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  1. Boy, that’s a good book to have in the repertoire [emoji1009]
  2. Plus the handling of the bike was poor and combined with the lightening switch powerband sent many a rider to the doctor and their 400 to the classified ads. Too bad Suzuki didn’t get it closer to what DeCoster, Robert and Geboers raced. Those guys were some of my heroes.
  3. I live in Baja...o-ring chain only when you live in a sand box and only chain lube that evaporated with no residue. Then the chain lasts!
  4. Try 2.5 oz per fork leg. That is what I have been able to research
  5. I thought he was riding more like a champ....hurt early in season and riding pretty well. EZ to be an armchair quarterback and criticize. Can you critics qualify for a National or a Supercross?
  6. We went on a fine Baja Sur dirt bike ride today and when we finished parking at the taqueria I noticed my friend's 1986 XR200R's exhaust side side panel had fallen off. The bolt holding it on was still on but the panel had cracked around it from age and the rest was gone. He doesn't have a lot of bucks and his bike is not one to care about looking 100% original. Will any right hand side panel from '86-'02 fit? Does anyone have the "skinny" on getting a good deal on another panel? Thanks in advance!
  7. Actually I bought a Motion Pro tool which I haven’t had the chance to use yet. No more pennies for me except in a pinch!
  8. Always heard that copper pennies better for that purpose because softer than zinc. Turns out the zinc pennies aren’t that much harder than the earlier copper/zinc so you are probably correct. I still would use the older pennies myself because I can.Softer is easier on gears.
  9. You have been lucky
  10. Use a 1981 or older US penny. Mid year 1982 they started making them with Zinc. You want to use 1981 or older because they are softer because of copper content.[emoji266]
  11. Chuck... Thanks for all the help you have provided all these years. You could write a small book on these bikes and a lot of us would buy it! Kudos
  12. For those who are on Fakebook there is a hybrid CR 125/XR200R Bike for sale. It has a 4 valve XR200R motor. Vintage Motorcycle,Parts & Memorabilia For Sale group. Selling in Pinconning,Michigan. $2000. Looks pretty good! Too bad the motors have almost unobtainable parts!
  13. What about the quieter insert the muffler manufacturer makes for the exhaust? I would try that first. They usually don’t cost that much.
  14. 110/80-18 Pirelli MT-21 works good for off-road and Street. Just an example here. Shop around ...try ThumperTalk store too.
  15. Looking for expert there a one way oil baffle such as one on the Honda CRF 250X that would fit in my 3/8” ID vent hose?