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  1. 76xtdrvr

    Why Not Yamaha?

    Back on topic. It has to be looked at for what it is, and not much of it relates specifically to motorcycles. It's a good marketing strategy and tax write-off to promote sales of ATV's, SxS's, sleds , and motorcycles. Not many pics of 2 wheelers in their promos for grant $. A credit to Yamaha for at least making the public and politicians aware of a responsible effort, but not a case to run out and buy a Yamaha on this alone.
  2. 76xtdrvr

    I need help and question answered

    Do some basic checks first. Fresh fuel, fuel flowing to the carb, fuel tank venting, carb vent lines routed properly, clean air filter, new spark plug. If the problem is still there, check the float level, and clean the carb jets.
  3. 76xtdrvr

    I need help and question answered

    It's doubtful you have a cdi problem. Dirt bike carbs are pretty simple, and anyone that owns a dirt bike s/b able to work on them. Or you can keep on paying a shop to do questionable repairs for you.
  4. Good to hear you got it running.
  5. Make sure you didn't ingest some dirt in the intake system, including where the cable enters the top of the carb.
  6. There was a high volume station along I-95 a few years that got busted for this.
  7. 76xtdrvr

    Most durable MX GLOVES?

    I've been wearing these riding single track for over a year. I can't say anything bad about them.
  8. They're simple engines, so just see if the 185 top end bolts up to the 100 bottom end. Highly unlikely, but it's good experience and what have you got to lose? You might figure out why you're blowing engines.
  9. I raced '87, '89. and '92 KX250's. Good power, mediocre handling/suspension, never had a reliability problem. But if I was to buy a late '80's mx'r today, it would be a '87 or '88 CR250.
  10. 76xtdrvr

    Help! Can't keep 08 YZ450F running!

    Make sure your gas cap is venting properly.
  11. Everyone interprets a carb rebuild differently, so just in case: Double check to make sure your vent lines are all clear and not pinched. Make sure your carb suction hose is connected to the tank petcock. Make sure all jets are clear. Make sure no water in the float bowl. Install a new plug. Carb cleaner will not help starting, so if the plug is dry, you're not getting fuel, so squirt a couple drops of gas in the plug hole, and try it. If it's wet, it's flooded. If all this fails, start disconnecting electrical connections and make sure all is clean and dry, including ground wires. Compressed air might help. Other than a major electrical component failure, that's all I have to offer.
  12. Tough crowd here, Evanitalia. Me included. But if you really are serious, I'd suggest buying a cheap bicycle and finding a small hill with a good runoff at the bottom. Work on your balance, braking and steering control before even thinking about something with a motor.
  13. Sounds like yet another future quad rider.
  14. 76xtdrvr

    are 2-strokes Hard?

    If you can change oil, clean an air filter properly, and adjust a chain, a previously well maintained air cooled 4 stroke like a Honda CRF/XR, or Yamaha TTR is very reliable. But if you buy one of them, your friends will then say you should have bought a 2 stroke instead.
  15. 76xtdrvr

    service manual vs. shop manual

    Yep. It's the owners manual that is 75% legal crap and 15% on how to shift gears, where the brakes are, and maintenance schedules. The last 10% has some useful info in it.