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  1. Looks similar to the Royal Flush near Spangler Hills....
  2. bobc1

    Bishop 3 Day Dualsport Ride

    Woodcutter has about one mile of very narrow ST with a lot of exposure toward the bottom of it. Also, there is a difficult waterfall to get up about halfway up.
  3. bobc1

    RMATV seems to be charging Sales Tax in CA Now !

    They are supposed to collect the CA tire fee also.
  4. bobc1

    Eastern Kern County Onyx Ranch SVRA

    Just another bait and switch to pretend the OHV'ers are getting something from the green sticker funds. I had not ridden all the "legal" trails around Dove Springs/Jawbone in a couple of years and was shocked the past few weeks. It is basically all graded two track with hundreds of miles of fencing and Disneyland type peeler log fenced intersections (think freeway onramp/offramps) between intersecting "trails" along with ten thousand trail markers. Just more control and ease of access for the OHV police/"Friends of...."/cactus huggers/etc.
  5. bobc1

    Online Sales Tax Discount is Almost Over

    Or...when the local KTM store almost never has what you want and tells you that they can "order" it.....and I reply, "So can I."
  6. bobc1

    Online Sales Tax Discount is Almost Over

    True dat. It isn't the 50's or 60's any longer where you would drive to the parts store, stand in line for 20 minutes, then order the part, wait a week to get the part, take it home and realize it's the wrong part and start the process again. Fast food restaurants and online ordering fits my life style well.
  7. bobc1

    Random Picture Thread Reloaded

    That is amazing. Fred Munster won on the goofy Jap bike.
  8. bobc1

    Nightmare Gulch "Temporary" 5 Year Closure

    NG and vicinity map.
  9. bobc1

    Nightmare Gulch "Temporary" 5 Year Closure

    I attempted a PM but received, "Jeff aka Bolt cannot receive messages." when I attempted to send it. Nothing big, just curious.
  10. bobc1

    Nightmare Gulch "Temporary" 5 Year Closure

    If anyone will successfully put pressure on State Parks, it will be Chris Horgan.
  11. bobc1

    Nightmare Gulch "Temporary" 5 Year Closure

    Here is my letter to Senator Fuller: Send any emails to chris@stewardsofthesequoia.org and he will forward them to Senator Fuller. Hello Pam: Per our telephone conversation, please forward the below request to Senator Fuller. I was unable to send my request directly to Senator Fuller because I reside outside of her area. Thank you, Bob Campbell. Chris Horgan: Others will run into the same problem that I had in contacting Senator Fuller through her website because their zip code is outside of her area. Pam Rose suggested that anyone in that situation send their email request directly to you and have you forward them to Pam Rose at her above email address. Senator Fuller: I am a member of Stewards of the Sequoia, organized by Chris Horgan. SOS has been attempting to reopen Nightmare Gulch in Red Rock Canyon State Park to vehicular traffic. Chris has met with an extreme lack of cooperation and response from State Parks. This is a small section of rocky wash that was a favorite of mine and friends that I ride with. It was cherished by 4X4 clubs. It has now been closed for five years without any attempt to rectify any problems, if they exist, to allow reopening. FYI, I rode NG by myself the day after the flash floods, on a motorcycle, at 62 years of age, beginning at the bottom and going up the wash. The temps were in the 90's at the time and the wash was more difficult than usual because of the muddy conditions. Approximately two weeks later, a 70 year old friend, my son, and I rode the wash again, after the floods. The mud was gone and the wash was completely traversable. SOS advised that you are willing to assist in gaining cooperation from State Parks to reopen NG. Please contact me if you require any other info. Thank you for your assistance in this matter,
  12. This is from Chris Horgan who heads up Stewards of the Sequoia. He has been attempting to reopen Nightmare Gulch in the Red Rock Canyon State Park area. It has been arbitrarily closed for five years. Please take a minute to send your concerns/requests to Senator Jean Fuller, via an email to Chris @ chris@stewardsofthesequoia.org Thanks, Bob Campbell Dear Robert, Please take a minute to help reopen the Nightmare Gulch 4x4 route. Hundreds of complaints need to be made. For more than a year Stewards of the Sequoia have been trying to find out why Nightmare Gulch 4x4 route in Red Rocks State Park remains closed under a temporary order that so far has lasted five years, apparently due to small mudslide. State Parks has been extremely uncooperative. Parks Director Russ Dingman claimed no information about the closure could be released to the public. This forced Stewards to submit a public information request. The documents we received show there is no justification for the continued long term 5 year closure. Stewards submitted a number of letters of concern on behalf of our members. State Parks continues to stonewall Stewards, as well as a number of other groups. Bakersfield Trailblazers continue to offer their assistance to fix any problems, but have been repeatedly turned away by State Parks. We reached out to Senator Jean Fuller who wants to help. She needs to receive hundreds of complaints to justify stepping in to help. Take Action NOW To Reopen Nightmare Gulch 4x4 Route Robert please let Senator Fuller know that five years of unjustified temporary closure is too much. Her help is needed to reopen the Nightmare Gulch 4x4 route....... Please email her by clicking Contact the Senator at https://fuller.cssrc.us/ Please call Senator Fuller office (661) 323-0443 and ask for Pam Rose or leave a message asking her to help the long overdue reopening of Nightmare Gulch 4x4 route You can read more about this including Stewards comment letters and State Parks reluctant and unhelpful replies HERE Together we can keep our trails open [www.stewardsofthesequoia.org]Stewards of the SequoiaChris Horgan Executive Director Stewards of the Sequoia Division of CTUC 501c3 FULLER.CSSRC.US Jean Fuller 16th Senate District FULLER.CSSRC.US Jean Fuller 16th Senate District
  13. bobc1

    Random Picture Thread Reloaded

    Yeah...I guess. How does the story go....Why is Coors similar to having intercourse in the bottom of a canoe???? Because they are both as close to f...kng water as you can get.... I still like regular Coors. I hate light beers.
  14. bobc1

    Random Picture Thread Reloaded

    Thank God to see someone who doesn't drink light beer....that's a regular Coors...I should know...