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  1. 76xtdrvr

    Oil filter orings supplier?

    Same material as Buna N, called by different names.
  2. 76xtdrvr

    Oil filter orings supplier?

    I changed out mine once in (2) oil changes. I don't know about 55k miles, but I don't think keeping the originals in place for at least 3 or 4 changes will matter. But regardless, it sounds like your dealer is overcharging you. Inside small o ring: 1.9 mm material diameter x 13mm i.d. OEM price $1.66 from RMATV Cover o ring: 2.4 mm material diameter x 52.6 mm i.d. OEM price $2.92 from RMATV FWIW, I don't cheap out on the (2) drain plug washers and replace them with oem ones at every oil change. Too many horror stories out there of stripped out threads from over torquing. The o ring material is probably Buna-N, but I have no confirmation of this. Maybe others can jump in. Nitrile (Buna-N) Temperature range: Between -65 degrees Fahrenheit and 300 degrees Fahrenheit. Suited for: General purpose seals, such as petroleum oils, water and some hydraulic fluids. Buna-N is also resistant against tears and abrasive treatment. Deficiencies: Buna-N can have problems with automotive brake fluid, ketones, phosphate ester hydraulic fluids, and nitro and halogenated hydrocarbons. While it is ozone and weather resistant, this resistance is not infallible but can be supported through compounding. Applications: Nitrile functions well in applications that have limited temperature and resistance requirements.
  3. 76xtdrvr

    Can you put aftermarket rings on an OEM Piston?

    ^This. It's not worth spending $30 plus shipping(?) for a new piston, then finding out you just bought a set of Wiseco rings that don't fit. Or you can just call Wiseco and ask them if their rings will fit a stock piston.
  4. 76xtdrvr

    Carburetor Spring

    Just a guess, but maybe the spring wasn't quite seated correctly during the last assembly, but still had enough tension in place to keep things working properly. Then a sudden jolt bumped the spring completely out of position.
  5. 76xtdrvr

    Dear Proofreader - You Had One Job!

    Then shame on DID also. Maybe both DID and Motorcyclist figured it would give them free publicity. Look at all they just got here. After all, that's the trend lately; get your name in front of the consumer in any way possible.
  6. 76xtdrvr

    Rocky Mountain ATVMC steps up

    They did pretty much the same thing for me a few years ago when UPS lost a tire during shipping.
  7. 76xtdrvr

    Dear Proofreader - You Had One Job!

    Motorcyclist Magazine ? It figures. I cancelled my subscription over a year ago after a couple Hipsters took over and changed the entire format accordingly.
  8. 76xtdrvr

    trail maintenance survey

    Like most surveys, the questions are very general. All good points made by subxero. Our Florida riding area was shut down over the summer over insurance issues. When we recently returned to it, a morning of maintenance on ~15 miles of single track by about a dozen of us made it rideable again. To muddy the waters even more, our club puts on competition events on private properties where we only have access for around 6 or 8 weekends a year. These areas often require extensive clearing, but perhaps shouldn't be considered maintenance because of just a short time of access. Why consider any of this as a "real world problem"? Hunger, pollution, and overpopulation are real world problems. FWIW, if your group is truly outdoorsy, a couple weekend mornings, enough enthusiasts, a good plan (you're engineering students), and the right tools will get it done. Good riding to you.
  9. I only had one battery fail while out on the trail, and that was a lead acid one. No fun push starting in sand. I also had a few more lead acid batteries fail at inopportune times in my cars/trucks over the years. Nothing is 100% reliable, or safe. I installed a Shorai lithium in my drz400 after some research and review reading. I don't even think about battery reliability now.
  10. 76xtdrvr

    Trail clearing tool transport

    I carry a curved machete with a plastic sheath bought from Tractor Supply bungeed onto the barkbusters across the front of the handlebars. Instead of an axe or bow saw, a canvas shoulder bag holds a Ryobi sawzall with a 4Ah battery and 12" blades unattached and covered until needed. An Amazon fanny pack for cell phone, tow rope and misc. If also arrowing, a deep pocket tool belt for arrows, stapler and more misc. Hydration pack worn in the usual place.
  11. 76xtdrvr

    DRZ 400S front fork guards!

    Nice looking, but you normally want to protect the fork tubes more than the sliders.
  12. 76xtdrvr

    Left hand rear brake line length

    Unless someone checks in that actually did a left hand brake setup, you can buy about a 10' length of wire rope around 1/8" in diameter, and run it from point A to point B. Then measure it for the brake line length you need. https://www.mcmaster.com/steel-cable
  13. 76xtdrvr

    Will any US be willing to ride 2019 MXON at Assen

    A National in the Florida sand in June 2019 might help the US. ET was good there, but Herlings and Cairoli owned the gnarly 2nd moto at the 2017 GP. That's assuming clay is not trucked in for the national.
  14. 76xtdrvr

    K&N air filters

    K&N filters aren't bad, they're just not practical for dirt bikes and dirt bike related maintenance. No more than a perfectly reliable paper filter I run in my car would be practical for a dirt bike. But that's just my opinion, and I had to look up the meaning of empirical.
  15. 76xtdrvr

    Hole in rim too big for rim lock

    You should be able to get away with (2) hardware store thin washers, about 5/8" to 3/4" o.d. by 3/8" i.d.. One on the inside, one on the outside.