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  1. Damn octane booster ......bane of the Honda dirt bike world![emoji50]
  2. Not sure if they fit the newer XR’s but they fit ‘81-‘83 without much modifications. KTM footpegs on XR200R
  3. 1999 KTM 250 footpegs fit with not too much filing
  4. Yep...gotta use the older pennies OR ELSE.
  5. Luckily SB249 was modified to be better for the interests of the OHV community.
  6. Once the bike is not made anymore aftermarket parts pretty much disappear. But sometimes for aftermarket parts your application is not listed but the parts work on your bike which can be a bit frustrating to figure out.
  7. For those who peruse Facebook on “Marks Vintage Motocross Swapmeet” there is a for sale a 1980XR 200 rolling chassis with White Bros aluminum swing arm and 1976 CR 125 front end. They want 400 dollars. That swing arm is somewhat rare.
  8. You sir are no fun.
  9. Since they both appear to be synthetic and made for bikes I would go for which one that enables the bike to shift gears the best.
  10. Gonna give this a try.
  11. Actually it was ebay....I buy so much stuff it's hard to remember.
  12. I want my XL500 to be a dirt bike and don't want a battery. I am running XR 500 air box so don't want battery. I don't want to burn out ignition thus need for battery eliminator.
  13. Has anyone found a battery eliminator that has worked well on 6V system on Honda XL?
  14. Bastards still haven't paid me the insurance.... they lost a LONG time customer. Never again.