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  1. DR-Zking

    400E jetting issue

    This is the thread that eddie told me what to do. Didnt I tell him that I drilled holes? Yes!
  2. DR-Zking

    A bone to pick with eddie

    Sometimes free help is worth just as much as you pay for it. Enjoy your weekend
  3. DR-Zking

    A bone to pick with eddie

    Thanks for the help will.
  4. DR-Zking

    A bone to pick with eddie

    It backfires when I open the throttle. Putting the bigger jet in gave me MORE power, not less. Its not just spark plug color, its also the smell. With the 150, is backfires when opening the throttle, and has little power, and I had to tape up holes to fix this. I put the 160 in, no backfire, and GREAT power. I didn't drill holes in the side panel, I drilled them in the box on the right side. By the way, with the way it is now, it runs worse with the side cover off.
  5. DR-Zking

    A bone to pick with eddie

    I have the FCR. I took out the snorkel giving it the 3X3, but I also drilled a bunch of holes in the side, which might have something to do with it. I cept going richer untill I stoped getting backfire out the carb, and the spark plug had a little color to it. All of my gaskets are in good shape, so I dont think its a vacum leak
  6. DR-Zking

    A bone to pick with eddie

    Eddie told me that with an opened airbox, at an altitude of 4500 FT, that I needed a 150 main jet, with the clip on the 5th position of the needle. Well, it was still lean. I experimented and experimented, and now I have a 160 main jet, with the needle on the 6th position, and its still a little lean, but should be good for summer. Why was Eddie so wrong? Isn't he the jetting expert?
  7. DR-Zking

    So, my local Suzuki/Yamaha dealer tells me...

    The 400 will have more HP and Torque. They are in FACT going to be more reliable, and they have lots of years behind them to back that fact up. The DRZ is the way to go. If you weren't in CA, id say to buy an E model and plate it (more power, lighter etc) but that's nearly impossible where you live. P.S. I used to own a WR and hated it. Went to a DRZ250 and loved it. Eventually outgrew it vertically and went to the 400E. Love it to death, and don't think ill ever upgrade. Now you get the point that IV experienced both...
  8. DR-Zking

    DRZ frame same as RM?

    Hes refering to the RM, not the RM-Z.
  9. DR-Zking

    What are the Jobs of us fellow DRZ owners?

    Architectural drafter, and an electronic goods salesman. Both things that require being on the computer, hence the reason I'm on TT. (I custom build computers for people too:thumbsup: )
  10. DR-Zking

    The last FCR.

    my bike came with it stock:busted:
  11. DR-Zking

    The last FCR.

    A little while ago someone in oncoming trafic on the highway swerved into my lane. If I had reacted a fraction of a second later i would have been in a head on, and all it would take was talking on a cell phone to cause that delay. I comend you for pulling over
  12. +1 for that! there awesome
  13. I had just recently put a 13T front sprocket on to gear my bike down, and what a difference. I really noticed when going up a steep rocky hill climb. A tree ripped my foot off the peg and i fell on the seat. I held the throttle open to try and crawl the rest of the way up, but the torque got the better end of me. The bike flipped backward dumping me off the back. The back fender caught the ground and pulled the front end back to the ground. I stayed standing the whole time. The fender only received minor damages, but my plate got ripped off and I can't find it:rant:
  14. DR-Zking

    fork oil change?