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    i like to ride and shoot...or both
  1. cgarrett

    Street tires for stock S rims

    i like the distanzias...with rim locks...so i can dirt track them at 15psi....i like distanzias...with rim locks...
  2. cgarrett

    6-Speed DR-Z SM

  3. cgarrett

    K&N for Dirt

    ...er....i didn't mean to hijack yer thread...>grin<
  4. cgarrett

    K&N for Dirt

    we've done the oil sampling thing for years on farm tractors/trucks. they've been able to tell us if there is dirt in the oil, meaning there is a leak in the intake system...sure 'nuff. you can tell if a cam bearing or a main bearing is wearing...tell when the oil goes bad...tell if there is glycol in the oil (water leak)...all sorts of stuff. if it aint oil, they'll tell ya what it is.
  5. cgarrett

    gearing question

    doh! that sounds so simple. i knew there was an easier way. ...i'm a little slow, but i catch on...
  6. cgarrett

    K&N for Dirt

    ...oil samples. that's always worked for me on the tractors. i actually put a k/n filter on a tractor in a pinch last year. we ran it thru walnut harvest and the oil sample came back clean. it got pretty dirty.
  7. cgarrett

    KTM 950 or SuperDuke

  8. cgarrett

    Balance Your Tires!!

    ...any easy way to balance them? spin balance the best? how about a "poor mans" spinner? ....anyone?
  9. cgarrett

    why the drz400sm

    get the sm. when you negotiate the price have them throw in an extra set of rims and tires...
  10. cgarrett

    why the drz400sm

    i think think a drz400 would be a good first bike for several reasons... good starter size easy to work on parts are very available lots of them on the road which means easy to get help... more of us on this site than any other so there is a HUGE knowledge base very very very reliable ...i think just the knowledge base and reliability aspect is a big factor on what bike to get. it really is a good solid bike with low maint required. there are actually not very many reasons NOT to get one. the only one i can really think of is if you just don't like the suzuki brand.....right???
  11. cgarrett

    08 Klr 650

    the next 150 was great. it could use a bit more power. tho i've been riding my tricked out drz and am use to that power... ...and it could use a bit more 'dirt bike' sound <braaaap> comfort is good. very nice seat. wind protection is good, the wind hits right below my visor (i'm 6'1") guages are in good view. not sure what how many miles to hit reserve. seems like the tank is pretty good size. anyone know??? freeway riding is a bit sketchy. i think a steering stab would make it a bit better. riding in clean air at 80mph is solid tho. i think i'd def buy one...i mean at 5k how could you go wrong? i'd sure like to take it to the dirt, i think it would do pretty good. might need better tires, but i think it'd be pretty good. the one i have is on loan so no dirt for me. i sure like the looks of the ktm 950se but for half the price and better mpg i might get me one of these.
  12. cgarrett

    08 Klr 650

    i just put 150 miles on one. a blue one. i sure did get a lota looks. it was so much fun, i can't wait to get on the thing again tonight and put another 150 miles on it. freeway, city, way out in the country....that's my trail
  13. cgarrett

    What are the Jobs of us fellow DRZ owners?

    i sell rv's i also farm walnuts...
  14. cgarrett

    Anyone know who makes this DRZ tail rack?

    ...nice rack ;p