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  1. greysquirrel

    Shelton Valley Fun Run - Memorial Day Weekend

    Yes! Kids course is good-to-go.
  2. Final work parties took place today, and the course for our May 26-27 Two Day Fun Run is brushed, groomed and ready to go. There's more new trail this year, including a new "Tree Challenge" section for those that like their trail extra tight. The main course this year, including the bike loop, is 47 miles of great trail that's only open for our events. Gates open at noon on Friday and a $10 per vehicle gate fee gets you in to camp for the weekend. Hope to see you there!
  3. If ayone is looking for an organized ride over Memorial Day weekend, the Shelton Valley 2-Day Fun Run is taking place at the same location as our enduro earlier this month. The PSER.org website and Facebook page has details. I know a poker run is not on the "must do" list for most serious riders, but we've got a lot of singletrack this year and some sections on the bikes-only loop that are even new since the enduro. The way the course is set this year, a person could theoretically ride the main course, then blast back out to the bikes-only split at the 11 mi point before it closes at noon and do a second loop, getting in about a 60 mile ride each day.
  4. greysquirrel

    Interested in enduros

    There are screenshots of the results posted on the PSER Facebook page.
  5. greysquirrel

    Shelton Valley Enduros

    Thanks Joe! Awesome pictures, as always.
  6. greysquirrel

    XR400 vs KTM450EXC

    I don't know about CRF's or YZF's but I've been riding 450 and larger KTM 4-strokes since 2001, including technical trails in Idaho, Colorado and the Cascades, and I've never spewed coolent. Not once. Never have ridden with anyone else on the big KTM's that has either. Also have never installed a fan kit. Haven't needed it. Just saying...
  7. greysquirrel

    Shelton Valley Enduros

    Yes, if you have a current license plate no ORV sticker is needed for our events. You just need one or the other. You will, however, be sound tested and need to have a spark arrestor.
  8. greysquirrel

    Shelton Valley Enduros

    Maybe we can get the guys at the gas stops to go topless. You know, one of those horrific things you just can't unsee.
  9. greysquirrel

    2016 Sparkplug Enduro

    Really sorry I can't make it this year, but good luck and happy trails to everyone riding tomorrow. Looks like you are going to have a fantastic ride!
  10. greysquirrel

    XR400 vs KTM450EXC

    OK, you guys finally sucked me into this thread. I'm pretty sure I'm the person that had the 450 KTM for sale that Mike was originally talking about. I also own an XR400 (that happens to be listed on Craigslist as I type this). In my opinion the two bikes just don't compare. The XR is stone-axe reliable and a great casual trailbike. It also has a very loyal following. It is not an inspiring bike to ride - at least to me. The KTM is a true off road performance bike with power, suspension and handling that is leagues better than the XR. I know some people can ride XR's blazingly fast, but I also know I can ride even the old RFS KTM's about 30% faster than an XR and have about 100% more fun doing it. My 2 cents worth.
  11. greysquirrel

    Shelton Valley Enduros

    This years event will be a long time in the saddle for both courses, but we are having refreshments at the gas stops and the trails are massive fun. Oldgrunt, it just wouldn't be an SVE without you!
  12. greysquirrel

    Shelton Valley Enduros

    Did final course ride-throughs today. Wish the event could take place right now. Conditions are perfect!
  13. greysquirrel

    Washington Shelton Valley Enduros

    The Ron Morgenthaler Memorial Shelton Valley Enduro is coming up on May 1st, with the Shelton Valley Beginners Enduro taking place the day before, on April 30th. The weather has been cooperating, and we have great courses laid out with lots of fantastic single track. There's free camping, and you are welcome to come out Friday evening and make a weekend of it. Flyers and updates are available on our website at psermc.org and we'll post route info there as soon as it is available.
  14. greysquirrel

    Central Idaho Conditions Check in

    Thanks. I heard there were showers in the area. Just have to hope for the best.
  15. greysquirrel

    Central Idaho Conditions Check in

    Any updates on trail conditions in south central Idaho? It's rained quite a lot out here on the coast in recent days and I'm hoping some of that moisture made it east. A group or us are heading to the Baumgartner area at the end of next week. Wondering what kind of conditions we'll be encountering.