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  1. The way you worded it sounded as if they were shut the whole time, at least that's how I saw it. Yes, clearly they open and shut.
  2. Big time bummer! I hear the 2018 model was going to be incredible with a new set of bold new graphics no one has ever seen before or could ever even imagine. Too bad you can't spend your money on a 18 versus the 17 because with the 18 you would have got so much more. Lol
  3. Sucked shut from the engine? That would result in no fuel vapor and a motor that won't run.
  4. You did the right thing.
  5. Not O ring chain compatible.
  6. List out other years and models the Honda parts fit. Highly useful.
  7. Low end power on a KDX means 220, wiseco piston replacement, fmf gnarly desert pipe. Dramatically more low end than the 200 this way.
  8. Dependant upon which language you select at setup.
  9. Lots of trees and sagebrush in Idaho to lean the bike against. My '96 don't have one either but whatever.
  10. Do them android thingies hafta be charged up all the time?
  11. Sure, obviously the CRF250L can ride most anywhere as seen in the video. You could gain skills and then ride that particular area but the reason many choose the 200XCW is that they're nearly 100 pounds lighter than the 250L or KLX250. Less weight means less fatigue as the day goes on - energy conserved. Kicking a 200XCW is easy compared to the temperamental XR250.
  12. 15 minutes! Dang. Looks like the KX will do great there!
  13. what about adjusting your fuel screw or installing a richer pilot jet?
  14. have a new CRF450X OEM silencer with spark arrestor. pickup for free in Kitsap on the weekend or Everett/Edmonds during the week.
  15. Gorgeous bike!