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  1. I win.... Yosh built 450 motor/pipe/box, Suzuki Race Team re-valved RM250 USD forks, Noleen valved shock, custom made TAG triple clamps, GPR 2.0 damper, slathered in carbon, braided lines, extra set Excel gold wheels, custom ONE Ind. decal kit, Cycra Pro-Bends, Tag bars, Vortex sprockets, Acerbis headlight/tail light, gel seat w/Yosh cover, IMS tank.....etc.
  2. OK, I found a baby bottle that fit PERFECT. The nipple was easy to slide the hose through and it seals up nicely around it as well. I rode the 500AF last week and it worked excellent! Thanks guys! OTG
  3. OnTheGround

    New Clarke Tank

    Yeah, I'm kinda bitchy today. Sorry. Seriously though. Bikes are ment to be fiddled with and have fun on. Too many Joe "Q"'s who can't tell the difference between a metric adj. wrench and a SAE adj. wrench are buying bikes, getting hurt because they didn't know they were supposed to do maintenance on them (it's a Honda....but not a Civic buddy), or they didn't have enough experience to realize that it takes a certain amount of skill to ride........oh crap I'm monologing :ride: :cry: ....going to bed now. Aloha and I hope everyone has a great day !!! OTG.
  4. OnTheGround

    New Clarke Tank

    WAH, WAH, WAH,,,,,,, MEOW!!!! IT'S A FLIIPIN DIRT BIKE BUDDY.....USE SOME CREATIVITY, DO SOME McGYVERING...AND ENJOY THE HELL OUT OF IT....Don't worry about your precious charcoal canister...or getting caught. "Big Brother" CANT catch you if you can ride!!! If you want to drive an appliance....by a frick'n Prius! and leave the bikes alone. Especially if your still asleep and riding....dummy. Get you balls back for cryin' out loud. Apparently I moved from "The OC" just in time, even the wussies are riding dirt bikes now !!! Posts like this make my stomach churn!!! OTG
  5. OnTheGround

    Compression Test

    Will work just fine. Carb is WFO during a compression test anyway. But how are you going to kick it without it being all nimbly bimbly and falling over against your leg? OTG
  6. OnTheGround

    lookin to get a cr500

    Sorry but those guys are serious weenies. They wont even allow you into the discussions unless you ALREADY HAVE A CR500. So they would be worthless to this poor guy. Oh and here's how I got my CR500AF. Take a quad guy....watch him buy the CR500AF of your dreams......wait about 30 minutes....he'll shatter his leg and violla!!! You get yourself a bike. Seriously, this guy is my best friend and I feel like crap because I told him NOT to buy it. After he insisted he was going to I said "OK fine....I'll buy it after you break your leg" Within 30 minutes...he had me on the phone.....still on the ground. Said his foot looked like a shopping cart caster...all wobbly.
  7. OnTheGround

    Why did this happennnnnnn?/

    Wow man, you must be REALLY fast !! I've never done that to ANY of my tires. Not even my Knobby's that I ride on the street. I would go with something really sticky ...like a Cheng Shin "Barracuda" or somthin' cause man, your speed is just KILLING those DOT race tires. My new Hero is chonchachencho! Watch out Mladin and Spies, your competition is coming up fast! Did this post REALLY go to 4 pages??? You friggin SQUIDS! C'MON!!!!! :ride: :cry: OTG. :busted:
  8. OnTheGround

    Lose a Camera SD Chip at East Fort Rock?

    Your a good sameritan Brother..... Keep this post alive for a while....somebody must know this guy.
  9. OnTheGround

    drz edelbrock carb! $250

    Yeah...and dont EVER post things for sale unless it's in the classified section....otherwise you get a "infraction" of sorts from the moderators.
  10. Airtight and vented.....I dated a chick like that !!! Seriously though...I'm assuming the top is vented to atmosphere with a small hole in the cap of the baster. (Just like a cars) Cool (or hot...sorry bad pun) I'm going to try it this weekend. Many mahalo's, OTG Lots of orange in them thar hills lately!!! Maybe I should try one someday!
  11. OnTheGround

    Confused,Q or turbine core?

    I'm trying to shut up a now street legal CR500AF and I went through all FMF's silencers and NONE was quiet enough to make me comfortable enough to ride on the street. The Turbine core with S/A and the Q are virtually identical in sound. The Q is an inch+ longer than the Turbine Core S/A which is an inch+ longer than the standard FMF silencer. Hope this helps.... OTG
  12. OnTheGround

    NEED TO BUY ! 1980 CR125R Silencer.

    Thanks CharlieT.... I too was shocked. Water under the bridge...I got what I needed from the link provided to me by Huffa 2 (THANKS MAN !!) and all is good. Taking the CR500AF out on Friday and the clock is ticking WAY too slowly! Have a great week! OTG
  13. OnTheGround

    another exhaust question anyone heard of bills

    When I was at Suzuki our race team used them for a season. They looked really nice but I'm guessing didn't pay as much as Answer or Pro Circuit. Just my .02 OTG
  14. OnTheGround

    NEED TO BUY ! 1980 CR125R Silencer.

    Please refrain from contributing any further to this thread. It has earned me an infraction of sorts from Bronco78. Apparently asking for assistance on where to locate parts from people who may know is prohibited in the discussion forums.. You may no longer inform anyone who asks where to buy large fuel tanks (IMS) or beefy clutch baskets (Hinson) or souped up DRZ motors (Yosh or this forums very own Burned). Sorry but that's the way it must be from now on. I'm just spreading the word....see below. Dear OnTheGround, You have received an infraction at ThumperTalk. Reason: Posting a for sale, wanted, trade ad or EBay auction -------Quote: Originally Posted by OnTheGround Aloha, I have been searching everywhere for a 1980 CR125R silencer. I have a stock expansion chamber but the silencer is FUBAR. I don't believe 1979 and 1981 will work. Please point me in the right direction. Mahalo, OTG We do not allow "for sale/wanted/trade" posts in the discussion forums because long after your item is sold, the post will remain active in the forum database. Then, when someone conducts a search that contains keywords that are contained in your ad, it will be returned as a search result, reducing the quality of the search results. It's no big deal if we were talking about a handful of users, but we're talking thousands and thousands, so you can see how it has the potential to get out of hand quickly and we want to maximize the value of the search for our users. This is why we have a classified system with its own search, searching only active ads. Thanks for your cooperation and good luck! ------- This infraction is worth 1 point(s) and may result in restricted access until it expires. Serious infractions will never expire. All the best, ThumperTalk
  15. OnTheGround

    NEED TO BUY ! 1980 CR125R Silencer.

    Thanks guys!!! This Crackhead has EXACTLY what I need. http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/Honda-CR_W0QQcmdZViewItemQQ_trkparmsZ72Q3a552Q7c39Q3a1Q7c65Q3a12QQ_trksidZp3286Q2ec0Q2em14QQhashZitem190226099933QQitemZ190226099933 I may go the universal route too....how much?? Mahalo, OTG