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    Learning about history of observed trials, woodworking, playing guitar, AutoCad, staying warm.
  1. Gandalf_WR450

    Hard River Run, Canadian Arctic

    D*mn Frostbite- 100 kilometers for a casual ice ride............my wool cap is off to you Tim!
  2. Gandalf_WR450

    Coolant spit on the Raga

    Excuse my abbreviations (and I dont even text). Stu @ JackCyles suggested it may be the coolant thermostat, so I ordered that and the head o-rings(just in case) and it appears to have been the thermostat.
  3. Gandalf_WR450

    Coolant spit on the Raga

    I believe the problem has been solved. Stu fixed me up with a new stat and tonight - no spit, no steam, and the fan cycled on and off several times. Thanks for the help everyone on getting this sorted out!
  4. Gandalf_WR450

    So long TY, Hello Raga

    2-Ply has another one using an egg................
  5. Gandalf_WR450

    Coolant spit on the Raga

    Raga radiator spit update. Well, I filled it to just between the top of the tubes and the bottom of the fill neck, fan kicked on at the usual time but after about 15 minutes it dumped all fluid this time. Being in the woods I couldnt see if the fan was running and wasn't clever enough to put my hand in front of the rad- I just beat feet to the garage and shut it down. I guess I will re-fill and try the 'paint a silver dot on one fan blade' so I can watch it easier. This Raga has darn few hours on it- ridin by a little old man on Sundays- so it is hard to imagine anything wearing out yet. As the fan functions at first, neither the fan or stat is totally dead- clearly an intermittent (the worst) problem. I will - double check the torque on the head, I did change out the insert many riding hours ago and two re-torques didnt indicate it loosening up any. - check all the wiring where it is mashed aroung the rad fill- look for insulation failure/shorting. - mark the fan blade and hope for a repeat performance close to home and see if the fan is spinning when it overflows. I kinda like the fan on my 03 Edition- it squeels when it comes on the first time and after that I can always hear it if its running- it always comes on after a minute of running wether its 10 or 90 degrees out.......
  6. Gandalf_WR450

    Coolant spit on the Raga

    Sting, No recent fillings and I have ridden it in hotter weather since the last fill. I was practising very slow climb/turns and balance, lugging it some(still in 1st gear though). Have had no issues since, so maybe it was just a fluke fan timing thing mixed with being a tad overfilled....... . Thanks for the suggestions.
  7. Gandalf_WR450

    Coolant spit on the Raga

    I was playing on the Raga on my course, mostly slow climbing and turns on the steeper parts. I got a shot of coolant out of the overflow- just a tad and then I think the fan kicked on. Never had that happen on my 03 Edition. I though 2-Ply had mentioned similar situation but couldnt find the thread- what ended up being the issue? I am hoping it was just a wierd timing thing of being hot just prior to the fan, but it is worrisome - anyone else have similar experience?
  8. Gandalf_WR450

    Opinions on an '02 Gas Gas 280 txt

    Your Edition should be a great bike! I still have the 2003 Edition (same as 2002) and sold another 03 Edition to a buddy. I agree with Laser, these things are generally a one kick wonder even after sitting a while. The one thing to be careful of is these are in a years that there were lots of changes and the parts books often give numbers for the newer Pro that came out about then. I have ordered lots of parts with the 2003 part numbers and ended up having issues(airfilters, brake calipers)- just be sure to compare parts as soon as you can and make sure they are right before you tear in! The good news is you rarely have to do much to these Editions, they just keep running!
  9. Gandalf_WR450

    Hurray for Non Stop trials

    Wow! One of those amazing trials folks that make up that history I spoke of.
  10. Gandalf_WR450

    Hurray for Non Stop trials

    From the sidelines - Motorcycle Observed Trials is never going to be as popular as say Motocross for many reasons. It just doesn’t have the bling appeal to the average person- it does not have the gladiator mentality of many organized sports. Most Trials meets don’t have models in hot pants holding up lap signs (yet). It doesn’t have mega sponsors. It doesn’t have enough blood and spectacular crashes. Calling it another name like MotoTrials will not make it so. Changing various rules like ‘no stop’ will not make it so. Producing less expensive bikes and equipment will not make it so. Trials is a different sport entirely and I, for one, love that about trials. I am a mutt! I do not follow other organized sports- only Trials. I am attracted to the sport for different reasons than popularity, big money and glory. I love the comradery and the helpfulness of other enthusiasts. I love the remarkable history and personalities in that history. I believe we love the solitary challenge of testing ourselves against obstacles. We tend to love two wheel machines and appreciate developing the grace, balance and precision required to achieve whatever goals we have set for ourselves. I’m sure our percentages are one in a million compared to other types of motorcycle enthusiasts- that doesn’t bother me. I know it is difficult for those seriously promoting the sport and attempting to get funding for our teams and appreciate their desire to make this sport include many new members, but I feel it will always be limited. I do not, however, feel the sport is going to go away. It has several things going for it that may make it even more attractive in the future- The bikes and the meets are quieter, much less obtrusive to non-interested parties. Very few sports or hobbies accommodate the wide range of ages, body types and gender. As more riding areas become closed by folks reacting to the bad minority of quads, 4x4’s, racing dirt bike users that indiscriminately turn multi use trails to mud bogs, Trial riders will have an easier time finding private property areas to ride, due to the smaller footprint required to enjoy or have a meet. As the baby boomer numbers grow, there will likely be more aged folks, like me, that may not be serious competitors, but will have the desire and possibly the financial ability to help the younger folks. I can afford to put gas in my GasGas. I've had to ticked off somebody in my rant- bring it on! Doug
  11. Gandalf_WR450

    Hurray for Non Stop trials

    I appreciate the dialogue with this debate. Being a lowly sideliner for the most part, what dictates whether a a local club has to adopt such a ruling? Is it if they are a sanctioned event where riders are accumulating point for national standings? I thought there were some good points made by both Jimmie and Terry - having been to just a few trials events (due to my location) it seemed at all of them that they were in such desperate need for observers and checkers that a know darn little like me ended up trying to make calls watching expert riders, so the point of not making the observers job more difficult hits home with me. I knew when I saw the title for the topic we might see some commenting on the subject
  12. Gandalf_WR450

    Gas Gas Pro Silencer Repack Problem.....

    It did quite well when I just used it for what it was designed for- dinking around my property with no sustained throttle. Didnt have any negatives as far as response and power went, but I made the mistake of leaving it on when I went on a 'trail ride' up a ridge and had I not taken it off as I noticed it smokin, it would have burned up the whole device. And Laser- I would never use a JD can for this application - it was a BUSHMILLS can. Much mellower of a tone........ (Not to offend our trials friends in Tennessee)
  13. Gandalf_WR450

    Gas Gas Pro Silencer Repack Problem.....

    Been watching this with interest as I remember an old thread where Fester (in his colorful Fester way) described packing the fiber in with a broom handle- I never knew if he was serious as 2-Ply sez, the packing must allow sound to 'bounce' around in the packing, not bounce off of a hardly packed surface but I admit I seem to get different results each time I do it. Long timers might remember my dorky, high tech 'Stealth' prototype muffler- As I would get a lot of ondensation riding at low speed in freezing temperatures I would have to repack it often and I used what I had around- regular fiberglass insulation- and it seemed to work fine for the application.
  14. Gandalf_WR450

    2-ply's Syncro Update

    I followed 2-Ply in a rental car on a trip to Goldendale when he first got the modified engine. He would drive a very consistent speed....unless he was passing a tractor trailer up hill...then he would speed up about 15 MPH as he pulled the steepest part of the hill . It is a jaw dropper to see what most think is a 'VW Bus' with a trailer pulling briskly away from you as you climb a hill!
  15. Gandalf_WR450

    Kicking the Raga

    Something else that might help is putting a piece of heavy wall heat shrink tubing on the kick surface. Not the thin electronic stuff, but a 600V rated piece of T&B HS4-30 (or equal). This comes in small (4-9" lengths) chunks and can be bought at an electrical supply house. The good stuff has gook in it and it will stick to what you shrink it onto, dont bother with anything without the adhesive on the inside. Not near as slippery as metal.