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  1. 75 hours and counting! It's the smoothness! I'd change it this weekend before it shits the bed in the garage all by itself.
  2. the lack of IRC would piss me off.
  3. shrubitup

    Lightweight adult bike

    YZ125 which is still made and checks three boxes except it doesn't have WR transmission.
  4. shrubitup

    Lightweight adult bike

    Not electric start but great summary of available bikes. I'd add in the KDX200 and KDX220; like the other Kawasaki's that you listed - no longer made.
  5. My Son also 13; he's 5'2". Picked up a KX85 a few weeks ago. Hasn't ridden yet but fits on it really well. The weight of the bike was the primary selection factor for me.
  6. shrubitup

    2002 KTM 380exc should I get it?

    Once the 380 maintenance issues are addressed then it will be a good bike. If you don't like your 426, then you should consider the trade. Only downside might be big fuel consumption and worn out tires and chains.
  7. shrubitup

    Clean up after others

    wetlands in Seattle? Wut? Oh, you mean the effluent coming from homeless camps and broke down/unlicensed/tabs expired/no license plate unofficially allowed RV parking areas (formerly nice clean residential streets).
  8. shrubitup

    South Puget Sound winter men’s club: Wednesday riding

    Carbureted two stroke, manual clutch, 50:1, ethanol free pump gas, just saying.
  9. shrubitup

    Picture Tread! Where did you all ride this weekend?

    adjust power valve and/or change power valve spring tension. highly adjustable bikes.
  10. shrubitup

    You should watch this video of tpi...

    Right, because a well jetted carb on a two stroke had such poor throttle response?
  11. shrubitup

    KX100 BUILD

    old tires?
  12. shrubitup

    New Yamaha two strokes 2020!

  13. shrubitup

    300RR 52t rear longer chain?

    +1, great feature, makes threads quite a bit faster to read.
  14. shrubitup

    What to buy: Beta 200rr or ????

    It's on the radiator hose, great location.
  15. shrubitup

    Snoqualmie - North Bend - North Fork Road

    Two ply is on Facebook, been seeing post there.Two ply is on Facebook, been seeing post there.
  16. shrubitup

    Following The Coug on his Beta 500

    He’s made an effort to improve! Bee sting hill or whatever, can be climbed easy but they tried to make it harder. I think he’s realized the error of his ways and is now riding elsewhere with challenge galore.
  17. shrubitup

    Following The Coug on his Beta 500

    I think we should let Tiger into the NW Beta fold. He says he wants to replace his 300...
  18. shrubitup

    New Yamaha two strokes 2020!

    They got their best guys on it.
  19. shrubitup

    The 300 Club

    Hard to say, I mean who would own both? truth be told the beta is for the I’m gonna hurt the next day ride and the ktm is for going fast fast even tho it’ll go slow slow, the beta is the better slow going bike.
  20. shrubitup

    Should I sell it?

    Deal. Posting on TT does pay! Already made $100.
  21. shrubitup

    What to buy: Beta 200rr or ????

    Applications for change of TT name can be processed once you get the bike and post up at least three reviews and photos.
  22. Have you ridden a 2004 KX250? Seriously ridden one? They're a very nice bike for woods because the bike is very torque oriented. If you can get one in acceptable shape for less than a grand then it's very worth it if you like torque and chug oriented motors combined with a smaller overall frame. I have two 300 two strokes and this 04 motor mimics their power output IMO. Worthwhile to me.