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    California Got the ok to ride.

    Years ago, i started a quest. To get to know the Forest service system of trail maintenance and mentality. In a nutshell i found out today that I can ge a use permit as an individual to clear overgrown forest service roads. I just have to designate to an individual at the FS which route I want to explore, and i can get a free pass so no LEO will hassle me. It is easy. As a side note, the FS person sounded more open to this type of input and that he gets calls daily to go out and open roads. They are understaffed, which is good and bad. But given time they will get to them, so make sure you call them and go check them. Take pictures that are dated and if something is wrong, make the FS fix it. Call your forest service people, get to know their names and you can make a difference. The MVUM for Shasta Trinity is delayed. Apperently some of the routes weren't in the condition they were supposed to be in, and the loggers are pitchin a fit, good bad or indifferent it isnt final. The forest service never checked these routes like they told us they would, and it is coming back ten fold to bite them in the ass. I was asked why I was so upset and i replied. I want to go camping next week on my public land that is locked behind a gate, I don't want to drive 45 miles to find a 4 inch bar obstructing my path. Go open the gate, he said he will check it and open it if closed. I think they are starting to bend a bit. This is the second year, i have called in may to get them to go open this road. In a few weeks, i am going to check it, any dual sporters that wanna tag along are welcome. I have heard rumors that they may just leave them open, that has the loggers on fire for sure. We shall see. TTFN peace out bitches.

    Hardest trail to ride in Nor-Cal

    trail 8 up hill on a rainy day at Chappie. 40+ corners in less then 2 miles. Quite frankly, Chappie, is the most brutal place to ride IMO. if you can ride there, you can ride anywhere. stonyford 27,28, give me trouble when they are wet, also

    Access Denied

    I don't get here often anymore, but had to reply to this. 100 % accurate info. The Forest Service has f'd up this route designation so bad. Roads aren't marked, sections of roads wiped entirly off the maps. People will be so confused, law enforcement won't even know what is what. Pretty much I have deemed open season on the trails. I used to stop at gates because I respected them, no more. I will go where I want if I can safely get over or around any barrier, but I will be respectful of the forest and use existing trails and routes. I will do my best to carry a saw and loper and will take the time to clear the trails. All should do the same with no regrets. If I ever get ticketed, it will be my sweet day in court to expose the joke that was created by the FS. I will gladly pay my fine and do my time if i am wrong. Study the maps, make the forest service do its job and open and sign ALL of the routes that are supposed to be open. As predicted this is coming back to bite them in the ass. Most people around here are so fed up with the feds that total rebellion is almost certain. From the pot farmers, to the loggers, to the gold miners to the recreationist. Only the ones that use the forest are losing. They rest will never know what they are missing. SAD. Starting to ride again in March, if anyone wants some D/S adventures hit me up. No longer should we hide our trails from our own "friends" share the wealth and show future generations where to ride and how to maintain it. If we don't it will be gone. Frustration meter is pegged.

    no riding in far nor cal

    You going to the secret spot?

    California no riding in far nor cal

    There is no where to ride. The forest service is locking us out as we speak. My leg is minus 1 lb of metal. Removed the crap Nov 2. 18 months after my road jump went array. I rode a bit with the metal in, but mostly time and other pursuits kept me from riding. Now I have 23 holes in my leg that need to fill in with bone. No serious riding for awhile. Maybe by spring I will, after the stupid snow has melted off. Dr appt monday to see what is what. At least the wear and tear on my bike is at a minimum.

    Moonrocks - Firewood?

    Take out the dead wood, never cut green wood. Most of the old desert rats hate the juniper and the mahagony, it is an invasive species.

    Used bike market

    all good stuff, start high and drop the price 100-500 bucks every couple days till you get some bites. Then you know that the ones who want it, have been watching and those that call are interested. you can then get down to brass tacks. tell them your price, take it or leave it. No dickering once they show up. Works every time. Sell my stuff in days, and get good deals when I buy. I traded an 1989 sea ray open bow with a 115 hp motor, decent shape for a hot tub installed and delivered and a promise of lifetime repairs and help from the 10 yr service tech for cal spas. Awesome trade. didn't use the boat, sit in the tub nightly.

    Plating an '06 CRF40X in Cali???

    Too bad only street legal vehicles have the emisson sticker that is needed to get a bike plated now a days, shucks...

    Plating an '06 CRF40X in Cali???

    Just go to the DMV and ask them. THey do it all the time, they even offered to help me plate my 06 CRF 100. Its really easy, kinda like trolling for fish.

    For the Nor Cal experienced riders...been everywhere crowd

    They are all gone and illegal. the forest service screwed us over. I say spill the beans, spread the word on the old school good stuff, we need riders to keep the trails open with loppers and saws. Miles are lost back to the forest as each year goes by and the loggers and gov't f us out of the rest. They can't catch us all only the slow ones.

    Chimney Rock Trail

    Instead of shuffling paperwork tell your supervisor that your real bosses(us) want to spend a day or a few hours at the trail head each week or weekend educationg the public. Game cameras are a poor choice, reaction time is slow and usually won't catch anything, spend the money on enforcement, people will just steal them. We don't need to even get into the arguement about big brother watching us, the FS doesn't need that. This is a crappy year for snow, how often is there still a drift in AUG. ???? Shasta is still almost full white. What about snow tunnel for the existing trail, much like the railroads??? How bout some pics???

    Registration cost for "on road" California

    Yeah but there are way more goats and sheep than women.

    Chimney Rock Trail

    I called the FS about gated roads that ate supposed to be open May 1 to Oct 31. they said they would go open the gate, they did. but also told me that if SP wants to shut it, then they wouldn't have the resources to go back and open it. Why do they not have resources to open the roads that are supposed to be, but all the resources to close trails? It is maddening. Write the tickets or build a new trail around the Perennial snow drift. I am sure it is in the same spot every year. Label it "wet weather re route" Oh wait, they FS only has money to close stuff not keep it open. Seriously, I(we) do appreciate the heads up. open lines of communication are needed as well as keys to all FS gates so we can open them for the FS, and save the taxpayers MILLIONS!

    Chimney Rock Trail

    Skipro has it. Instead of spending the money to go up there, make a kiosk that describes the trails and their status. Also, spend the day up there and write a few tickets, sucks for the dudes who get caught, but the word will spread like wildfire. Enforce the rules, rather than make more. We can't talk to or encourage everyrider to be responsible, because, often we just simply don't see them.

    any advice for 1st time to stonyford

    It was mine.