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  1. KerryT

    Wheelie pic from Bryan in Denver...

    Don't worry Bryan I'm bound to hit a big ol' tree soon! I'll have some scratches on that thing yet. Maybe if I don't crash soon I'll just drag it behind my SUV!
  2. Does anyone know where to get a 04 WR450 Speedo/Odo drive eliminator? It replaces the black piece that goes between the fork and hub where the odometer cable fits in. Enduro Engineering used to have them for the 400's but I don't see them for the WR450s Thanks
  3. KerryT

    Save NJ Trails - Sign the petition

    Done! I'm from NJ and enjoyed riding down at the pine barens many years ago.
  4. KerryT

    Where are these fires?

    Here is a real informative web site about the Hayman fire. There is a map there and it show it right up on Hacketts Gulch and the others. Big Bummer. http://www.fs.fed.us/r2/psicc/fire/hayman/
  5. KerryT

    leaky gas cap

    My gas cap seems to leak from the seal by the threads. There is a rubber gasket in there but it dosen't seem to work. I've tried the stock little one-way valve inline breather on the hose. I've also tried just a breather hose. Both of these leak from the cap. What is that contraption under the cap? Is that some sore of one-way value? Should I take this out? Could this be the source of my problem?
  6. KerryT

    Rainbow Falls, CO

    I think that area is just an extention of Rampart. I've never been there but a buddy of mine has who is not street legal. You should be able to find plenty of trails there.
  7. KerryT

    CO TT trip to Crested Butte

    Hey mikeolichney that sounds great! Me and the Original Bryan have been talking about a trip to CB, haven't been in 3 years. Keep us posted and I'll talk to Bryan when he gets back from Mexico. Thanks
  8. I've got a '99 WR 400 with a mangled header and exhaust. So, any of you folks that have been rich enough to upgrade their exhausts do you have an extra stock header or can that you would part with? Will the newer WR 426 pipes fit on a WR400? Can you mix and match them? Getting one of those new shinny cans would be great! Funds are limited though Thanks in advance! [ June 04, 2002: Message edited by: KerryT ]
  9. KerryT

    Pray for Snow!

    Easy there married guy. A few days back from your honeymoon and already your checking out the weather girl!
  10. KerryT

    Garage workbench setups??

    You might want to paint the floor with that concrete sealer. That way oil spills are easy to clean up. Do that first thing BEFORE you start spilling oil!
  11. KerryT

    colorado riders last chance enduro

    Merv I just want to know in overall time what what the difference between riders A, B and C? I think: Rider A dropped 48 minutes Rider B dropped 57 minutes Rider C dropped 50 minutes Does that sound right? Thanks again
  12. KerryT

    colorado riders last chance enduro

    Thanks for the info Merfman. How can I tell how many minutes/seconds between riders?
  13. KerryT

    colorado riders last chance enduro

    Hey Merfman, how did you get your results? I don't see them posted on the racermer.org site. I was in line 27 racing in the 4stroke C class with 2 other TT members. 3 laps of 20 miles, 4 timed special tests per lap. Every special test was a dead engine start! If you like off-camber turns then this was the race for you! It seemed like every turn was downhill with no berm so your front end wanted to slide out. I've been practicing at Rampart where EVERY turn has a big berm so it took me at least the first special test to learn how to turn without a berm. After the first lap it got very dusty and hard to pass because you couldn't see anything. Although there wasn't much to see because there were no rocks and no trees, just a big lake! Very fun race and a good beginner one because it was not technical.
  14. KerryT

    Don't believe the Hype !!!!!!

    About bike starting: The Last Chance Enduro in Colorado on Sunday was a dead engine start on all of the 12 special test sections. I started my WR400 11 out of the 12 times on the first kick in gear and that 1 time it took 2 kicks. The KTM's and DRZ's with electric start took the hole shot every time. Big advantage, obviously for this type of race. The comic relief was provided by the Hondas that day. There was a CRF450 and a XR650R about 2 rows in front of us. The XR650R took about 10 kicks to start everytime. By the time he got it going his buddies on his line already had a 30 second head start on him. Just think that guy had to kick his 650 about 120 times that day! Do you think he was tired? The guy on the CRF450 took about 4 or 5 kicks to get it going. Everyone behind him were joking that they were going to buy a CRF450 but after seeing that display decided against it. Granted they might not have them jetting too well but it was pretty funny.
  15. KerryT

    A call to diagnostic gurus...

    Well this is one of the neglected parts of my bike. I have a confession: I've never greased my headset bearings! To put the Scotts stabilizer on with bar risers you have to take off the headset nut. And after putting on the stabilizer last week it seems to be making a sqeeling sound from the headset when you turn the bars back and forth. Before I put the stabilizer on it did not make this sound. The torque specs were off the chart on my torque wrench so I gave it some extra elbow grease when tightening the headset bolt. Do you think I over or under tightened the headset bolt and this could cause the problem I described? I was running about 13lbs in the front tire.