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  1. Horri

    Decomp lever

    cripes technical...rip a gearshift and cable off an old bicycle.mount the lever on the bars and tie off the cable or whack a hunk of lead like a split shot finker on the cable so it fits into the decmp lever head end,,file the shot down till it fits good enough..adjust things to suit...how do you blokes beat us at cricket... ....?????
  2. Horri

    XR650R Brake Light Wiring

    My diagrams for the 650r are not flash..green/yellow is one wire..Bl is the other Blue,,they should both be interconnected to the rear brake switch which will be connected into the loom under the seat on top of or near the airbox top air intake slot..
  3. Horri


    MORE.. An XRL650 being the slightly more roadefied version of the XR as is the XL600 I'd expect to run smoother on the road..I know my 86 XL600 certainly ran smoother on road than my current XR600..However..if I'd had knobs on both ends of that you can bet your bottom dollar the thing would vibrate a bit..Tuning of tires etc gets you smooth road running,,I'm a dirt bike guy..I never expect them to run like some road bike on the road..end of raving..
  4. Horri


    What I'm saying is that my 600XR is not some finely designed modern KTM super motarded road machine that has nice small wheels with massive smooth rode tires on it..I would expect something like that to run smooth and hardly vibrate at all.. My bike on the other hand has a 21 inch knobbly tire on the front and a 17 inch road dirt tire on the back..the suspension is also not perfectly set up..there is no doubt that it vibrates about a bit,,bars shake,,lights wobble..to me normal..to others it may not be..All I''m saying is check all engine bolts,,swinger bolts first ...Hollerhead may well be right and something is up with the internal balancer on your bike,, I simply believe in checking other normal stuff first..if you've done that and the issues the same then feel free to rip it apart as much as you like..
  5. Horri

    XL/XR kickstart lever interchangable?

    MORE...read,,,study,, http://www.thumpertalk.com/topic/1095183-1988-xr600r-kickstart-arm/
  6. Horri

    XL/XR kickstart lever interchangable?

    An XL500 engine bears no resemblance to an XL600 engine..Weve been there done that on this topic.. An XR lever is not the same,,shaft sizes are but the kick angles are different..Find a new or secondhand XL kicker and be done with it..
  7. Horri


    Criripes...the first thing you check if you have a lot of vibration seemingly happening is the tightness of all the engine mount bolts and every other smaller bolt that holds the engine in the frame..Pulling engines apart should not even enter the brain until a far later date if at all..Check the swingarm holding bolts and all the front fork stuff as well..An XRL650 would be little different than a 600 in the vibration stakes,,gear it right,,tyre it right and don;t lug engines and it should be fairly smooth.. mirrors are always pretty much useless at speed on any dirt bike..I dont even bother using one,,my mirror consists of a bicycle mirror on the bars,,it makes the bike legal that's all I care about..I always turn my head to check whats behind me should I be passing or pulling out tp pass,,eye to brain..it don't lie..Anyhoo a certain amount of vibration through the bars is normal.,,its not a road bike that may as well be a car ..Big singles are a mans motorcycle..
  8. Horri

    Engine bucking/stumbling at high speeds/RPMS

    How unusual...People doing poor oil maintenance or in cases not even knowing how its measured or when its supposed to be checked,,,ultimate result seized motor and 800 bucks or more burnt in a pile of ashes,,Its so simple,,Get oil right on XR/XL and the things last for 70000k at normal riding..
  9. Horri

    103 mm piston and carb question

    Oil flow looks good...I nornally check the banjo on the other end of that line but its 6 of one half a dozen of the other..That engine sounds sweet but you continue playing if you want,,one rocker part may slightly worn than the others and be doing a slight dance,(what part I have no idea)...Myself..I wouldn't even worry about it.Put a 1000k on the motor at normal running..Do the oil and filter a few times (20/50 on the oil,,normal car oilis fine)..If it gets worse investigate the top tappet cover area...No sounds I hear from the motor indicate any camchain slackness or issue to me..People can over worry things..Motor in that thing looks brand new,,have you had it blasted with something or painted it??? Anyway looks like a good job by yourself,,I'm pleased its worked out..Now if I can recover from my malaise enough to ride my beast again the sun will really shine... Post another picture of the plug sometime if you can be bothered..Remember..try and check plugs on XR/XL when the engines cooled down,,shes super easy to cross threads in the head there,,all care and never try and force the plug..get it started and you should be able to do it up half way by finger or at least a few turns before usuing the actual spanner,,
  10. Horri

    103 mm piston and carb question

    Well to me that engine sounds pretty good..One tappet sounds like its got a slight rattle...nothing I'd be concerned about..Have you made sure the oils getting to the head by undoing the banjo???,,if so and you have good flow take the bike for a few test runs and let it cool down and if you're concerned about the slight tap/tap check the rocker gaps again..In all honesty I think the engine sounds fine,,better than mine and its only had about 10000k on it since I built it up from old bits...Take it easy on it for a while,,change the oil a few times,,,check the oil filter and if its all clear you are good to go.. I'm of course always open to others thoughts on the sound of it..
  11. Horri

    103 mm piston and carb question

    Video or sound file wont load for me from Youtube.. Record it on your ph if it has decent sound capabilities...upload the sound file from the ph to some other free file hosting site and we can try again.. So you reckon you fixed the flat spot...needle down two clips aye,,,good job musta been getting too much gas. Always difficult to say what'll work..my plug reading capes arent that good,,If its not black with soot or white,,it'll do to me..Im not into absolutely eat your lunch from it with plugs..I would like to know what size mains you have in each carb,,you have a 122 in one...whats in the other????,,,another 122??? or what,,,This sort of info really needs to be posted in the original ?? or if not it should be posted in the following..Information is the key the more the better. This is why I get a bit tetchy sometimes,,,it seems straightforward to me that when a ?? is asked the next reply should contain the info,,People should never have to repeat themselves in here// My lesson for the day to everyone ...Lifes a time and motion operation,,its short waste none of it pissing about...
  12. Horri

    103 mm piston and carb question

    Forget float heights...do not mess with them...get the extra jets and begin ..Sorry for seeming short but frustration overtakes me in here sometimes..
  13. Horri

    103 mm piston and carb question

    Mate,,,what size main is in the other carb,,,I cannot tell you how to fix the flat spot..Drop the high clip needle slot down one and throw 122s 125s or 128s in both carb sides..Forget the pilot as it is probably not the problem.. You change things you reassemble you ride and retest till you get it right,,No one here can give you the thing that is going to work.. Iknow nothing about the needles apart from the fact that they have different numbers on them,,There is no information in any XR/XL manual I own or have read that gives clip positions,,They all vary from the factory,,You need to get some spare mains and start work,,we cannot do it for you...
  14. Horri

    103 mm piston and carb question

    Plug looks semi ok to me...those are needles jets are in the bowls of the carbs..Dont mix those needles up...They need to go back into the carb side they came from.....Either raise the needle by one clip in the right carb or try a bigger main in both or only a bigger main in the right carb..tuning is about experimentation,,theirs no one size fits all..
  15. Horri

    Xr600r electrical?

    Bang the CDI with the blunt end of a screwdriver..retest for spark..none replace bits,,coil//cdi/stator and maybe pulse genny,,.You can test some of them if you have the correct meter and understand fuzzy logic..A good auto electrical shop with old school guys and the bike manual should be able to figure what may be right or may be wrong..