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  1. TimFurryBalls

    Picked up a 2001 YZ426 today for $1300.

    You could have saved up another grand and got a used '03 or newer. The 426 is like buying a vintage bike nowadays.
  2. You're getting ripped. A friend of mine just bought an '08 CRF 450 otd for $4,800.
  3. TimFurryBalls

    2010 Yz450f

  4. TimFurryBalls

    2010 Yz450f

  5. TimFurryBalls

    How to Set up Bike for taller rider, I am 6'7"

    6'6" - Tall seat, Windham bar bend, with Factory Yamaha bar clamps- moves bars slightly higher and slightly more forward. Stay away from the huge after market bar clamps. Way too high. The stock pegs are great, nice and wide. Fastways are way too much maintenance IMO. I had to replace the screw that braces against the frame several times, the pins wear, and I think they're a little too low, especially in ruts and stuff. I've even had the footpeg pivot pin bend. Just cause you're tall doesn't mean you have to go over board!
  6. TimFurryBalls

    '08 Turning

    Stick with 100mm of sage, make sure you have a good front tire (756, 745), and get up on that tank in corners. Also re-check your rebound/compression on your forks. If you have extra $, invest in a radiator lowering kit. I don't think mere mortals can see any difference between 25-24mm offset clamps, but I have read that slower or SX riders may prefer something as radical as 17mm, which may give you issues in other areas of a wide open track.
  7. TimFurryBalls

    Racer X CRF vid

    That guy looked and talked like a total &%$#@!. . .
  8. TimFurryBalls

    Mx-tech - New Stuff

    I'm assuming, yes, all of his stuff will work with current models.
  9. TimFurryBalls

    KTM Flex levers

    From my experiences with ASV whom I had some rider support with over the years, is the F3's will bend if crashed in the right way. I've seen it several times. The C5's won't but they're way too big and chunky in my opinion. Sunline's design is cleaner and doesn't develop as much "slop" as the ASV's do. After a few months of riding, the ASV's will flop around at the pivot point. Sunline's tolerances seem better.
  10. TimFurryBalls

    2008 450 spring rate questions

    Heh, heh. Welcome back. So I have I. . . .
  11. My '07 with '08 upgrades has been sitting on craigslist for months. You're not the only one.
  12. TimFurryBalls

    2008 YZ450 e-start

    You can spends thousands on trying to find a starter for the YZF 450 which hasn't been made yet, put in starter gears into your tranny, as well as a stator, or you can buy the kit. The kit is called a WRF 450.
  13. TimFurryBalls

    How much should rear suspention collapes

    Those are some "sweet" jumps you guys are taking your bikes off of. . .
  14. TimFurryBalls

    Clicker Settings for SX

    I'd set them by sending them out for a re-spring and re-valve.
  15. TimFurryBalls

    My chain snapped and did some damage look.......

    That's my thought. That sprocket looks way worn out and judging by the color of the retaining nut, maintenance looks lacking.