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  1. Any word on the update or who has them in stock? I plan on mounting two of them in the back og my Ranger...anyone see a problem with this?
  2. fitness2go

    Everett Endurocross 2012

    She told up GNCC!
  3. fitness2go

    5th Annual BCMC Hareport Scramble October 14th

    How bad is it if it gets really muddy? I know I know...grow a pair, right!?!?
  4. fitness2go

    Everett Endurocross 2012

    I thought Nick was on a TM.
  5. fitness2go

    What to expect at RimRock

    Thanks Pete...I think you meant at 20:39. I could see doing this race annually. The hardest part of the race for me was getting around slower riders and wrapping my head around the higher speeds, which was a thrill once I got used to it! I really enjoyed it and the parade lap was very different and helpful.
  6. fitness2go

    What to expect at RimRock

    This is the last 30 min of the senior c race. I placed 3rd out of 26 racers, which was good enough for 1st place points towards the nma series. There is serious battle going on for the actual season series between 4 of us!
  7. fitness2go

    PSER-Puget Sound Hare

    Thanks Trail Joe...I bought a digital download!
  8. Does anyone know who was taking pictures at this event? I've seen them at other events, but I'm drawing a blank on the name. Thanks...David
  9. fitness2go

    It's OVER !

    I think Joe's done for a good long while!
  10. fitness2go

    It's OVER !

    Hell F'nnnn YES...free at last!
  11. fitness2go

    Toasted Hare, late video

    How did your son do? How many laps did he get in?
  12. fitness2go

    Differences between 12 and 13 250xc

  13. fitness2go

    Differences between 12 and 13 250xc

    Is there an official KTM rebate for 12's at all dealerships?
  14. fitness2go

    KTM 250 EXC RIGHT 4 ME?****

    Actually, a 230 is a very capable machine through super tight gnarly siongle track! It just runs out of suspension in a hurry and the low peg height can be scary. That being said an EXC is going to be a perfect upgrade with ample power to weight ratio.
  15. fitness2go

    Toasted Hare Scramble

    For sure it was much more brutal on the long course riders! Everyone of them were completely muddy from head to toe! Drew...this race was easier (not much) because it wasn't dumping rain during the race and the MX track dried out. I got 2nd out of 10. The two stroke was awesome out there...you're gonna love your new bike!