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  1. mbosma

    The KTM 200 Club

    I tried the plastic skid on my '13 and the pipe melted it. Had to switch to the aluminum one and the fit was great.
  2. mbosma

    The KTM 200 Club

    I just joined the 200 club! Congrats to me 2013 KTM 200 XC-W with 7 hours on it. Wahooo!
  3. mbosma

    The Legends Race at Ironman raceway

    Isn't Stewart's suspension over? I read August 11 somewhere. Would be fun to watch him in the legends race.
  4. mbosma

    Indiana Riders, where're you at ???

    Hey does anybody ride at Redbird SRA? I'm trying to plan a trip this summer and want to camp for a couple of nights close that we can ride to/from the campsite. If anyone knows of a campground/contact please let me know. Thanks!
  5. mbosma

    Crawfordsville National

    About the kid that died... I heard he over jumped a step down, crashed, then was landed on. Very sad. I'm going with some friends, hope to be there by 10 AM practice. Bringing a cooler for the truck, back pack for carrying stuff, some chairs for later in the day. Ear buds and FM radio to listed to the action live so you know whats going on. And an umbrella in the back pack - chance of strong storms later in the day.
  6. mbosma

    '03 CR250 Rear Hub

    Howdy Folks, My rear hub was destroyed while removing the bearings. Looking for a replacement online. There are a few on ebay and the entire wheel (tusk brand) from Rockymountain ATV is an option but is still out of my price range. Question is, what years will fit? Also, any other brands that I could just swap the whole wheel with? The rim is slightly dented. I've also considered switching to an 18" - we only ride tight woods. Thoughts? Anyone have one they can sell me?
  7. Yes, I was lined up for the GNCC race. They announced, what I thought, what another outdoor national event. I don't know who they were interviewing - maybe it was GNCC for next year - I hope another series makes a stop there as well, it would be awesome.
  8. mbosma

    Ironman GNCC Advice?

    Hope to see you back next year. It's always a great experience and a good story or two to tell. I was happy to finish my two laps after being stuck a few times with no spectators around to help.
  9. I was lined up for the AM bike race at the GNCC in Crawfordsville, IN. I could only hear about half of what the announcer was talking about during the 45 minute wait for the rest of the riders to make it through tech inspection. Someone was being interviewed on the loud speaker and they announced that there would be an outdoor national in Crawfordsville next year. Did anyone hear what series it was? I'm wondering if it's an enduro or something.
  10. Where in Indiana are you? The GNCC race was last weekend in Crawfordsville, IN. About 45 min west of Indy. Glad to hear your first race was fun. The GNCC kicked my but yesterday but I'll be ready to race again next week.
  11. mbosma

    Ironman GNCC Advice?

    For spectating, after a 2+ hour morning ride I feel lazy. we usually take the bus to the big hill during the pro race to watch for a while and then walk back passing the toughest spots on the way. I thought they ran ironman hill every other year (up/down alternating) - I think it's down this year but I don't remember for sure. Saturday bike sign-up starts at 2 p.m. Go during the ATV afternoon race you may avoid some lines. Don't run the first time racer class - 50+ bikes in it. The 35+ AM class usually has 15-20 or so. Much better, but still a crazy start if your in the middle of it. In my limited experience after 15 minutes everyone is mixed together so it really doesn't matter. There are some fast people in every class, but that's racing. Listen for bikes coming up behind you and get over when it's safe. Feel free to battle with people you catch, not the people that catch you. If you catch them and they don't want to battle, they can pull over. Not the other way around. Be courteous of other riders. Keep in mind that some of us old folks are tired and on auto-pilot after the first hour. We'll get out of your way as soon as we can. As a general rule of thumb, the big hills you'll climb are steeper/taller on the right, flatter/shorter on the left (also usually the longer route). Take your time the first lap and pick a good line you can hit the next few laps when your tired. The weather should be perfect and not too much mud, so it will be a fast course this year. There will be a party all night long if your camping. If you're in the 35+ class stay up late and enjoy it
  12. mbosma

    No Races Online After the Weekend

    They've added 1st motos to the silverlight player. They weren't there 30 minutes ago. Still no 2nd motos. http://hqplayer.nbcsports.com/Player.html?PID=88
  13. I'm one of thousands of fans that can't watch the races live on weekends and Allisports has let us down again. No full races on their website, and now they have blocked YouTube broadcasts because of copyright infringement. I agree that YouTube isn't the right venue for this, but if you aren't going to show the video on your site, at least let someone else. I'd love it if they would re-broadcast both motos online after the event. Please include all of the commercials - I want to see who is supporting the sport. What harm would come from this? Don't block our access unless you provide an alternative. If this isn't available, and I don't know what's going on in the series, I likely won't be traveling to races when they are in my area of the country. You are hurting track attendance, advertisers, and yourself in the process. Think of the fans first, and your pocket book won't be empty. Get with the times. Rant over... carry on.
  14. mbosma

    OffRoad GNCC series videos

    Great site to watch GNCC races that have aired... http://www.racertvonline.com/category/gncc-bikes/ Thought you would all enjoy these during the break in MX/SX
  15. mbosma

    Downloading the fuel and speed broadcasts ???

    All races full broadcasts are here a few days after the races: http://www.youtube.com/user/JoaoGuerreiro21?feature=g-all