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    .....and there are riders who HAVE gone down

    HOLY ish....woke up this morning and feel like I got hit by a truck. Everything is SORE, especially the left side of my neck. Thanks for all the advice and wishes. Going to our family reunion now. EVERYONE ENJOY THEIR HOLIDAY WEEKEND.
  2. You all know the old adage, this morning I just became one of the latter. ***If you dont want to read the whole story, please scroll to the last couple paragraphs because I do need some advice both on the fall and the bike I just bought a set of takeoff's from a 2007 SM with 100 miles on them, everything looks brand spanking new off the shelf. Spent 3 hours last night fitting them out for my 2005 S with FCR and full Yosh Ti and installing them. Broke links for a motorcycle chain for the first time great learning experience, and got it to fit perfect. Removed the rotors from the 18/21's and put them on the 17's. Greased everything up and took it real slow going back home at night (I did it after work at my shop I work at). Roughly 25 mile commute, lots of fun..3 miles canyon riding, rest is open roads no highway, but can be lots of traffic. Decided to go later into work this morning so I could test out the wheels and tires and not worry about lots of traffic in case............ Absolutely loving the wheels and tires around town. WAAAY more aggressive stance and feel, tires feel great. 10 miles in I get to the fun part of the commute. Im in my favorite section, favorite turn...blind, hard 160 degree right, slightly uphill, ever so slightly off camber...10 mph posted speed limit. Come into it like I always do, not pushing any faster than normal. And then I realize the loud "thonk" i just heard is my head hitting the pavement and i'm sliding across the asphalt, right forearm and shoulder forward. I stop sliding, jump to my feet, try and get a grip on what the **** just happened, see my bike 15 feet away in the lane of oncoming traffic, facing the other way (It somehow turned completely 180 degrees). I scramble over, pick her up and get off to the shoulder. 15 seconds later cars come IN BOTH DIRECTIONS. Someone is looking out for me Quick damage inspection: Right forearm hurts - torn through tiny hole in my riding jacket. Forearm pad in jacket saved my arm from becoming hamburger. Only minor roadrash. Right hand hurts - small hole in riding glove. Very minor road rash. @ss and right thigh hurt , no holes in jeans. Bike looks ok. HUGE chunk taken out of the handguard. Peg bent upward, scratches on my yosh Ti can, and axle bolt threads shaved and packed with asphalt. Overall, VERY surprised. Was expecting far worse. Decide to ride into the little town, only about a mile away, and re-group. Take off riding and holding the bars straight is causing me to go left I think my bars are bent. Get into town and take off all my gear. Inspect the bike fully. Everything looks fine. No fork damage, no wheel damage ( BRAND NEW!), no cracks in the clamps, bars not bent from what I can tell. My helmet has scrapes on the front right as well as a bunch of random scrapes on the visor, same side. ***I STILL HAVE NO IDEA WHAT EXACTLY HAPPENED. From where the damage is on my helmet and the direction I slid, I think the front tire washed out. However bike facing other direction 15 feet away might be the back end sliding out. It happened so fast I didn't even know I fell until my helmet hitting the pavement told me I did. I have been riding off road for 15 years, I have had PLENTY of falls, and know when they are coming. I have been riding on road for 2 years. Didn't see this coming, happy, fun riding, *BAM* on the ground, pain ensues. I inflated the tires to roughly 29-30 psi at a gas station measuring with the on hose gage. Any advice for me on these wheels and tires (re-cap: tires are stock SM tires with 100 miles on them, look brand spanking new.) Over-inflated, not broken in yet...? Whats going on with the bars? I would take pictures but it wouldn't show anything. Have to cock the bars slightly right to go straight. Dead straight makes me veer uncomfortably to the left. Hoped you enjoyed my story, haha. Just wanted to write it all down while it was still fresh and vivid, and thought I would share it all. Man, it is such an eerie feeling on that asphalt when you realize you ate it. I am very thankful I didn't have any major injuries. Any advice is much appreciated. This was definitely a very eye opening experience. Never thought it would have happened when I woke up this morning. I can now say I am a proud member of the "old adage club". I bought the things to have better feel and TRACTION on the road!!! I was so excited...Now again, back to waiting and fixing. What an adrenaline rush and great way to start your work day, haha. ALWAYS WEAR ALL YOUR GEAR! No matter how hot outside it is. RIDE SAFE EVERYONE Collin
  3. collingalgon

    Help with my new SM wheels purchase

    I have a 2005 "S" and just bought some stock takeoff's from a 2006 SM. The front wheel does not have an axle or rotor. 1) Will my stock axle fit the sm wheels? Or do I need to purchase an OEM axle from bikebandit.com? 2) I Know this topic has been beat to hell a billion times but.... I plan on getting SS front lines and a new NISSIN or similar master cylinder. Do I REALLY need to go with the 320 or can I purchase another stock S size rotor and not have to deal with the relocator bracket. With my new lines will it really make that much of a difference. I weigh about 175 lbs. With street mode, I plan on doing only light duty off road. Only slightly worried about catching a bigger rotor on some rocks. Now is the time for me to make my decision as I have to BUY ONE REGARDLESS. I have read too many threads on this and being really indecisive . PLEASE MAKE MY DECISION FOR ME. I will be buying next week. THANKS ALL!! Collin
  4. collingalgon

    DRZ pics with the best background landscape

    STICKY400SM - where in Cali is that? Please tell me close by where I live. I am about 40 minutes outside of Frisco and Santa Cruz both. Heard there is some awesome coast riding out there. Unfortunately haven't had the opportunity. Anyone have any good pics from coast rides around there? also - ***fetid_swamp - WHERE IS THAT?! I WANT TO BE THERE RIGHT NOW!!!
  5. I am trying to plan a dual sport trip this weekend in the Tahoe area with my buddy who lives up there. Drz400s and an XR650. I have done a fair amount of searching on here and on the web, but cannot find any descent trail maps or ride maps/guides/plans/diaries. If any has some advice on a 2 day trip with one night of camping, that would be phenomenal. We are starting out in Truckee and looking to do a fair share of road and trails. Want to do some river fishing, or maybe post up at a lake. Anything really. Just looking to get out and have some fun. Thank you all in advance. Collin
  6. Sooooo...the weld failed on my stock "S" kickstand. Or is it sidestand? Read it referred to as both. My searches have come up relatively inconclusive, and other stands I have found, like the ones here: http://www.cyclebuy.com/shopping/kickstands/kickstands_suzuki.htm ...only fit the RMZ. Plus, I am not a fan of it folding up at such a steep angle. The stocker fit a little more flush and parallel along the swingarm. What is the best replacement model and where can this be purchased? Take off from another bike? I have also read there are not a lot of options, and in particular thread, people would want one made out of aluminum or stainless steel. !!!***I have the resources to MASS produce something like this through my families shop. Not your average garage job shop Full production shop with CNC machining, sheet metal fab, STAMPING, welding, assembly, and some of the best engineers in the biz. I would love to produce something like this, and working on making a prototype unit soon. Any user thoughts on what you would like, and dislike from your current stand. Overall, looking for suggestions on how to make this sidestand work best for us DRZ owners. Haven't really seen anything so far. Also, this market (off-road bikes) is RIDICULOUSLY flooded with knock off levers, guards, wigits, and anything else made of metal. Have an incredible opportunity here and don't know where to start, but do love this industry, and know where I want to focus with the business. Been riding for ever! If anyone has a serious idea, please post it here or even PM me. Would love to collaborate and make something happen for real. Nothing to hold this back Looking forward to hearing from everyone. Or at the least, just a purchase solution to my kickstand problem. Cheers all, Collin
  7. collingalgon

    Best S/E to SM Conversion Pics

    After... Can someone please PLEASE tell me what tank that is? Thumpertalk store doesn't show the exact models. Been trying to find the exact for awhile. Also, is it "natural" or "white". Eddie, maybe you could chime in? Want to buy tomorrow! Thanks, Collin
  8. collingalgon

    Completed Hooligan Mod's

    Why is this called the "hooligan mod"? What are the advantages to running these wheels compared to spoked 17's? About to make the switch to a nice pair of SUMO's for my "S". Would love to hear some pro's and con's (both of the hooligan mod itself and comparison between the 2) Thanks in advance all Collin
  9. collingalgon

    Frequent SM-to-Dirt-to-SM wheel changes

    Anyone know the best place to purchase 17"ers with the stock size "s" model disc in front? Would love to do a used Ebay set, but most are SM takeoff's with the larger rotor. Any comments or suggestions on this for a way-around. IE, purchase a smaller disc and install. Just want to hear anyone's thoughts from previous/current situations. Also, best site to purchase some steel braided line? Thanks, Collin
  10. collingalgon

    Frequent SM-to-Dirt-to-SM wheel changes

    DaveI, Thanks for the response, I really appreciate it. You also answered the next question I thought of over night, which is "For frequent changing from Dirt to SM wheels retaining the stock size rotors on both sets of wheels would yield a faster swap as no changing of a caliper relocater bracket would be required." You are awesome, thanks again! Collin
  11. collingalgon

    Frequent SM-to-Dirt-to-SM wheel changes

    Rookie question I know, but I would REALLY love to know the answer; why do stainless brake lines make as much difference as bigger rotors? Thanks in advance, Collin
  12. collingalgon

    Street Legal DRZ400 3 Wheeler Build!

    Post some pics of it with 22's on. Really curious to see how bad a$$ it is going to look with them on.
  13. collingalgon

    Mobile mechanic needed, Fremont CA

    Anybody? Or if anyone could recommend an individual for me, or a good reputable shop in the bay area, silicon valley, that knows a lot about the DRZ. Thanks again, Collin
  14. collingalgon

    Mobile mechanic needed, Fremont CA

    Or, if any has any good leads/contacts for any in my area I would be greatly appreciative. Thanks, Collin