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  1. KTMNick

    Looking for dualsport tire

    I've had nothing but great experience with Pirelli Scorpions for street and fire road use. Last a while too.
  2. Ok, not sure if this is the place to post this question but here it is: I currently wear a Large in Fox helmets and looking to get a Shoei DS helmet. I will be ordering online so I want to get an idea of how the sizing works. Thanks!
  3. KTMNick


    Thanks for the links.
  4. KTMNick


    Don't want to de- rail the thread but does anyone have the procedures for removing the canister on the right side? Are you guys trimming back the fuel vent line or just rerouting it to the rear by the shock? Also what are you guys doing about the valve? I don't want to cause any electronic code malfunctions on it. Thanks
  5. After reading page after page on ADVRider, and seeing what those guys put their 690's through, it'll handle what you want out of it with no problem. That's why I bought mine, I intend to use it on trips just like you mentioned. So far the bike seems to be solid- no issues (except the melted turn signal). Now I got to save for Baja
  6. Not much on mileage but I got 1100 miles no problems. I just replaced the left rear blinker with smaller LED's. KTM 690R
  7. KTMNick

    Leo Vince pipe 690 enduro

    Tomorrow I should have my Leo Vince pipe . I decided on it after talking to rangers from different parks. PS that stocker sure is heavy for a can. What to do with it now...
  8. KTMNick

    What's gas range on a 690 enduro?

    On average about 150 ish miles per tank.
  9. KTMNick

    My KTM - LOVE

    THAT is CLEAN!!
  10. Hey all, I want to get a leo vince pipe for my 690 enduro r. I was told they do sell a spark arrestor insert but it is not stamped "USFS." Should I not get it for this very reason? I don't want to ride up to a park and then be turned away by the ranger. Dealer suggested I just get an FMF pipe with the USFS stamp on it.
  11. KTMNick

    Dual Sport Tires

    Jeff, how are the Motoz tires on the road?
  12. KTMNick

    690 Enduro

    Of course.
  13. KTMNick

    Best riding gear?

    +1 for the Klim Dakar gear. Have held up the best IMO.
  14. KTMNick

    690 enduro R prices

    Thanks guys. Dealer's around here seem to be wanting close to $ 12,000 +
  15. KTMNick

    Bay area KTM Dealers

    I will Mike. I should have said I will call a few dealers. Guess that's what happens when I get lazy to type