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  1. ATFkilla

    Bore quesions

    What does it mean to just Bore out the engine......Not like get a Big Bore Kit or anything just Bore it out. What will it do I have no Idea?
  2. ATFkilla

    Carb Kit.. Questions

    Will a BBR 26mm Carb Kit really help with my DRZ125's performance? If so how much? Is in an easy install or take it to my local shop? And any other advice on making my DRZ a little more powerful?
  3. ATFkilla

    bbr exhaust

    Its a must have, I just got it for my drz125 and it is sick I dont know how to put on the main jet tho?? So if anyone knows I would like to know how to.. thanks
  4. ATFkilla

    DRZ 250 street legal?

    just get a ninja
  5. No, I dont have a cradle yet, but what other mods should I do? Basically its stock 03 DRZ125 what I have done so far is BBR exhaust K and N air filter and ported the airbox new levers and grips
  6. A few more questions....might sound dumb but Im kinda new. 1. What will fork springs help with? 2. Has anyone had good results with oversized valves? 3. Should I get a new frame cradle? Thanks
  7. ATFkilla

    air filter KLX/DRZ125

    K&N for sure
  8. ATFkilla

    DR-Z 125 cam info

    I am looking in to getting a cam from HotCams, but is it an easy install or should I take it in and have my local dealer do it?
  9. I will be trying this tonight. Thanks!
  10. Hawncase "If you haven't opened up the airbox and got an aftermarket filter, you should." By open up the air box do you mean to leave like the cap off and keep it open, or just get a new air filter and put it in because I got a K & N air filter yesterday but I have not installed it yet
  11. 1. Does anyone else have this on their bike? 2. Are your results with it, Good or Bad? 3. About how much more power do you get? 4. What else can I put on my bike to make it faster besides a bore kit? Thanks