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  1. whats your weight? Compression settings ? A soft mushy rear soaks up some of the torque required to snap the front wheel up.
  2. cactusone

    Montana mountain

    It's an easy ride if you stay on the jeep roads. There is another trail that parallels the westside that is a bit more challenging.
  3. cactusone

    450 xc-w ECU jumper

    What you want is the EU mapping from the KTM dealer, they will remap the stock ECU. It richens it up, runs cooler and more snap. After that you can adjust the TPS to suit. The adjustable mapping switch can also be added but its not very noticeable.
  4. cactusone

    Cone Valve settings

    Just installed demzsolts stacks in the CV's they solved most of the issues I had with them. Still tuning, but definitely on the right track. Thanks again.
  5. cactusone

    Cone Valve settings

    Anybody drilling bleed hole in the cv forks?
  6. cactusone

    Cone Valve settings

    26.1x6 14.1 26.15 24.15 22.15 20.15 18.15 16.15 14.15 12.25 .30 float 360cc
  7. cactusone

    Cone Valve settings

    Still searching for a good setting, using to much travel. Going to lower float next time. clickers at 10 comp. 360cc.
  8. cactusone

    wp cc fork. Help with setting.

    Float .4-.5 add add 2x 24.1
  9. cactusone

    Cone Valve settings

  10. cactusone

    Cone Valve settings

    Thanks Demzsolt will this work until I get those .2 shims? 26.1x6 14.1 26.15 24.15 22.15 20.15 18.15 16.15 14.15 12.25 backer
  11. cactusone

    Cone Valve settings

    Thanks for the feedback. Will do: 26.1x5 16.1 25.1 24.15 22.15 20.15 18.15 16.15 14.15 12.15 9.5.3 18x1.0 oil 340 float .25
  12. cactusone

    Cone Valve settings

    Ok I swapped the 16nm spring to 12nm the fork is softer and uses more of the stroke but has some mid stroke harshness. Should I open the float a bit or stiffen the BV or lower oil? Currently: 18comp 14 reb float 0.2mm approx red cone 25nm spring 350cc oil BV 26.1x3 16.1 26.1x2 25.1 24.15 22.15 20.15 18.15 16.15 14.15 12.15 9.5.3 18 x1.0mm thinking this: 26.1x5 16.1 25.1 rest same 340 oil .3mm float comments?
  13. cactusone

    Cone Valve settings

    Looks like I got the hard ICS 3.90mm and 12 coils.