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  1. chralis


    Im using the Thor reservoir bag... I f-ing love this thing. They have 3 diferent styles/sizes. http://www.thormx.com/product.jsp?path=1537,1546,1651,6786
  2. chralis


    Check out http://www.blownconcepts.com/home.htm Robb can custom make you whatever you like.
  3. chralis

    New Graphics

    Thats exactly it. You get to see what your bike will look like with the new graphics on b4 you pay and so you can make changes if you don't like something.
  4. chralis

    New Graphics

    Best thing to do is email Robb a good side pic of your bike and a list of things you want on it and he will work his magic...
  5. chralis

    New Graphics

    I use windex.
  6. chralis

    New Graphics

    Thanks... I still have the other kit with the stock tank... I wanted a different look with the white on it.
  7. chralis

    New Graphics

    Thanks guys i like it. It took me about 2 hours to get em on. I'll try and get you a good one. Its the edge taillight set up from wheeling cycle. I just mounted it further back where the tool kit mounts to the fender. Na its the clarke 3.9gal Blown concepts
  8. chralis

    New Graphics

    Put on a new set of graphics...
  9. chralis

    watch out for trees!

    Oofa.. That hurt.
  10. chralis

    DRZ in action in Baja (pic)

    Sweet pic... Looks like fun.
  11. I have a set of all black clothes for her too so i can switch up when i get bored.