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  1. crf250

    Dealer Cost of 2009 CRF450R

    Thank you RR38, That is what I was looking for... I know that it is usually .83 times the MSRP give or take. Honda has a dealer kickback of about 8% after a unit is sold. I then add in all the BS like Doc Fee, PDI / Set up, Frieght, State Excise Tax, etc.
  2. I prefer the traditional style with the round outer edge vs the newer "wave" style outer edge.
  3. crf250

    Dealer Cost of 2009 CRF450R

    Thanks for all the responses. It looks like my price is a little high. I guess I will have to decide if I want to bend over and take it.
  4. I just sold my CRF250R and CRF450R. Does anyone know the dealer cost for 2009 CRF450R? I have an offer for $7700 OTD include tax and fees.
  5. crf250

    Oversized Rotors, Are they worth it??

    I have been a long time fan of oversized front rotors since I began using them in 1994. The Braking rotors are OEM -like quality. Recently, I've been using the 280mm EBC because of price. They are definitely a must have.
  6. crf250

    Is Ethanol bad?

    now that 10% ethanol is mandated since 4/1/06, what is everyone doing for their thumper fuel?
  7. crf250

    Holy Moly! EFI 450 Video clip

    the crf450 looked much faster than the pack. half way down the start straight, it leaves everyone in its dust. on the long uphill after the first couple turns, it leaves everyone in the dust again. the rider didnt look like the best rider in the pack but the engine looked wicked fast.
  8. i have a 12 point 22mm craftsman socket that will round the nut soon. i'd rather just get a steel nut for my bikes. the nut on my '04 crf250 is rounded from hitting boulders in riverbeds. the steel nut on my '01 yz250f held up well to the abuse. can someone confirm the front axle nut i'm looking for is off a 2001 cr250?
  9. so if i get an '01 front axle nut, I will be okay? The aluminum nut is goinna round soon.
  10. Can someone tell me what year was the last year the CRF450 came with a steel front axle nut? I have an '05 with the aluminum nut and want to retrofit the steel nut. I think my '02 CRF450 had a steel front axle nut but I can't remember. TIA
  11. it's bread fruit you jackass!!!
  12. i've heard enough. the smell of the rat has initials MB. sour grapes dude. you're a flake and not of champions blood to represent the USofA. MB should have backed up RC. RC has given a lot of time, money and friendship to that loser MB. everyone's read RCs response but it's obvious MIKE BROWN BLAMES RICKY CARMICHAEL, KEVIN WINDHAM AND STEVE WHITELOCK. that's par for losers like MB and BS. if they'd only placed the blame on themselves, they'd find the true reason and become champions.
  13. yeah, repeat that one more time for me. Why hasnt the AMA sanctioned him for STUPID riding? They fined Kdub last season in supercross for that DV thing which was nothing like bubba's banzai take out moves.
  14. i agree, it would be cool for RC to whip out the 2-stroke and smoke. the results would be the same. RC is super human when it comes to outdoor motocross. let it be known, i dont think much of bubba. he never has impressed me (as a champion). neither has his father's behavior.... champions are of a different caliber. Kevin Windham and RC are humble and gracious in victory and defeat. how dare bubba say the championship race would have been closer if he had a 450 4-stroke to compete against RC? kawasaki should have been pissed and slapped him upside the head for saying that on nation television. he should have stayed awake in PR101 class. the standard kdub line is "RC is the winningest rider in mx history in the prime of his career... " i am betting that bubba is never goinna make it and the wheels on his cart have already fallen off.... can you say damon bradshaw?
  15. crf250

    White Bros Carbon 2 exhaust? How is it?

    i have the gen II pipe on my 05. the pipe is incredible. i could hold my 450R wide open on most of our dried out, slippery, hard pack, dusty track. everyone knew it was me out on the track cause i was always the holding the the 450R WFO. with the carbon pro II, the bike has incredible power just off idle. i tend to ride the bike 2 gears higher now and can carry the higher gears in deep powder uphills. i am amazed. i can no longer hold the bike WFO like before. the terminal speed on straight aways is probably 20 mph faster. the pipe allows me to roll on the torquey grunt earlier in turns. thus, my exit speeds are faster and top speed on a couple straights is too fast for me to maintain control. by the way the power and amount is delivered, i feel i can ride smoother and faster and longer. in addition, the motor is not working as hard either. i am very particular about stock bikes with proper set up (suspension and engine) and rarely add anything but a glide plate, overside front rotor and standard o-ring chain (no bling please). this was the only exhaust i've purchased in the last 7 yrs. check out this link for promo codes for $599 pricing: http://www.bobscycle.com/aug05.promo.html no affiliation with the company.