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  1. shlambd

    09 Engine? Noise

    oh really? coz it only started recently and none of my mates bikes do it, honda 450's too
  2. shlambd

    09 Engine? Noise

  3. shlambd

    09 Engine? Noise

    hello i have a noise on my 09 450. its only there when clutch lever is out so im assuming its something to do with the clutch. its hard to describe but its like a roaring when the lever is out. it goes away and everything sounds fine when the lever is pulled in. not too sure on what it could be cheers
  4. shlambd

    oil filter compatibility?

    hey all, i have recently purchased a new 2011 crf and was wondering; will an oil filter from an 08 crf be ok on the 2011? i have a few left over from my old 08. they look similar, was just going to make sure... cheers
  5. shlambd

    oil filters the same?

    some how i dont beleive you
  6. shlambd

    oil filters the same?

    sweet, thanks heaps for that, glad i havent wasted my money!
  7. shlambd

    oil filters the same?

    hello, i recently sold my 2008 and am about to by a 2010 in the coming months. i was wondering; i have about 5 oil filters from my 2008 that i never used, will these fit the 2010, or have they changed since 2008? thanks...
  8. shlambd

    2010 CRF250 Rod Failure

    gas in the oil issue? is the crank a real issue on the 2010 model, as in somehting major to consider when buying one? i dont want to get one then have the crank fail at 50 hours!
  9. shlambd

    Painting shock spring

    will definately crack waste of time imo
  10. shlambd

    2008 same as 2010?

    sweet so the tank doesnt actually have to be completely removed? and the cam and valve setup is relatively similar?
  11. shlambd

    2008 same as 2010?

    sorry i wasnt being clear, im talking about the actual way you do the clearances eg taking seat/tank off and all that. is it similar as on the 08?
  12. shlambd

    2008 same as 2010?

    what about valve clearance procedure?
  13. shlambd

    2008 same as 2010?

    hello all. i am stepping up to a 2010 from a 2008. i was wondering if the maintenance procedures on the 2010 model are about the same as on the 2008? is the procedure for checking valve clearances, replacing top end, changing oil etc. the same? basically, is there anything new i need to watch out for when doing the usual maintenance i would do on my 08? thanks in advance.
  14. shlambd

    Running a valves past their time, what could happen?

    just shimmed my exhaust valves to 242, do i have many shims/adjusments left?
  15. shlambd

    BIG GUN muffler jetting?

    stock jetting was a 178 main jet and 42 pilot jet im pretty sure