q=Fenton,+MI+to+Millington,+MI&om=1