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  1. So I haven't made my way through this entire thread yet, but I'm working on it. I've got a 2007 yz250 that needs shock seals and probably at least a fork service. I'm a big guy, so I should probably spring it stiffer as well, and that means I'll need to do some work on the valving. I had a look at the racetech website, and they recommend .46 fork springs and a 6.05 shock spring for a 240 lb b class rider. Do these spring rates make sense for a woods bike, and what valving setups would be good for these spring rates? I'd be looking for a fairly plush ride and I don't really do jumps, the biggest hits would probably be about a 3' drop off. I'm not a real fast rider, but like to crank it up a bit sometimes. I'm trying to decide if I should do it myself or drop it all off at a suspension shop and have them set it up for me. Thanks, Kristian
  2. I've got a Kenda Parker DT on my xr650r, and it works pretty good aired down to about 6-8 psi in some pretty tough single track. I've also gone about 100 kms at a stretch on the highway with it at around 30 psi, and it held up fine. I'll definitely buy another when this one wears out, it's got 2.5 summers on it now. Kristian
  3. Have you pulled the carb apart? Could be gummed up. The pilot jet especially is pretty tiny in these things. The one I had the float bowl was held on with special screws that the heads break off during assembly, I had to use my Dremel to cut slots in them to use a screwdriver. Low compression isn't too big a deal, mine had the engine seized because water had gotten in the cylinder and caused lots of rust and pitting. I cleaned everything up as much as I could, but the pitting was pretty deep. Still ran fine though. Check that the cam timing is right though, should be a mark on the cam sprocket that lines up with another mark on the head when the piston is at top dead center. Kristian
  4. Why do people like the XR650R? Probably because it's a great do it all bike. I bought a used and abused one back in 2006 and loved it. When I found a brand new still in the crate 2006 model at a local-ish Honda dealer the next spring I had to have it. I took a pretty long break in my riding when I got married and had kids, but I've been getting back to some riding the last few years, and it's as good a bike as it ever was. Sure it's bigger and heavier than a modern 450, but it's still plenty capable and will last pretty much forever. I've ridden A loop single track on DOT knobbies and stayed ahead of younger guys on 300 2 strokes, and I've done a 1500 mile road trip on the same bike. Don't get me wrong, I'd like to have a 2 stroke bush bike because that would be so much easier, but the XR delivers. This winter I did the Borynack revalve and a respring, I can't believe I didn't do that sooner. No matter what other bikes I'll own in the future, I'm pretty sure I'll always keep my XR. They don't make them like they used to is an overused saying, but I think it applies here. https://youtu.be/T7CBZkfUjVM Kristian
  5. Yup, the big XR is deceptively fast. It never feels like it's going to rip your arms off, but the next corner sure comes up fast. And there's basically always more power on tap, just give it a bit more throttle. I climbed a big sand hill about 10 years ago that guys on 450's were getting a solid run at in 3rd gear, then downshifting about halfway up. I was just putting along in first, decided to take a poke and grabbed 2nd as I hit the hill, then somewhere around halfway decided I didn't need to be reving that high and shifted to 3rd. There were a couple guys at the top on 450's that we're all of a sudden way more interested in the old man bike I was riding. Kristian
  6. I'm pretty sure you won't be disappointed in the power of an XR650R if the quickest bike ridden is a 426. A few years back my brother and I decided to see how the big XR compares to a KX500, and it was way closer than we figured. His KX is a 97, and was freshly rebuilt. We races on pavement, so no traction issues. I had him off the line up to around 100km/h, and he had pulled maybe 2 lengths on me by the time he was out of rpm at about 140 km/h. I was running 14:44 gearing, so had lots of top speed on him. We races 6 or 7 times, same result every time. Both engines were pretty fresh, my XR was basically new and his KX was freshly rebuilt. It's way more laid back to ride than a KX 500 though, it doesn't have the same snap and try to rip your arms out. It's deceptively fast though. Buy one, you won't regret it as long as you're ok with kick starting it. Kristian
  7. Seems these things have a following. I still have mine, posted on the first page of this thread. Here's a few pictures from last summer, and if it works a video from last week on some single track. A nice light 2 stroke woods bike would be a lot better in some spots though, less of a workout at least. Kristian
  8. I'm kinda late to the party here, but I'll put my 2 cents in too. My brother has a late 90's KX 500 that he rides the bag off of in the woods. He doesn't like 4 stroke dirt bikes much, but even he admits that the XR650R is a fast bike. We drag raced on pavement once so he could show me how much quicker his bike is, and he was pretty surprised. We made about 7 or 8 passes with the same result every time. I got off the line quicker and he pulled even at about 60-65 mph. He was out of rpm at about 85 mph and had about 2 lengths on me. I was geared 14/44 and still in 4th. I outweigh my brother by about 75 lbs and had an easier time keeping the front end down while he was fighting it off the line. Neither bike is completely stock, mine is uncorked and has a Procircuit T4 full exhaust, while his KX has an FMF pipe, heavier flywheel, and some port work. It was lots of fun trying and a bit surprising. Kristian
  9. Heres some pictures of my 06. Got it last month the day after it came out of the crate. I took these on my first ride with it. Not really legal yet but its plated. Clarke 4.3, renthal bars, cycra handguards, moose racing skid plate. Since the pics I've uncorked it and put on a Procircuit T4 full stainless system. I love this bike, getting it ready for a 600 mile road trip on saturday.
  10. I think you're on to something with the skidplate, cause I just put one on the other day. I did tighten the adjuster a bit too. Maybe my imagination that it got a bit quieter. Thanks for the suggestions.
  11. Thaks guys, I'll definately be looking into the timing chain and tensioner. Not sure how many hours it has but it could be lots. Kristian
  12. My 650R makes a sound almost like gravel rolling in a barrel when at steady speed on the street, low to medium rpm. Its not always and it sounds like it might be from the top end somewhere. It's definately not valves. I'm thinking maybe its the timing chain? Are there any comon problems with the timing chain and tensioner that I should know about? Thanks
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