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  1. Looks like they are 34" from axle center to top of stanchion.
  2. The late 80's front forks may be a bit longer too, if you're looking for an easy way to increase front height. I have some I can measure. Travel is listed as 9.5" compared to 8.4" for later models
  3. There's no way to make it bigger with OEM parts. I've built a 265cc 200, and a few others. My workbench looks like a DR/Dr-z graveyard. I'm waiting for pistons to do a 224cc 200 now, and a 128 and 154 (125 piston/200 crank). I should have them soon, and see how that works. The other easy option is a 68mm piston that Wiseco sells for the 230, which gives 212cc, and a little more compression.
  4. DR200, LT185, and some 230's have the mechanism in the valve cover. I did a 200 transplant into a 125 a few years ago, and found all of the differences that you found here. Even the detent roller for the selector was different. Cases are the same, but not much else. I just started messing with the Estart bottom ends, and will be doing a couple projects with them soon. How's that shock 65sx working?
  5. I saw this too late, unfortunately, I could have told you that you need 200 parts, not 125. You may also want to install a valve cover with compression release too, especially if you plan to do engine mods later
  6. Nice fit, overall.
  7. I'm pretty sure that they are different diameters (86-'88 DR200), you'll probably need stator and flywheel, and then you'll have wire your cdi. Not sure about E-start DR.
  8. Order a pilot that is one size larger also
  9. Weld in a cradle. Search this forum for member twowheeledtom. He had some pics and posts about it. Look at pics here:
  10. If you're running slow, technical stuff, you'll be fine. Spend a few hundred on proper rate springs, a good set of bars (that fit right), good handguards, and some good tires, and have fun!
  11. A dragging clutch can make it hard to shift, yes
  12. Something in the parts that comprise that group of parts could be a problem. Or something internal. Did you take it apart and look at it yet?
  13. Sounds like you've damaged the selector mechanism behind the clutch, or bent a shift fork, which is between the cases
  14. Motor will fit, pretty sure nothing else will. You may try welding a cradle under your motor on the DRz frame
  15. Should be fine, looks like a little less lift and duration than a 188 (.340 lift, 244 deg @.050)