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  1. After making the usual first mods to my DRZ, I too wanted more, I don't want more any more, because I went this route. Now when I ride, I just keep repeating: "Oh my God" "Oh my God" "Oh my God" "Oh my God" "Oh my God"
  2. No. I may post those for sale later in Classifieds. Anyway the bike sold in less than 24 hours! I cam off my price $300 to facillitate the deal! I'd like to thank everyone on the forum for the wealth of knowedge I've gained here. What a fantastic forum this is. The Sport bike forums are not so nice, and seem to be infested with Cocky rude people..... Oh well,
  3. OK, thats done! Went faster than I thought as the original carb goes in easier than the FCR! I still need an online service manual to sort out which bolts I need for the stock exhaust? SOOOOOO How do I come up with a sale price? It still has the Edge tail, and the Vapor speedo. It's a black 2009 s model with 600 miles on it. The local Jacksonville market kinda sucks for this bike as there are NOOOOO public off road areas. The good news is with hundreds of bikes currently on CL, not one DRZ400S is listed. I have NO competition, BTW the dealers don't deal a lot around here, and had to pay just over $6000 OTD! Yeah, sucks!
  4. The wife is super short!
  5. Yeah I did, but that seems like a lot of work for what I could get from them.
  6. Please no buy offers, as that got a thread closed last try. I'll post the stuff on Ebay, or the classifieds if I proceed! Anyway. I long while back I posted that I bought a CBR1000RR, and was digging it. I still am, and the DRZ is getting very neglected. The real shame of it all is the just before I did the 180, and bought the monster liter bike, I added a FCR MX, and MRD full pipe to the bike, and dialed it in to perfection. The new mods only got 30 miles on them! They were great, but I craved even more and caved. Fast foward to today. I want to pick up a used Ninja 250 for my wife. I offered a Craigs list trade for my almost new DRZ400, for any low mile Ninja 260 <09. No bites at all! I'm just going to sell it, and buy the Ninja with the proceeds. I just don't think people around here like Dual sports, and that will make for a tough sale. I think I'm going to take a real beating considering the bike only has 600 miles on it, and is a 09. It has a lot of mods, and I'm thinking that will add up to more huge losses! The Mods include, a FCRMX, and MRD as stated. A Trail tech Speedo / tach with super nice custom mount. A edge 2 tail / tag unit with mini blinkers, I think the Edge, and new speedo need to stay, and the FCR / MRD need to go? Any one concur? It would be a shame as it runs so well right now, and I hate The thought of taking it all apart again. As of right now the tank, seat, and plastic is off, and I'm ready to strip.
  7. I had the classic off idle bog too, and found I needed to turn the screw "Clockwise". Initially I had not followed Eddie's advice to do so, thinking it was a typo. Instead I followed the CCW advice I had previously read, But it was the wrong way for me!
  8. I just went through all this, and decided to throw in the towel, and add a CBR1000 to the stable. Now I can do 75MPh in first!
  9. So I upgraded to a TRailtech I while back, and it's great! That said, I was playing around with the idea of selling or trading in the bike a while back, but decided not to. This did however bring to light possible issue with the change out. What would a dealer had thought about this situation especially since the bike has very low mileage? How about sale to an individual? Waht are the legal issues? Was it in a crime to do the change, or does that happen only when I sell? I'm just not sure if this was a mistake, I should have thought through more.
  10. Wmacky

    My chain!

    Ok, I was bad to my chain. Being preoccupied with recent MRD / FCR mods, I've neglected my chain. This was noticed when looking over the bike last night, I noticed it laying on top of the swing arm! It really got loose, but that's not the worst. It looked kinky. I grabbed it and it was very stiff, and super super sticky. Like dried up pancake syrup! Oops, I hope I haven't destroyed it. I can bend the links and they stay locked in that position due to this stickiness! I have been using that popular DuPont spray on Teflon that many bike guys use. I'm shocked the Teflon became so sticky? I guess I'll wash it off with Kerosene and spray some more on? After that I get to deal with the CBR1000RR I bought last Saturday. There appears to be a small puddle below the left fork!
  11. Yeah I just bought a spare seat pan of Ebay for cheap. I'll just sent it to Seat concepts and have them it for me!
  12. Yeah, That sux. I guess I need to put in the order, and just wait another week!. Thanks for the info guy's
  13. Great! Thanks Any idea were I might find the Recommended Silkolene locally? It's sat for 2weekends now awaiting the change, and i'd hate to miss another!
  14. NO NO, I did change the oil at 30 miles. I'm talking about the synthetic change over,
  15. I searched but no joy! The recommendations appear to be, When brand new - At 500 Miles - At 1500 miles! I searched for the Eddie recommendation, but didn't find it!
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