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  1. bppoch

    250F Shootout!!!

    Twin pipe waste of power????? Here is what FMF had to say (in Nov. Dirt Rider mag) "The greatest factor in this development is the power to noise ratio. With the 06 CRF450R we realized staggering gains in performance from throttle opening to red line. we're in the 'works' bike range of power now, but at an ambient noise level of a stock machine." They claim 3 HP gain midrange to 4.5 HP on top. Sounds like th twin pipe may be a winner.
  2. bppoch


    I was very pleased with my 05. Shimmed one valve at 40 Hrs...rebuilt top end at 168 Hrs. Valves were still in spec and everything still looked good. Had 222 Hrs when I got my 06. Ridden on MX tracks only. Have 14 hours on the 06. It reves alot quicker and has more power and handles better then the 05, in stock form.
  3. bppoch

    03 crf450 SPROCKETS?

    Anyone know how many teeth on front and rear sprockets for o3 CRF450R stock? Thanks
  4. The 05 manual says .63 US qt the 04 called for .76 US qt. Seems strange they would reduce the amount of oil, since they already hold so little. Anyone know if this is right?
  5. Has anyone tried 20mm offset triple clamps on a 2005 CRF250R? Motorcross Action recommends 22mm Offset clamps but the Protaper rubber mounted clamps only come in a 20mm offset.
  6. bppoch

    Fastway linkage or offset triple clamps

    I'm looking at getting the Protaper rubber mounted triple clamps for my 05 CRF250, however they only come in stock or 20mm offset. Would putting 20mm clamps on an 05 which would make the offset 18mm be a problem?
  7. bppoch

    Nasty valves theory!!!

    I,ve got 105 hours on my CRF250R with no problems.
  8. bppoch

    $$$$$ 2005 CRF250 ? ? ?

    DEGBTI where did you get your CRF250 for 5750 OTD? I'm looking for one also in Socal. Thanks
  9. bppoch

    Caution on Break in Oil.

    Check this sight. http://www.mototuneusa.com/break_in_secrets.htm
  10. bppoch

    Buyer's Remorse

    RU2 where do you live? I bought the KX250F and the Crf250 I like both bikes but favor the Crf250. My son rode my CRF and now he wants one. He just got a new Kx125 a month ago. Any way if you would be interested in trading the CRF for the KX250F email me.
  11. bppoch

    Caution on Break in Oil.

    What type of oil does the CRF250 come with from the factory? Is it Syn oil that should be changed for breakin? Thanks
  12. bppoch

    CRF250 on E-bay

    There is still one on ebay for a starting bid of 5700.00. That is way too high. I got mine from GenerationMX for 5299 plus it cost me 123.00 to ship through my company.
  13. bppoch

    PC 2pc Oil/Coolant Cover

    How much was the PC cover? Thanks
  14. bppoch


    Cycle news picks the 04 YZ250F but they say the battle for top honors was unbelievably close. They picked Crf250 second and the KX/RMz third. Quote "Overall we can't stress enough how similar in performance all four of these bikes are. They are all close in horsepower, they are all ergonomically friendly, they all handle extremely well about the same in the weight dept. and MOST importantly, they're all incredibly fun to ride.
  15. bppoch

    CRF 250 availability date pushed back

    I just got a call from my dealer and my CRF250R is in. I'm overnighting a chashiers check and they will ship to me on Friday. Should have it by next Wed. I was third on his list. Looks like most dealers are getting them now. No pushback.