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  1. bimbamboom

    DR 350 No compression

    Yeah....I’ve noticed that too. With my 1990 DR350S if I let it sit awhile it really acts as if it has no compression at first when I try to start it. More than my other bikes.
  2. bimbamboom

    Steering damper on Suz DR350 and DR350S

    I am thinking of buying a WER steering damper and putting it on my 1990 DR350S. I am hoping it will calm down the squirrelly behavior in the Baja Sur sand where I live. Does anyone have experience with steering dampers on their DR’s?
  3. bimbamboom

    Lets see your vintage ride

    Good trailbike....will take you to some gnarly places and back!
  4. bimbamboom

    1990 DR350S

    I put the keintech air box with his ceramic coated header with FMF Powercore w/quiet insert. Also the pumper carb he sold me. At least the bike gets going now....it had a hard time keeping up with Honda XR250L’s before. I consider it well worth it. The Powercore noise level was obnoxious before the insert. I really wanted the Q muffler but it was no longer available. Too bad Jesse retired ....Keintech was a great resource. Check out Procycle in Oregon....another great DR350 and DR350S resource.
  5. bimbamboom

    Pinche Cabrones stealing Carnegie expansion

    The Bill has died but the battle continues [emoji848]
  6. My friend likes those XL500’s so much he has two 1980’s and two 1981’s. Plus a 1980 XL250’s. I just have a 1980 XR500 and a 1981 XL500 non op
  7. bimbamboom

    Nightmare Gulch "Temporary" 5 Year Closure

    I did also even though I live in Baja Sur now. Do it!
  8. bimbamboom

    LPNF - Yellowjacket 126

    Yeah-in the ‘80’s when I lived in Bakersfield we used to ride those trails a lot and I remember my friend cussing me out probably on Long Dave...”You’re not supposed to do the hard trails at the end of the day” after a big day on “those” trails. Also spent the night at the old Snowy Creek water crossing when my foolish friend thought he could cross a swollen creek after an October rain that would have swept him and his bike down the torrent if I hadn’t gotten in to help save him. Memorable times.
  9. bimbamboom

    What's your favorite/dream green sticker bike?

    My ‘85 XC500 Husqvarna
  10. bimbamboom

    83' XR200R Showa Shock- rebuild or replace?

    Sounds like a good deal on renovating the old shock. I would try it and see how you like it[emoji106]
  11. bimbamboom

    Cal-Fab Swingarm question XR200R

    I had the swing arm heliarced after it cracked in 1989 and then it cracked again in same spot right away. Then I put the boat anchor stock swingarm back on where it remains today. About twenty years ago I contacted Scott’s down in Pasadena about the swingarm and they referred me to a person who heliarced it again for free but this welder told me I needed to get it re-heat treated or it would crack again. Hence my search for someone to do just that. I sure as hell don’t want to go through the work of putting it back on to just have it crack[emoji848]
  12. bimbamboom

    Cal-Fab Swingarm question XR200R

  13. This is 2018 and if we want places to ride we have to recognize sound is an issue....so please keep the sound reasonable[emoji106]
  14. bimbamboom

    Can we stop with the bullshit now?

    Tomac is a force of nature....MX racer extraordinaire....I am not a fan of his but there is no denial of his hard work paying off[emoji848] I hope to see more close racing this season and I want to go to Unadilla this year and see it happen.
  15. bimbamboom

    Sequoia National Park

    Yeah...Go figure🤪