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  1. YZ250F_Rider

    Croom Dec 1st

    soon as I can get around to selling the bikes I am going to pick up a couple ktm's to DS on. I am toying with the idea of going 2smoke presently.
  2. YZ250F_Rider

    wr250 to ktm 250xc?

    ok, now that was funny. If I can sell all of our yammi's we will move to the ktm's as well. Anyone know if it's possible to re-gear the tranny of a 300xcw to 300xc? The way florida is changing riding rules dual sporting is going to be an advantage.
  3. YZ250F_Rider

    Croom Dec 1st

    I'm too fat and too slow.
  4. YZ250F_Rider

    The New Baby is Home

    Brett, hows the bike? You had more chances to ride it? I cant believe I have read so many threads in the ktm 2smoke forum.
  5. YZ250F_Rider

    Happy Thanksgiving

    wow I am stuffed from yesterday and getting ready to go back in a second time. Here's to a great holiday, it usually only costs a good bottle of wine when you are mooching the bird.
  6. YZ250F_Rider

    ATTENTION Central Florida Area Riders

    Shouldnt we get to say the marked trails are open all year long and the hunters must give consideration to those areas now? We should get something in return for losing the right to ride the rest of the place. I wonder what our pal the ranger would say to that?
  7. YZ250F_Rider

    The New Baby is Home

    Nice bike Brett. Can you imagine the conniption fit Pete would have I went 2 smoke with you? With 3 of them he would have to let us ride with everyone right?.
  8. YZ250F_Rider

    The New Baby is Home

    Cool place Scott. They sound like DP with some elevation change. We will have to check into doing that for sure.
  9. YZ250F_Rider

    The New Baby is Home

    clear as mud? well maybe maybe not as it turns out there is a ktm dealer a couple of miles from the house, jso motorsports. I went and talked to him. tagging the bike depends on the first time you register the bike with the state, it either gets designated off-road or street legal. Having the lights is a requirement and you can have the dealer add them or you do it later. If you buy a used one and it wasnt originally titled as street legal it is forever off-road and no changing it. I looked at a 2007 300 xc and he has a 08 300xcw-e (e start) in the box still. both are 2 smokers. the xcw-e is 2 pounds lighter than the 07 xc and thats after adding the starter and battery. I wonder how bad he would try and rape me if I traded in the other bikes.
  10. YZ250F_Rider

    The New Baby is Home

    great thanks for the info. I will see if there is a ktm dealer here in orlando and go see what they have too.
  11. YZ250F_Rider

    The New Baby is Home

    So what do I look for on ktm's website? I tried and cant find 300's with lights. Is it something you add on? I am interested in doing some dual sporting now that ocala has made it almost required.
  12. YZ250F_Rider

    The New Baby is Home

    something you'll want to check into brett. http://consumeraffairs.com/recalls04/2007/ktm.html
  13. YZ250F_Rider

    The New Baby is Home

    I dont know squat about ktms, but from what I can find the xc-w is the one that doesnt have lights, and the exc does. how can you get a tag without lights? hey brett, give us a review.
  14. YZ250F_Rider

    Fine dust getting past filter? Suggestions?

    I dont know if this has been mentioned or not, but if you lay a piece of duct tape lengthwise across the top of the filter/boot seal it helps quite a bit in stopping grit from getting into the boot. The top tends to catch more sand in the joint than the sides and a lot more than the bottom does and I suspect the nylon cage could flex a bit at times. The tape covers the joint so the dirt doesnt get trapped.
  15. YZ250F_Rider

    Low compression / Sticky valve on 05 YZ450F

    No clue why I wouldnt have thought of this before but have you ever tried seafoam? I would use it decarbon the mercs on the boat.