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  1. Thanks for the info what's weird is I've had this bike for two years and it never did that the only difference being I hooked up a battery tender plug connector so I don't have to take off the seat and I could just plug it in it has a fuse on it I have no idea why mounting that to the battery with all of a sudden cause this condition I guess I will remove it and try it again. No I was not on the DR Forum but I've been on this forum since 2001 when I had my Yamaha 426 and they came up with a BK carburetor mod that work great. That was my first four stroke dirt bike and I haven't looked back I've since had 2 CRF 450 s and 3 KTMs love them all thanks
  2. So I recently installed the battery tender pigtail to my KTM so I could just plug it in instead of having to take the seat off. I use the battery tender junior as I feel it's the safest at .075 amps. I plugged it in and as I walked away I heard a weird clicking sound and I did not know where it was coming from and then I noticed it was coming from the bike and it also made a weird sound like the fuel pump was starting to engage and then the odometer screen lit up it would do this back and forth and it made me nervous so I unplugged it. I took off the seat and used the battery crimps that come with the tender to see if maybe the pigtail was the problem. It still made the same noise along with odometer blinking every three or four seconds. Did not know what the deal was so I tried to start it and it fired right up. Hooked up battery tender back up to see if maybe it's good now. It went to a flashing green light which means it's 75% charged but it was still making weird noises every few seconds. I've had a garage fire using a battery tender on a street bike so I'm very cautious/paranoid when it comes to charging batteries and so I did not try to charge it anymore. Has anyone had this happen or any idea why? The OEM battery is approximately 2 years old and I've always maintained it with just using the clamps on the battery tender. I have to maintain five different batteries so it's not like this is my first rodeo but this is the first time I've heard these weird sounds on anything. Thanks
  3. Okay thanks guys! I removed the in-line filter just to see how it would run with it out it, even though I could not see any debris in the filter. I also noticed the positive cable to the battery was fingertight so I tightened that up and went for another test ride around the neighborhood and the bike ran great 75 miles an hour no problem no cutting out. ( I do have the bike geared up to do that speed.) I like to dual sport occasionally and don't like to rev the bike out on the road.
  4. 35 hrs, only mods are I have the BDS Exhaust end cap and my buddy adjusted the TPS for me. It's always ran great never had any issues. This is my first FI bike as I've also owned the 520 and a 250 xcf-w never had any issues with them. Gas is really crappy here in Arizona they put a lot of additives but I've always use stabal right around the end of May is when I parked them due to the extreme heat and don't ride for about 4 months. Seeing how I did not know much about the FI bike I did ride it around the block a few times during those months. I prepped my bike as usual, fresh gas (did not drain old, not much though) oil a fresh filter and skin for a dual sport event I was supposed to do in late October. Did another around the neighborhood test and the bike ran great. Unfortunately I got sick and was not able to attend this event so the bike set another five weeks until yesterday when I went for a trail ride. I noticed at high RPM it started to cut out. So I remove the filter skin and it seemed to get slightly better. After a break the magic button will not start the bike so I managed to kick-start it fine and proceeded on now the bike cutout a lot about 3/4 to Full Throttle. We were still about 20 miles away from the trucks and I was a bit concerned but I was able to short shift it and nurse it home. Once I got back to the truck I killed the motor and it started right up this morning in the garage it also started right up so I'm not sure if it's the battery. I do use the low amperage battery tender junior during the summer months and recently it took a whole night for it to charge to green. It seems like it might be starving for fuel I've never cleaned the filter I guess it's in the fuel line? Could the oil from the fresh filter after 5 weeks seeped down into the FI? Could the battery be going bad I know if my street bike which is a carbureted bike if the battery is bad the bike will not run very good at all. Thanks Gary
  5. G-Man

    Carb Leak issue

    Well as luck would have it it cured itself I always run stable in my gas before they store them 4 months during the summer. This time I also ran it out of gas I guess the O-rings dry up and it started to leak once I turn the gas on and rode it around the block. Then it's sat for a day with the fuel petcock on, it did not leak has anyone had this happen to them?
  6. Dang, well waiting too long to get ready for a Dual Sport Event on the 24th is causing me havoc. Put fresh oil and gas in the bike (2002 520EXC) and went for a test ride. Bike ran GREAT, as I've always used Stabil to prevent Carb issues from four months of inactivity like I do every year. Pulled into the garage and I noticed fuel leakage. It was kind of hard to see where it was coming from but I suspect the o-ring that mates the bowl to the body? #45 On this fiche http://www.jetsrus.com/carburetor/ca...iew_parts.html My buddy just had a similiar problem but he said his was leaking at the brass fuel inlet that goes into the carb. A local mechanic who has a shop was able to order a Honda rebuild kit and do the work for him and now he has no leaks. Only problem is he is leaving town next week and might not be able to help me. What is the Honda rebuild kit # for a FCR39 carb? Do you think this is what I need to do? Next issue I ordered some air filters from this company and it seems the filter lip is THICKER than OEM. http://www.dt1filters.com/ I struggled for waaaay too long trying to get the stock cage to snap in like it normally does but was unsuccessful. The best I could get was the left side fully seated and the right side it seemed there was a slight gap when I checked with my finger, maybe 1/8 in. Has anyone else ran into this isse with aftermarket filters? This would suck as I got three of them Thanks
  7. So I ordered the TUSK SS Oil Filters for my 2002 520 EXC and the first line filter came with this red foam piece. I have no idea what it's for, filter seems to fit fine, and trying to install it on top seemed like a PITA. Thanks
  8. It's finally riding weather out here in AZ and as I prepare for an AMA DualSport event in two weeks I finally started working on the bike for the first time in 5 months. 2002 520 EXC I noticed some hairline cracks in my subframe holes on both sides. They do not go all the way thru and stop right at the end of the tapered hole. The bike still runs and perform great and really don't want to buy a new subframe unless I can find one on e-bay or here? If I get it heli-arced, the tapered allen won't go in. Then on the shock collar I noticed a crack that is all they way thru. When it rains it pours.... I'm embarrassed to say I'm not sure how long I've been riding with all these cracks and am not sure if it would last thru two days of DualSport riding until I can figure out what to do. Yea the ol girl is starting to show her age, but I'm looking for ideas from the experts here that won't cost me a ton of dough. I weigh 170 without gear, been riding my whole life and am not a thrasher--per say. RIGHT SIDE LEFT SIDE
  9. Thanks for the help guys. Is there a link to download manuals?
  10. What is the Clutch Friction Plate thickness spec for a 2001 KTM520 EXC? Trying to find the wear limit and correct order. Thanks
  11. G-Man

    2011 Six Days XCF-W

    Thanks for the info guys! Gary
  12. G-Man

    2011 Six Days XCF-W

    like a lot of others he's gone back to the two stroke side when I go single track riding it seems 90 percent of the bikes now are 300 2 strokes I applaud KTM for doing that. KTM is now the largest manufacturer of off road motorcycles it's amazing to me that the Japanese once the King are asleep at the wheel.