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  1. avoidthedog

    150xc mods

    Thanks for the info, i was talking about the clockwork ktm gas tanks not clarke. check them out its supposed to put the weight lower in the bike and will be as narrow as a sx tank all the while looking better haha. thanks for the tip on the pipe, i definitely dont want to take any bottom end away as i love how well it lugs around so i definitely appreciate the stock power spread. maybe ill send the cyl and head out to get some work done and bump up the compression. i have plenty of sunoco 112 leaded laying around that i use in my crf250r so i dont mind running race fuel. being 120lbs i ALWAYS have to do suspension work on my bikes, unless i decided to buy an 85 lol. will be swapping springs and figuring out whos the best person to revalve. as for recluse and steering damper, ive ridden hondas for a while so im perfectly used to headshake and unstable front ends lol. also i dont really see a need for an auto clutch since i cant even manage to stall the damn thing. definitely not an efi 450 with god awful flame out
  2. avoidthedog

    How to ride a 2 Stroke

    if you have an oem cast piston it doesnt take long to warm up, if you are running a forged wiseco or something, make sure the top of the rads and cyl are warm before you start whacking the throttle, sounds funny? could be rich and loading up when your sitting there warming it up, is it hesitant to rev and sputters at first?
  3. avoidthedog

    How to ride a 2 Stroke

    just get used to how much harder that CR is gonna hit than your crf450 if its stock haha. and your gonna have to get used to the vibrations that thing is gonna transmit to your hands! just snap that clutch when you need power, and dont get lazy shifting, the 450 can pull 3rd and 4th around pretty much any track but the 250 doesnt rev very much and you are gonna need to shift it a lot more often. same thing if the bike starts to wheelie (which 2 strokes like to do ) slip the clutch a little to drop the front wheel and dont let off the throttle
  4. avoidthedog

    How to ride a 2 Stroke

    +1 on ronnie mac lol what size 2 stroke? biggest difference to me is you cant just roll on the throttle like you can with a 4 stroke. keep the rpms up with the clutch and that rear wheel spinning. youll learn it all with seat time, and find you can ride more aggressively and get away with more on a 2 stroke all while having more fun!
  5. avoidthedog

    150xc mods

    hey guys just picked up my first ktm ever, a leftover 12 150 xc for 5700otd. i am new to trails as well, been a mx guy my whole life. i took it to black lake and the tomahawk b and c loops for 2 days and absolutely loved the bike. being 122lbs its nice to be able to handle your bike when your stuck on a hillclimb lol. anyways im looking for some mods to improve it as a purely woods bike. anyone try the clockwork 3.1gallon tank? also looking at a trail tech ignition mapping switch. in terms of power what are the easiest ways to get a little more out of the motor? plan on getting a fatty and carbon pipe guard and not sure what muffler to run. any sx parts i could carry over to get more power? any other things worth doing/getting? would like a trail tech voyager or something along those lines.
  6. anyone ever try these out? they cant be any worse than ASV can they lol? brake and clutch lever for 38 bucks aint bad at all. http://www.ebay.com/itm/CNC-Pivot-Racing-Red-Brake-Clutch-Levers-for-Honda-CRF-450R-2007-2013-CRF-250R/261360162486?_trksid=p2045573.c100033.m2042&_trkparms=aid%3D111000%26algo%3DREC.RVI%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D21021%26meid%3D6534768447630709340%26pid%3D100033%26prg%3D9336%26rk%3D3%26rkt%3D4%26sd%3D390824943352
  7. avoidthedog

    Black wheels

    Tusk impact rims for about $89 each. thats about the only cheaper brand i would trust. MXA did a write up on them and they held up very well especially for the price. usually cheaper wheels are garbage. example, warp 9. i usually run DID dirt star LTX on the 250 and STX on the 450. http://motocrossactionmag.com/news/mxa-team-tested-tusk-impact-wheelset
  8. avoidthedog

    wiseco vs tusk clutch kit

    i have over 60 hours on my tusk clutch kit on my crf450 with no issues. the rest of the clutch is hinson and ive been waiting to throw in the hinson plates and fibers but the tusk hasnt quit yet! i will notice a little bit of fade and usually when it warms up i tighten up the play about a quarter turn and thats it. for the money they seem like a good buy. im not very hard on my clutch but i do slip it a lot at low speeds to keep the bike from stalling. i soaked my tusk kit for over 24hrs and always run rotella 15w40 and change it at 5-8hrs. if you abuse the clutch a lot and plan on keeping the stock clutch springs i would go with a better brand though. not sure how well they take hard abuse.
  9. avoidthedog

    Smooth release on clutch but bike jerks?

    are you talking about their billet steel momentum clutch basket? i havent tried but i have absolutely no issues with the standard hinson basket and wear. if you are always riding on really slick conditions or putting around in trails i would do the momentum but i dont see the point of running it just for the durability aspect of it since it would make the bike a bit more sluggish feeling
  10. avoidthedog

    High Compression piston

    yeah i was wondering the same thing but i feel like that would be very unprofessional and how the hell could they get such hp gains with the stock map? they also didnt mention anything about fuel. i assume youd want a little more than pump gas on 14.6:1
  11. avoidthedog

    2012 air4orce airbox on 2011

    sorry to revive a dead post but i forgot to thank ericyzf359 for selling me his air4orce. was exactly as described, packaged properly and shipped fast. on a side note i compared the 2011 short stack to the 2012 short stack. the 2011 is a D shaped mouth, and the 2012 is circular. kind of interesting, i may try to test the 2012 stack with the 50mm TB and see how it compares. i ordered the 11 stack from moto tassinari, spoke to a guy who seemed pretty rushed to get me off the phone, and when i asked for an email conformation he kind of hesitated and said yeah we can do that. after no conformation or any email i called after 4 days, and the order was never placed nor did anyone in the office recall talking to me. checked my phone log and i called the right number, pretty sketchy. they did ship me one for free because of the confusion though.
  12. avoidthedog

    High Compression piston

    This mxa article makes me wonder though, they used the bills pipe dyno (not their inflated dyno they use for the shootouts} they test a pipe, cam, and a 14.6:1 piston. the hi comp piston wasnt very impressive at all. any thoughts on this? with the pipe cam and piston it actually made less power than the pipe and cam. http://motocrossactionmag.com/news/video-where-to-spend-your-hop-up-money-pipe-cam-or-piston-we-dyno-each-one im running an 11 crf250 with a JE 14.2:1 piston, fmf 4.1 megabomb system, hotcams stage 2, air4orce, eddie remap, a mild port job and wondering if it is worth putting another high compression piston in after its time for a replacement. i run 70/30 pump and sunoco 112 supreme leaded
  13. avoidthedog

    Brake lever/motion pro throttle please help!

    post up a couple pics
  14. avoidthedog

    Brake lever/motion pro throttle please help!

    if im understanding you right, cant you just slide the brake master cyl over to the left on the bars?
  15. avoidthedog

    2012 air4orce airbox on 2011

    How much for the 10-11 one? It's used correct? And how much you want for the new 2012-13