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  1. I live in Florida and will be traveling to San Antoinio for work at the end of February and looking to ride. Ive been racing Hare scrambles and gncc,s for a couple decades so im not a squid. Email me if your interested in renting me a dirtbike and takeing me with you. I have all my own riding gear. Robert.lalonde@aol.com Thanks
  2. wr250rr

    83-84 Xr350 tank fitment

    Thanks guys.
  3. wr250rr

    83-84 Xr350 tank fitment

    Will a fuel tank from a 83 xr350 fit an 84 xr350? They have different part numbers. But it might be different because of decals/color or whatever. Any body know for sure?
  4. wr250rr

    09' Needle Jet advice- Am I still running lean?

    Its the needle specs. I thought you were looking for a richer needle?
  5. wr250rr

    Hard Starting

    Yes, cause its lean. You could probably just loosen the carb clamps and tilt it sideways to drop the bowl and get to the jets. Its a 1-2 beer job max.
  6. wr250rr

    09' Needle Jet advice- Am I still running lean?

    http://www.keihin-us.com/am/_media/pdf/fcr_jetneedles.pdf Does this help?
  7. wr250rr

    Hard Starting

    Pilot jet probably has a spec of grime in it.
  8. wr250rr

    OEM Headpipe vs Pro Circuit

    Is this possible even though the part #'s are the same for a 07?
  9. wr250rr

    OEM Headpipe vs Pro Circuit

    I have a full Ti PC system on it now. I wanted to confirm this before buying an OEM head pipe. I'm trying to get a little more grunt.
  10. wr250rr

    OEM Headpipe vs Pro Circuit

    A performance shop tells me that the OEM Headpipe give more bottom and midrange than the PC does without sacrificing top end. He was talking specifically about the 09. HAs anybody heard or expierienced this?
  11. wr250rr

    Tips to quieten down exhaust

    Stuff some steel wool in there. That should quiet it up just to pass tech inspection. You might have to wedge a nail or screw in there to keep it from coming out.
  12. wr250rr

    Head Pipe

    Or you can use those hose clamps that have the nut on it.
  13. wr250rr

    holeshot devices

    I put mine 3" from the top of the fork protector.
  14. wr250rr

    should i buy a 1999 Kawasaki KX 250 - $1300

    Thats a good one.
  15. wr250rr

    Bought the 2010 Kawi!

    What dealer in Fla?