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  1. sherco67

    Let's see those WR's!

    Updated and New to me, still need a new Right Radiator and Lowering Link
  2. Does anyone know if any other radiators from earlier models of the WR or YZ's will work on the 12, laid bike over and got hole in middle from stick, even with the moose cages, is holding with epoxy now but want to fix right without spending a bundle on oem or installing the oversize chinese ones, thanks.
  3. sherco67

    rexluse automatic clutch in wr450f

    I love the Z-Start Pro, use Rotella T oil from Walmart at 12 bucks a gallon, just drop every 5 hours, two down falls are no bump starts and can't park in gear on hill as it will still roll.
  4. sherco67

    Hand Guards

    pm sent
  5. sherco67

    2009 and up fuel injected RM-Z 450 for woods

    This is my 13 RMZ450 set up for woods in Ga., Cycras, Rad. Cap, Full Yosh., and Acerbis Skid Plate, Oversize Front Rotor and soon moto labs programmed ECU
  6. sherco67

    Easier clutch pull.

    Read this post and also purchased the EZ3 and turns out to be another item on my bench and tax write off, made clutch pull easier, but also bike would stall in gear, need more info on x-ring removal, also installed high dollar Hinson spring kit, no avail. Have WC perch/lever assembly, new cable, dot aligned, etc. I am now waiting on new (e-bay) arm to arrive to try and do the 3/16 extension mod. don't want to spend $ on Hydraulic clutch and still may have to get a rekluse as ulner nerve in left elbow has been re-located and arm constantly falls asleep, any other suggestions would be helpful.
  7. sherco67

    License Plate Holder Replacement

    Found this one on e-bay eBay item number: 291356288953
  8. sherco67

    Triple Clamps 2012+

    Did my share of shopping for another set also, the yz ones I think are not as wide as wr also have different mount on top so would have to make bracket for speed-o, here is you best bet is to get another OEM for 100. on e-bay. unless you have about 400 to spend, good luck and here is auction. eBay item number: 191442132477
  9. sherco67

    Let's see those WR's!

    Just got Big Tank and YZ Shrouds installed on my Barely Street Legal 09 WR450F
  10. Did front and rear to my 09, forks from 06 and shock from 07 YZ450F, Both bolted right up, The fork guards on the 06 and 07 models only were the exact match. 08 and newer use a different guard and will have to figure out different way to run speed-o. Best mod done to date. BTW got some great forks and shock for sale from 09 WR450F, lol
  11. sherco67

    Scam or not ?

    Same bike on e-bay now, eBay item number: 371190319525
  12. sherco67

    2012+ ignition coil failure ? Widespread problem ?

    Think I have a new one in package in attic from 09 WR450F if able to work?
  13. sherco67

    Bucking At Constant Speed

    Mine also on the road at steady rpm, got a good deal on a Vortex ignition, along with the map switch as a plus, and is a carb. model 09, one of the best mods done to date. http://www.vortexcdi.com/model_product.php?product=1&model=35&mp_id=1262
  14. Send me some pics when you get a chance. Thanks. Diverdude36@aol.com