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  1. drooling piston

    Bull Trout Lake

    We moved base camp for the second half of our trip. We drove through Stanley where we dumped the waste tanks, got fresh water, fuel and breakfast. Once we turned up the road from Sunbeam toward Bonanza we saw this sign We camped at this spot along the road, right next to the river. This was one of the trail sections that gave me some pucker Look at the top of the tallest peak, the little white spot is the fire look out building we rode through a lot of standing, burned, dead trees. My old welders eye sometimes had a hard time being able to tell, in advance, is that black stripe on the trail, just a black shadow on the ground or another black, downed tree we had to hop over. this was called handyman lake a 1940s era gold dredge that worked up this Yankee fork of the river The old mining town of Custer. They call it a ghost town but it felt more like a museum area. There is old equipment, like you see on the left and old buildings on both sides of the road. All had little posts with signs telling you about what you were looking at. We really enjoyed our trip! ON the way out, somewhere between Bull trout and Lowman, I had an issue with the trailer, the rear axle caught up to the front axle and let the tires rub, making a bunch of smoke. The leaf spring broke. I had to leave the trailer along side the road, first I drove about 40minutes back to Stanely to get cell phone signal, then drive over 100 miles (not on 70mph freeway) to Boise, to get a new spring, drive back to the trailer 100 miles, install the spring pack, then resume the drive home. its all part of the experience. who is in a hurry to get home anyway?
  2. drooling piston

    Bull Trout Lake

    Here are some pictures from our trip. The drive along hywy 21 was pretty and scenic. I don't know the name of this little lake, we turned off hywy 21 toward Bull trout lake and found this lake on the left. We camped on a little peninsula that tried to divide the lake. The trails were fun mountain single track, but as mentioned above, there is only enough trail miles for 2-3 days of riding without repeating the same ride again. this was the view from under my awning, at camp our camp an Osprey diving into the lake to get a fish for dinner scenery along hywy 21 as we were taking a break here to cool off, we wondered what this area is like in the spring melt off times playing ladder ball after dinner
  3. drooling piston

    Gifford Pinchot Saturday/Sunday

    This is an app called Gaia. I bought the premium package and can download maps, at home, on wi-fi, for use off-line, on the trails. I have used this app in many locations such as several places in Idaho, Gifford, Taneum, Tillamook.
  4. drooling piston

    Bull Trout Lake

    I am sure glad I downloaded a geocached map! The fires in this area burned up most of the trail marker sticks/signs so it would be really hard to know where u are just looking at a paper map. As it is we had to do a best guess which direction to go, stop in a mile and see if the GPS agrees that u are now headed in the direction u wanted to go.
  5. drooling piston

    Bull Trout Lake

    You were absolutely right about the lack of trails in the Bull Trout area and some of the southern stuff is closed due to the Wapity creek fire. The camping was beautiful and we were very entertained watching the Osprey and bald eagles diving into the lake to catch fish. We packed up Tuesday morning, drove into Stanley for breakfast, supplies and decided to head a little west We found a wide spot along Yankee Fork road, (between Sunbeam and the Bonanza camp), that is right along the river. Yesterday, after getting camp set up again, we thought we would do a “little loop” up silver creek, to the Custer look out and back down Ramey creek. That ride definitely had some pucker factor for me!! Right now, We are sitting at the Basin Butte look out. It has strong enough cell signal to do this post. Loving the scenery and these trails today. Pictures will have to wait till I get back home, which will be Sunday, so it will be some time next week.
  6. drooling piston

    Bull Trout Lake

    Thanks for the suggestions! I already have the Avenza app so that link will make it easy to download the correct map.
  7. drooling piston

    Bull Trout Lake

    A few of us are planning a trip, from western Washington, to the Bull Trout Lake area, over Labor Day weekend and the following week. We have never ridden this area. We have the Bill dart maps. Where is a good place to pick up this years MVUM maps on a Saturday? Can u recommend a gps based map app to use on a smart phone? Are there any fires, or other things, in that area we should watch out for? I would like to see a weather forecast for that area. What is the closest area or town that I can find a forecast for on the weather channel app? I did find a forecast for Lowman and for Stanley, they show about 10 degrees difference between them. I don’t know which is closer in elevation or weather patterns? Are there any locals that want to be a tour guide during that time? Thanks!
  8. drooling piston

    New to the West Coast!

    I know it’s short notice but, what are u doing this weekend? I’ve got a few friends going over to Little Naches for the weekend. You are welcome to join us. It would be better to text me directly if u want to find us. Joe 253-six8six-298six
  9. drooling piston

    Moving to the PNW, where to ride off road..???

    When do u expect to arrive up here? It has been real hot and a long dry spell. Right now most places are very dusty and some are shut down due to actual forest fires and others for fire danger.
  10. drooling piston

    Camp out work and ride July 13 14 15

    Myself and a few other PSER members will be there.
  11. drooling piston

    Gifford Pinchot Saturday/Sunday

    I would say some of the best would be along Juniper ridge and down the switch backs know as the devils staircase. Depending on where u start that loop is a big commitment with no way to get back across the river till u get all the way down to the road bridge by the Cispus learning center. Then ride the valley trail back to Cat Creek. You are looking at about a 70 mile loop.
  12. drooling piston

    Gifford Pinchot Saturday/Sunday

    I don't know where road 90, or 24 is. off of hywy 12, at the tiny town of Randle WA., we take rd 23 to 21. Road is paved the whole way except for a small section that was washed out a few years ago. as for camping with a long toy hauler, google Cat Creek or chimney camp areas. what I've called the Chimney camp for years, had a sign, at its entrance, as Cat Creek yesterday. I think this whole area is commonly referred to as the Blue Lake trail system.
  13. drooling piston

    Gifford Pinchot Saturday/Sunday

    I went riding up there Yesterday, Saturday 6/23. we started at the blue Lake trail head, went along the valley trail toward the cat creek & chimney camp grounds, I saw this on a reader board up there. A QR code to get a digital map of this riding area. see pic 4 crossed the road and up the 118, took care of 1 small tree close to the intersection of the Hamilton Butte trail. That 1 tree was the only obstacle we encountered to that point. right at the trail intersection, There are still several big snow pockets. We were able to get over/through the snow. see pic 5 Then the trail opened up again and we made it to the top of Hamilton Butte. the clouds would not subside though so we could not see any mountains while we were up there. see pic 2 We continued on the 118. shortly after the road crossing, on the way up Yozo (276), we came across a downed tree that was too big for our little folding saws see pic 6 As we got close to the top, we encountered a few more pockets of snow, but we were able to get through these as well. I was surprised at how many mosquitoes were out already, as we stopped for a few minutes at the intersection of 276, 271A & 272. We had planned to go down bishops ridge trail (272), within 1/2 miles of that intersection we came upon a downed tree. see pic 8 got passed that one and shortly after that we were greeted with several more big trees blocking the trial. see pic 7 We turned around at that point and headed down toward Blue lake. a few hundred yards into this trail there is another tree down in the trail. the rest of the trail, back down to the staging area was good to go. The way points (except for the one at the trail head) are where the trees are down. Hopefully someone who has a chain saw mount on their bike will get in there to clear these out.
  14. drooling piston

    Introducing South Park Washington

    i"m interested to learn more. directions to trail head or parking area, trail maps etc . . .
  15. drooling piston

    Shelton Valley Fun Run - Memorial Day Weekend

    This Fun Run is very flexible so everyone can get what they want. Want a shorter ride? Follow the short cut signs. Want a longer ride? Get out early, come back, grab snacks and gas and go back out (before 11:00) and ride the course again at no extra charge! Prefer single track? after the split, ride the bike only loop, before you cross the paved road, back to the main course, do the bike only loop a couple more times (until that section closes) then follow the short cuts back to the staging area and bypass some of the 2-track course.