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  1. frankd_nm

    DRZ400SM Gas Mileage

    My stock SM got mileage in the in the mid to high 60's. Even after the 3x3 mod and a dynojet kit I still got mileage in the 60's.
  2. frankd_nm

    DRZ400SM taken out by a van today

    Sorry to hear about the accident and damage to the bike. Glad to hear you're ok though. At my age I find it easier, cheaper and a lot less painful to deal with damage to my bike than damage to my body.
  3. frankd_nm

    MSR Shift Lever Tucker Rocky for DRZ400

    +1 on the mispackaged part. Mine went on with no problems.
  4. frankd_nm

    Will Drz Fit In Mini Van

    Putting the bike in gear will help prevent it from rolling forward or backward. When it's not rolling around it's less likely to fall over.
  5. frankd_nm

    I could use a little help/advice

    Sun, I agree that your hoses look good. They appear to be in good condition and connected correctly. Also, since you said that the bike cut out even when it was on the PRI (prime) setting we can assume that the problem isn't anything to do with the vacuum line. The next thing I would check would be the petcock. There is a chance that it is dirty and getting plugged. To check it you can drain the gas from the tank and then unbolt the petcock from the tank and remove it. Check to see it there is dirt, or anything, that could plug the inlet. If the petcock is clean and is not plugged up the next thing I would check would be the gas cap. If it does not let air into your gas tank it will create a vacuum in the tank and will not let gas flow out. Depending on the type of gas cap there are different ways of making sure it's letting air in. I'm not sure what cap you have, so I don't know which way would be for you. If the problem isn't with your petcock or gas cap then it may be something in the carb. I've seen things restrict the fuel flow into the carb enough that the the fuel flow can't keep up with the engine demand. Hopefully you'll find the problem is just a dirty petcock and after a quick cleaning you can be back on the road.
  6. frankd_nm

    Stock sliders or aftermarket?

    I had a minor accident commuting into work in November where I low-sided in a right hand turn. I was doing about 25-35 mph and when I went down the axle sliders on the right side sheared off. The mounting hardware was still in the axle, but the center of the sliders broke out. My axle's were undamaged, but I'm worried that had I been going faster and slid further I might not have been so lucky. Was it just bad luck on a cold morning, or are the stock sliders weak?
  7. frankd_nm

    Battery box cut? Anyone ever see this?

    I bet it was done for weight saving. By cutting the battery box up like that you can probably save a few tenths of an ounce!
  8. frankd_nm

    If you could do it all over again.....

    1) I would have researched other options available in the SM market a little better first. Then I would have still bought the DRZ. The price is nice and I like a tried-and-true motor, even if it isn’t he hottest thing out. 2) I would have gone straight to the FCR instead of doing the CV mods first. 3) I would have taken it out for trackday much sooner! 4) I would have replaced the stock tires sooner.
  9. frankd_nm

    Won't start even after long TT search.

    Have you checked to make sure your pipe is clear? Can you feel air moving out the end when you crank the engine?
  10. frankd_nm

    Baffle in VS. Baffle out

    Thanks Eddie, that's great news.
  11. frankd_nm

    Baffle in VS. Baffle out

    Currently 155 main jet EMR needle clip 6 45 pilot fuel screw 2 turns out I'm at about 4000 feet at about 100 degrees. You recently recommended that I go to a 150 main jet and EMP needle at clip 3. The needle is on order, so that is the setup I'll use.
  12. I'm running a DRZ400SM with the FCR MX conversion and a Yoshi RS-2 full exhaust. The bike is running fine (probably better when I get the EMP needle) with the baffle in the exhaust. Should I plan on having to change the jetting when I pull the baffle out for trackday? How drastic of a change will it be? I mean, should I plan on taking along bigger main jets and a richer needle?
  13. frankd_nm

    FCR MX needle

    Maybe something fishy with my EMN needle. Maybe just a noob getting in over his head. I have the 150 main on hand, so I'll just get the EMP needle and go from there. I also broke down and put little marks on my grip, so I can tell where 1/4, 1/2 and 3/4 throttle are at a glance. I'd hate to think I was so wack I couldn't tell where I was on the throttle, but stranger things have happened.
  14. frankd_nm

    FCR MX needle

    I thought the EMR and EMN should be very close with the only real difference in the 1/8 to 1/4 throttle, but looking at the 2 needles I have they seem noticeably different in taper. Maybe just my poor old eyes. I'll order up the emp needle, swap the MJ and see how she runs. Thanks Eddie.
  15. frankd_nm

    FCR MX needle

    How close are the EMR and EMN needle in range? I'm running a TT FCR MX 155 MJ 45 PJ Screw 2 turns out PAJ Removed 200 MAJ I'm currently running the EMR needle on clip 6. It seems about right, maybe a hair on the rich side, based on feel and color of plug. If I use the EMN needle I'm way rich even at clip 1. Does that sound normal? The engine is stock, I've done the 3x3 mod, still using the stock air filter, using a Yoshi RS-2 full system at about 4000ft elev. Note that I'm still trying to sort out my Main Jet also. I know the testing method, just having trouble telling any difference in how it runs with a 155 and 160 MJ.