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  1. So I just installed an Adige slipper clutch in my 06 SMR450 and button it all up, bleed the clutch (new ZipTy slave cylinder and 7602 slave piston) and the bike isn't working quite right. I installed the clutch per the video and paper instructions and triple checked everything. I have the -1 (smallest for least engine braking) shims on the clutch. When I go from neutral (with the clutch lever pulled) to first gear the bike will move forward if I remove pressure on the ground from my feet. I can stop the bike from going forward in first (with the clutch in) if I put my feet down hard or use the brake. Then, when I start riding the slipper does what it's supposed to do. ie: no wheel hop when downshifting, etc. The bike will wheelie out of first but not second. I used to be able to easily wheelie in second with just a twist of the throttle. However, the MOST concerning thing is that getting into neutral from first or second is impossible with the engine on. I can move the shifter by hand when the bike is off but the trans will not go to neutral with engine on. While riding, shifting is super difficult. I've tried the other shims and the effect was worse. *** is going on here? It's like the clutch just doesn't want to disengage fully. Yes, the clutch is 100% air free bled with new mineral oil using the syringe technique from slave->master. Note: I had the Midwest Mountain Engineering clutch lever on and adjusted the crap out of it but couldn't find a combination of correct clutch pull to fully disengage the clutch, so I put the stock lever back on the bike and it works better but I'm getting this issue with the stock lever currently. Before the slipper clutch the MME lever worked fine. So, what do you think is wrong and how should I fix it?
  2. themattreid

    Clutch installation problems 06 TE 250

    Unfortunately that doesn't prevent the "being stupid and leaving out the guide rod" situation. But yes, the zip tie is a good idea. I'm going to do that next time.
  3. That bike looks SICK! Love it.
  4. I'm sure the bikes are functionally better, as they should be. Every year the engineers should be making the bikes better and hopefully crush the competition! However, they didn't need to make the plastics change so much that we lose the gun-sight side plastics and the strong look of the frame. The only aesthetic part I like on the new models is, if you look from above or diagonally, there's a nice angular design with hard lines in the plastics. Kinda reminds me of some of the KTM plastics. However, losing the gun sight front plastics and having those swoopy white lines against the red from front to back just kills it for me. Bottom line: they killed the aesthetics that people had grown to love when those were the parts that just didn't need to be changed. They could have evolved the look of the bike to be updated and angular and all that good stuff while staying true to the past (near decade) of design. But they didn't and now it's just a red and white G450X.
  5. themattreid

    Backfire screen in a 2006 TE510

    Yep, and considering that the stock air filter is flame resistant you are ready to go from the beginning. For dirt I like the Twin Air (stock) and for SuperMoto I like the K&N filters... and yes, you will get more air flow to the carb but not a crazy amount to change the jetting but enough to maybe turn the fuel screw a bit.
  6. themattreid

    Parts supplier other than halls?

    Reno Cycles and Gear in Reno, NV has always treated me well with the 4 huskies I've owned. Call Paul @ (775) 355-8810 and tell him Matt sent you Reno Cycles and Gear http://www.renocycles.com/ 3445 Kietzke Lane Reno, NV 89502-4703
  7. themattreid

    Clutch installation problems 06 TE 250

    I know the clutch master cylinder and clutch lever are the same for the SMR/TC/TE 450 and some KTMs, so maybe the slave cylinder is available at a KTM shop. I ask this because there isn't a husky shop anywhere near me and I'd love to ride tomorrow Anyone know the part numbers to fix this?
  8. themattreid

    Clutch installation problems 06 TE 250

    Don't feel bad. I just did the same thing - except when I had reassembled the clutch I thought I had all the parts in but turns out I had left off the push rod and "BANG" the lever pull destroyed the slave. No riding for me this weekend
  9. themattreid

    show off your husky

    Thanks! I feel the same way Yeah, the PowerNow works (supposedly) via an increase in the Venturi Effect that pressurizes the air going into the carb. The idea is to pump more oxygen into the air/fuel ratio. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Venturi_effect The Quickshot is basically an adjustable leak jet, it aims to "completely fill the pump chamber with fuel, eliminate all trapped air from the system and provide and adjustable leak jet circuit for quick hand tuning." So it lets you tune the carb more and get rid of some outlying issues. JD jet kit isn't really about more power, but about getting the correct tuning for the Carb. Simple stuff. Have I noticed a difference with these mods? Yes, the power delivery is smoother and has a better chop to the throttle vs a slight stutter and pause before the mods. It's not a terrible amount of money either, so I figure why not.
  10. themattreid

    Will the Ohlins shock from a 2006-08 TC fit the SMR?

    The one on my SMR450 was somewhat abused aesthetically by the original owner and I always enjoyed working on the Ohlins from my TC.. and sometimes a guy just has money to burn you know? Any idea what the Ohlins will run cost wise?
  11. themattreid

    First Ride, TXC-511

    This all coming from the guy that's never even been for a ride on the model he's busy non-stop bashing. Give it a rest kiddo. No one here cares what you are spouting off about. If you're not going to contribute "progressively" to the thread then go post on the KTM/Yammy/Honda threads. --- All that aside, it seems odd to be comparing the TXC511 to any of the 450MX bikes in the first place. Maybe the next test, once you guys heal up (sorry to hear about the crash), you could take the TXC to a desert race and compare it to some of the desert race bikes?
  12. Hey all. I'm gettig a bit tired of the Sachs shock on my 2006 SMR and am wondering if the Ohlins shock from the same model year series TC will swap over without issues? If so where's the best place to get one?
  13. more info needed.... what team? links to finish stats, pics, etc?
  14. themattreid

    show off your husky

    Took some pics of the recent mods. 2006 SMR450. * Mounted up all of the 7602 bits: clutch cover, stator cover, oil cover, (axle blocks are next) * CRG Arrow mirror * Scotts triple clamps, damper, risers * Renthal twinwall bars in YZ/YZF bend * FBF full exhaust (soon to be replaced by a Leo Vince full system) * Marchesini wheels * Pilot One CT2 front tire, Pilot Pure CT2 rear tire 160 * FCR mods: Boysen Quickshot 3, Slavens extended float bowl, Scary Fast PowerNow+ * CRG shorty brake lever (fitment is a Duc 996 2002 brembo lever) * Coming soon: Midwest Mountain Engineering shorty clutch lever
  15. themattreid

    Husqvarna supermoto front chainguides

    Exactly my plan as well. I have a MSR roller sitting in around waiting to be installed. By the way if you do not use one the tire will get scuffed from the chain. At least my 160 pilot pure did and it's mounted on a marchesini 5" wheel.