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  1. Check! Won't go to Bozeman Yamaha. Nice fun facts provided. I'd be irate so to speak.
  2. I wouldn't trust the cleaning staff to keep quiet abt a shiny new beta sitting in a motel room.
  3. Careful Matt, your bike has some pretty lips which may get violated at walker valley by this dude.
  4. In absence of certainty on injection I would mix motul 710 60:1 and drain the oil tank. I'd also cap off the injection tube at the reed intake area. Lots of threads here abt injection removal. Suzuki needle third clip is a good setting for summer air temps.
  5. You foul plugs by being too rich on the jetting. You can chug and lug these all day but make sure jetting is right, 7 series plug, and you're using somewhere between 40 and 60:1 for mix ratio. Too little oil (above 60:1) makes it gasoline rich which cools down the burn. If you're using injection then make sure you're using enough oil. If you use too little then you're gasoline rich again and running too cool which fouls plugs. Beta spec is a 7 series. I run 8 series only because I have tons laying around. I fouled one plug on my 300rr and it was an 8 series. I know what contributed to this so hopefully no more.
  6. Likely safest bet here. Go ride, got to coin-op car wash, drive down the road to dry it off, drop off bike at storage unit. I'd pay extra for an indoor key code door controlled unit.
  7. It's likely due to their interest of keeping their user built trails a secret. When society turns you into an outlaw, you get a little protective of your user built trails.
  8. The more obscure bikes like GasGas, Ossa, AJP, SWM, Fantic, Scorpa, etc. may have more expensive parts because so few are produced. Racier bikes will have more maintenance needs than your L for sure but that is one price you pay for losing at least 100 pounds. Tune in over at the Beta section. Haven't read about anyone unhappy with their X-trainer besides the odd fellow who complains that he can't do hare scramble racing or motocross with his purpose-built trail bike. I'd bring my Beta up for that Kamloops ride but I'd hafta buy a $200 spark arrestor so you'll just hafta ride the old battle axe KTM 300 EXC (that has a spark arrestor).
  9. Motorized recreation in non wilderness areas will push some prey back into wilderness where predators will follow. Area where this occurred was logged regularly and allowed for motorized recreation. Bringing wild back to lands on the edge of the urban interface results in encounters like this.
  10. Them kitties probably learned that watching Parkour vids on YouTube.
  11. I think anything with a CDI ignition will be forked is there's a EMP. Need to shop for something with points.
  12. Fixed.
  13. Even if it were free, once you restore it all to your maintenance spec you'll have more into it that what you could sell on craigslist. Sorry to be a downer...
  14. 250F runs cooler than the 450F of course. With the FX you can just drop in the Yamaha WR250F fan. The FX radiators have mounting holes and there's a wire ready to power up the fan should you need it. Given that you aren't riding excruciating slow stuff I don't think you'll need it but installation of the WR fan will be very fast and inexpensive too.
    Electric start that works always. Never kick the bike. Bike doesn't overheat even on the slowest no air flow trails. Alot of lug and chug power which makes good traction. Suspension is very comfortable because it soaks up all trail trash effectively.