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  1. Freerider55

    First time hitting a ramp

    Thats sick! how tall is the ramp?
  2. really bad pics, but thor hoodie, 2 hockey sticks, some T shirts, dakine back pack, coat, COD5, Some black and white fox gloves and Thrillbillies 2!!!
  3. Freerider55

    Doubting Quadtard Intelligence?

    i like the "SERIOUS INQUIRES ONLY. NO TIRE KICKERS!" ......really eh, kick that tire and itd deflate instantly.
  4. Freerider55

    New Tillsonburg Video

    i had a hockey tourny up by that track once, wanted to go but couldent take my bike with me cool vid guys
  5. Freerider55

    New Bike

    Sick bike man, i thought the graphics were cool. havent seen them before at least.
  6. Freerider55

    Honda 05 450R build up

    Ok so i recently found a frame for a 2005 450R for sale around me, its pretty cheap. Im just wondering if it would be worth while starting a build from just a frame up and how hard it would be? could i get most the stock parts for cheap off ebay and other places? would it cost to much or be to hard? i do want a winter project. let me know what your opnions are on this please:thumbsup:
  7. I sold my first bike to a friend of a friend, havent seen it in a few years but i hear he hasent taken care of it very well. I see it for sale every once in a while but he cant sell it, maybe if the price drops enough i can get it back for old times sake.
  8. Freerider55

    Xgames on tv in canada [espn]

    use to be able to watch it online but now you gotta be in the states to watch it there to, this really sucks any one no how to watch it from canada?
  9. if i were you id be looking for a good deal on a newer 450f bike
  10. Freerider55

    Look at this superstar

    I thought it was funny, pretty sure you wouldent get away with jumping the gate like that so ya should no its a joke.
  11. Freerider55

    New pictures of my bike!!

    Very Clean! Nice ride
  12. Freerider55

    New graphics and preprints

    Sick bike! i like the yellow hand guards on there
  13. Freerider55

    15yr old jumps 175ft double on ATV

    Sweet vid, whats the song in it?