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  1. I had the swing arm heliarced after it cracked in 1989 and then it cracked again in same spot right away. Then I put the boat anchor stock swingarm back on where it remains today. About twenty years ago I contacted Scott’s down in Pasadena about the swingarm and they referred me to a person who heliarced it again for free but this welder told me I needed to get it re-heat treated or it would crack again. Hence my search for someone to do just that. I sure as hell don’t want to go through the work of putting it back on to just have it crack[emoji848]
  2. This is 2018 and if we want places to ride we have to recognize sound is an please keep the sound reasonable[emoji106]
  3. motocross

    Tomac is a force of nature....MX racer extraordinaire....I am not a fan of his but there is no denial of his hard work paying off[emoji848] I hope to see more close racing this season and I want to go to Unadilla this year and see it happen.
  4. california

    Yeah...Go figure🤪
  5. california

    National Park equals no dirt bikes only plated and usually very limited dirt road fun.....National Monuments very controlled possible dirt bike fun but not all that many monuments allow that....better opportunities for plated vehicles.
  6. Leak down tester is a great tool for 2 strokes and 4 strokes. We spend money [emoji383] on everything else[emoji857]. Essential tool in my book. Try Motion Pro
  7. I run what some might find funny...I ride in sandy,dusty Baja and run a K&N filter with a Twin Air foam oiled over it on my ‘82 XR 200R with stock airbox.Keeps the silica out...K&N by itself sucks around dust...flows great for non dusty areas. The combo works great for Baja dust[emoji108]
  8. Friends of Tesla Park....I wish to hell that they were Friends of Carnegie....we’d be riding on some new single track!
  9. Any up and down is bad ju-ju[emoji79]. Time for rebuild
  11. Yes,Honda puts the breather through hose for reason and K&N filter you have works great at end. Also always hone cylinder at least lightly for new rings so rings have good surface to break in.
  12. It does have the look of the Cal-Fab swingarm that White Bros used to sell.
  13. Sound like your cheap fun includes huffing it.🤪
  14. motocross

    Let us see some good tight racing this season! I am not a fan of Tomac but he is great at MX and I want to see someone battle with him. I wish the best to KR on his comeback! May the best team/racer win[emoji106]