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  1. Burton747

    09 YZFs

    very nice bike, im looking at a 08 yz250f i might just have to get the 09 though we'll see.
  2. Burton747

    little hole under water pump

    my bikes a 2005 but i dont think it would make a difference right?
  3. Burton747

    little hole under water pump

    so i need a new water pump seal most likely?
  4. Burton747

    little hole under water pump

    what does it mean if rad fluid is coming out of this whole? . Its the little hole thats kinda under the water pump in the block.
  5. Nice bike yz rider 18, I am also looking at getting a 08 right now.
  6. Burton747

    freshened up the new bike

    A black seat cover would look good, also if your gonna get a pipe get one of the bare metal looking ones it would look so good on that bike
  7. Burton747

    2009 yz250f

    does anyone know if the 2009 yamaha's are at dealerships yet? It sais july 2008 on yamaha's site
  8. Burton747


    nice bikes, where abouts are you in ontario??
  9. nice pics! im loving the gear combo
  10. Burton747

    YZ250 Top End Vid

    good idea then you can take it right into the garage
  11. Burton747

    My new ride

    very nice bike, your coming off a yzf450 correct?
  12. Hey claykann how are you liking those pro tapers grips? I was thinking of giving them a try.
  13. Burton747

    my baby all ready for the season!

    i dont think thats a recent pic i seen that months ago on here
  14. Burton747

    my 06 cr85

    If i were you i would put a new chain and some sprockets on there and just get confident and fast on the bike. graphics and a seat cover wont make you go faster , just my two cents id get a bar pad to.
  15. woah thats thats a siiiiiick bike man and i was wondering what you use to clean your bike ?