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  1. johncrf450

    What's the best bike?

    Get a 06' Jose Madre 250F.
  2. johncrf450

    My Friends Truck

    Isn't it illegal to post copyrighted material here?
  3. johncrf450

    A happy day for dad...

    Now just where in the hell are you going to find parts and gear for them? Once they find out you have the keys to the kingdom, you hosed!! We will keep an eye out for "Discontinued, dinged and slightly used kiddo gear"
  4. Go Johnny!!!! That was cool!!!
  5. Any reason not to get the knockoff replacements? Better to go with OEM? I need graphics as well.
  6. johncrf450

    crf450 video..Prolly gunna piss you off...

    Hands down the coolest video I have ever seen on the internet. You Rock!!
  7. johncrf450

    mike alessi

    Sure would make it easy to stay up on the tank.
  8. johncrf450

    Here are a few clips of AZ

    A+ for video clarity. A+ for cool trails.
  9. johncrf450

    mike alessi

    With 19" arms, it seems like it would be easy for you. Seeing is how you don't have too far to push up the weight.
  10. johncrf450

    houston texas

    Any of you guys ride offroad at Outlaw?
  11. johncrf450

    monkey butt shorts

    Boudreauxs Butt Paste. Plus any chamoised cycling shorts.
  12. Next weekend Trav and his partner will be getting married in Massachusetts.
  13. johncrf450

    I think I will...

    Damn right. Can we see them?
  14. Seems the head ons at speed are where you can't see in front of you. You have to take into consideration there will always be an idiot coming at you. He's going 30 and your going 15 lends itself to a survivable crash.
  15. johncrf450

    HR's helmet/Boot cam Footage!

    Video should be placed int the Flat Trackers Video section please.