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  1. I still have the same graphics on the bike, but they are in pretty bad shape now. The sign vinyl is too thin and does not last too long. This company offers a similar "retro" kit for the WR250f's, and you can get the shroud decals only for $55 or buy the whole set. See link below: (scroll down, way down for all the different ordering options) http://www.brmoffroad.com/yamahawr250grafx.htm
  2. jcalis

    Post videos of hard technical traiLs here

    A couple of videos from last weekends "Toys for tots" charity trail ride. Lots of tight, rocky trails in East Freetown, Mass.
  3. jcalis

    YZ cam timing

    Thanks for the video clip, that pipe has a decent "bark" to it. It may be a bit louder than what I am looking for.
  4. jcalis

    YZ cam timing

    Do you have any video showing how loud it is? I have the stock pipe with aftermarket tip (and a 3/4 inch hole in the last baffle plate). My exhaust is just about as loud as the intake noise on the open-top airbox. In other words, the exhaust is still pretty quiet, and tests about 94db (according to the NETRA people at their sound checks). You can see what I mean in this video: You can clearly hear the exhaust of the bike in front of me, which is a KTM 400exc with stock pipe.If the YZF can is about 96db, I might give it a shot.
  5. jcalis

    YZ cam timing

    There are plenty of used YZ cans on ebay but I want to try and keep the noise down as much as possible. My 1st choice would be a FMF Q4 w/ spark arrestor but It will have to wait until the tax return comes in. There are Lexx and DG pipes on ebay as well (less $$) but I have no idea if they will perform as well as the FMF.
  6. jcalis

    YZ cam timing

    Nope, that is what happens when you read something while half asleep
  7. jcalis

    YZ cam timing

    You are going to force me to do the same to my 07' with posts like this one. I plan to do the same thing as soon as I get an aftermarket exhaust. Did you have to adjust the jetting after the cam swap?
  8. jcalis

    Post videos of hard technical traiLs here

    Some tight, rocky, New England trail riding from last Sunday. We start out a bit slow at the beginning, then turn up the speed a bit.
  9. jcalis

    graphics, you like?

    Yep, I had a friend cut them out of sign vinyl. They are an exact copy of the yamaha graphics that were an option on the Austrailian models. I wish they (or someone else) would release them here in the US. I guess the Graphic Edge version is about as close as you can get.
  10. jcalis

    graphics, you like?

    One more vote for "old school" in red / white......
  11. It's in a small wooded area in eastern Mass. We ride there in the off-season when the state forests are closed.
  12. Out for a ride on some local trails on a beautiful, warm January weekend. Trail conditions in this area are tight with lots of switchbacks. Shot with the GoPro HD in 720p60. Enjoy!
  13. jcalis

    Death at Freetown State Forest?

    A friend called me and said the same thing. No details however. What part of the Freetown ORV loop did this happen in? Local police or DCR?
  14. 1. It is inexpensive 2. It still contains most of the good anti-wear additives the EPA forced mfg's to remove from automotive (gasoline engine) oils. 3. It is wet-clutch friendly and now carries the JASO (motorcycle) rating
  15. This "fun" ride is held once per year. They get special permission from the state and landowners to ride in areas that are normally off limits. This event is for street-plated dirtbikes only, the trail sections are connected by local roads. They hold a few other events on these trails, they are mostly off-road races (harescrambles) or time-keeping enduros. The schedules are listed on the NETRA calendar of events. We even rode through the RI "desert", the sand sections are at the end of this clip from Sunday's trail loop: