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  1. Helmet_Hair

    The Yamaha IT Pictures?

    ...more importantly, you've got the toolkit on the back, just in case one of those 490's fouls a plug trying to keep up! Lookin' good...glad to see my ol' 250J being put to good use.
  2. Helmet_Hair

    The Yamaha IT Pictures?

    I thought my '79 250 turned out pretty nice. The 400 was pretty nice too: I also liked the 250J The Yamaha IT's are the best!
  3. Helmet_Hair

    2012 Desert 100!

    Cheers! I didn't glean that from the flyer.
  4. Helmet_Hair

    2012 Desert 100!

    I'm not able to find what time sign-ups begin for the IM Poker run for Sat. the 31st. Anyone have a time for that? Thanks!
  5. Helmet_Hair

    pics of my rt2mx

    Very good to hear you've got a runner! I believe you should keep this bike as long as you can. It'll never be a cozy bike to ride on the trails like a later model machine with more modern suspension, but on an old dirt track or easy trails, she'll probably really shine! This is a nice, rare bike. Don't sell it!
  6. Helmet_Hair

    can somebody please convince me

    Can you ride the gnar at Walker? I'd love a light bike for that stuff, but fear a small bike just doesn't have what it takes to climb around stuff and stay running.
  7. Helmet_Hair

    Dumbest move yet. Can you top this?

    He changed bearings in the wrong XR...doh! I've done all sorts of fun things: put kickstart gears in backward (the the thing kicks forward instead of back), put crank seals in backward, picked up the WD 40 can instead of my beer can......I'm a work of art I tell ya.
  8. Helmet_Hair

    kdx 175

    Here's one. It's over in the US, though. http://www.ebay.com/itm/80-81-KDX175-KAWASAKI-KDX175A-FLYWHEEL-ROTOR-MAGNETO-KDX-175-/130640945534?pt=Motorcycles_Parts_Accessories&vxp=mtr&hash=item1e6acea17e#ht_1152wt_698
  9. Helmet_Hair

    KDX 200 or 220 for Casual Trail Riding

    This is good right here. Someone who's been on both and prefers the older bike. I'd like to hear some more about the extra grunt. Both E and H bikes set up similarly? (pipes, jetting, etc.) I've seen some of your posts before and know you swear by the E model. The ergos just seem closer to what I'm used to riding.
  10. Helmet_Hair

    Plate revocation list

    ....Like ALL the Suzukis (DR and DRZ) from 1989 to 2005. That's a lot of bike right there. They just totally spaced 8 years worth of motorcycles!
  11. Helmet_Hair

    Wa state will not license my drz400s :(

    Is that better than a class-action suit? I think the real fault lies with the DOL. Are they truly that lazy? They needed to hire a consultant to figure out the difference between a DRZ 400E and a 400S? Let's see, one has the 'E', the other has the 'S'. Oh, man....that was just too hard...I need help with it...
  12. Helmet_Hair

    SB5800 - Plates for dirt bikes

    Just e-mailed my rep. He's vice-chair of ways and means. Hope he can help get to the bottom of it. My DR isn't due till May. Crossing my fingers things will have settled by then.
  13. Helmet_Hair

    SB5800 - Plates for dirt bikes

    What the shiznit is going on!? Those bikes have been legit from day one! Haven't gotten the renewal notice on my DR 350S yet, but definately will be renewing online in hopes of not having trouble.
  14. Helmet_Hair

    KDX 200 or 220 for Casual Trail Riding

    Good to hear your dad is doing well. He has my respect for riding a real man's bike and beating cancer too! Sean, thanks for the link, very informative on the top end on the KDX. Good work! Blackwoodz, I'm not sure which WR250 you'd be referring to (2T or 4T). The old 2T is appealing, but i'd be running the same risks of whiskey-throttling it off a ledge or something. The 4T is a fine bike too, but it's a 4T, and the initial cost on one of these is well over $2K for a decent one. I'd sure like to keep it all below $1500 for a nice, needs-no-work-KDX. I think it's possible. I'll be keeping my eyes peeled for a decent bike. I've seen a few around here in various states of "maintenance". $500 for a non-running E model to $3650 for a nearly new '06. Hopefully in the next month or so, I'll be checking some out in person and I'll likely post up my questions here.