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  1. Hello It's been a while since I browsed this site. Nice to see it going so well. About the zerk on the steering column for wr 426 2002. I did this mod after having to install a new bearing set soon after buying my bike new in 2002. The steering column cavity is separated from the frame oil tank. Drill the hole install a straigh zerk clean the metal filling. Once cleaned, it takes effectively quite a bit of grease to fill. It only takes a few stroke of the grase gun, and voila . Only issue, the old grease tends to seep from the bottom bearing more than the top and you end up with a greasy front fender near the steering column. PS: use a grease for high temperature application as this area gets warmed up by the engine oil. Regards Sylvain
  2. Sylvain

    Hello ... again

    Helllllo! I'MMMM back! It's been a while since I posted here, but let me say that I was busy for the last year. I got a lower back injury (broken tailbone) in the fall of 2005 and I kept busy restoring my old 78 bmw for the rest of the winter. My son and I rode my wr a few times last summer. I returned to road riding much to the liking of my loved one. In november I got a newer road bike, a 2003 ST1300 with 10,000 kms on it. I sold the 2 other old dirt bikes (1982 IT175 and a 1976 TY 250) to make room in my small garage. I still have my wr and I intend to resume riding the dirt in the spring. The garage isn't getting any bigger but it's cozy . Happy new year.
  3. Sylvain

    Gym training for off-road riding

    What ever you engage in, focus on: Cardio work out. High rep 15/25, low weight, and low rest between sets to keep the cardio up. And take the time for STRETCHING STRETCHING STRETCHING . MORE STRECTCHING FOR SHOULDER WRISTS HANDS ARMS, you get the idea?? Have a nice day.
  4. Sylvain

    Gearing - 15 Tooth Didn't fit??

    I run a 15-50 on my 2002 wr 426 with no trouble. You may have to trim the swingarm chain slider.
  5. Sylvain

    The Best Video You Will Watch.

    Bad music, bad moves, bad examples, but you had fun doing it . And you posted it at the wrong place... ATGATT All The Gear All the Time...
  6. Sylvain

    Whats your most embarrasing injury?

    The one I got right now. Commuting to work friday evening, I popped wheelies all the way just for the fun of it. And guess what, at half throttle in 3rd gear I lost it . I just opened my hand and landed on my behind. I was lucky enough to wear all the protective gear, I was also wearing my enduro jacket and a back pack. My lunch was crushed and the soda can ripped. Messy. I landed on the back pack, but the region right above the coccyx and the kidney got most of the hit. Because of my kidney belt and the jacket there was no scuffing of the skin. I worked my week end night shifts in "some "pain, I got contusion the size of a small pizza on one cheek and vertical banana size contusion on each side of line. My wife keeps telling me she likes my new rounded cheeks. OUCH!
  7. What a bummer. . I should of buy an extra set of Scott grips instead of paying to watch this movie. I went with the kid and he wasn't impressed at all with it either. At least it didn't last too long (50 min).
  8. Sylvain

    trailtech computer questions

    Samething. Mine dosen't work anymore because (I beleive) it has been exposed to water too much. Washing and quite a few rainy rides.
  9. Sylvain

    Auto DeComp Cam for WR426

    Agreed. I have the YZ450 cam in my wr and love it. I run a 15 teeth counter sprocket and there is still more torque than I need even for tight section. And as a bonus I find it's easier to maintain the front wheel up because of the longer pull.
  10. Sylvain

    Yammi Dealer cheated

    I wish there was a way to get back at the sob's. There should be a way (phone number/fax/e-mail etc...) to report bad dealers to the head office. Those people turn off customers (potential) and give a bad representation to the bike companies. I wonder if they (manufacturers) support that. We hear quite a few stories from time to time, I'm sure our claims would hit the right target if done right. It's worth thinking about it.
  11. Sylvain

    02 wr426 setup

    I'm 6'2" at around 240 # fully dressed for combat, and you have to add a full tank of gas (Acerbis 3.4). I ride MX track when I can and trail ride. I ride stock front spring. I bottomed a few times and had to turn the adjustment almost to the max. The fork was stiff, to say the least. On my last front fork seal change, I brought the oil level (Bel Ray 5 weight) up to 100mm (the spec are 80 to 180 if I remember well). Now the front adjuster are in the middle range (close to the oem spec). The forks are softer and I don't bottomed them when landing where I use to. For the rear I went to a 5.8 and adjusted the sag to 110-115 mm. I have the rear shock serviced every winter, seal/oil/gas.
  12. Sylvain

    Scotts steering dampner

    I'm sure that helped him !
  13. Sylvain

    Best piston for 426?

    When you say you changed the piston for standard one. Do you actually replace the piston by one of the same dimension or do you go to first oversize and get the cylinder rebored ? Is installing a new standard piston(and rings/pin etc) enough for a rebuild ? I changed to an auto decomp cam last winter and although I'm very pleased with the result, I'm tempted to change my titanium valve train for stainless ones. I beleive a piston change would be advisable, that's why I ask.
  14. Sylvain

    Anyone have a set of rims for sale

    Check your PM
  15. Sylvain

    Tie down damage suspension?

    COLOR=DarkSlateBlue]I use a Moto-Master in my forks! Not to save the springs, but because it gives the bike less chance of flexing the springs and letting the tie down come loose when I hit a bump or rock the truck.[/color] This is the best reason . I use one as well and I double the straps with bungee cords to keep a tension on the straps. My friends always joked me about the way I strap the bikes on my trailer. But I had to slam the brakes once at highway speed and they really appreciated the way the bikes where secured when they saw the trailer bouncing behind. Better be safe than sorry, specially with your friend's bikes.