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  1. verticaltwin

    Kick start conversion for TTR 250?

    So true... Awesome bikes though. I love mine, but sometimes the weight gets to me and I think about replacing it with a nice lightweight KTM woods 2-stroke. I was out riding last Friday and met a fellow with a tricked out 2017 KTM300 woods bike... after chatting for a while I talked him into letting me ride it. I don't care what they say about "tractable power" etc... that thing was still a light switch 2-stroke and I wouldn't trade my '02 TTR250 for it! You just can't hardly find a good fun easy riding bike like the TTR250 anymore... although I saw one for sale locally a while back. They are still around and go fast on Craigslist if priced right. A lot more were sold overseas, where they come with a kick lever, by the way.
  2. verticaltwin

    Kansas Check In

    That sure looks fun! The wife and I went to CO for a few days, she has family in Breckenridge, but no riding. Saw a lot of adventure bike riders cruising the mountains. One of these days I'd love to hit the Rampart Range area. How high up in elevation are you riding there? Did you need to change jetting? (ignore that if your husky is FI) Haven't been out riding much this summer, only twice at Perry since we ran into you at Tuttle Creek last spring. Took last Friday off to ride Perry w/neighbor Dennis and we had fun... Wasn't muddy for once! lol...
  3. verticaltwin

    '97 CR250 subframe questions...

    Matt... Sorry, but I just don't recall what I ended up doing on that bike. I may have just had the welds repaired by a buddy. I didn't get along too well with that pipey 250 in the woods and mud... went back to a 250 4-stroke air cooled bike. Good luck!!
  4. verticaltwin

    Illinois flattrack riders

    I was in your same position years ago... I went to a flattrack race and just HAD to do it. I did it the hard way by building a bike and just showing up with no clue and lining up, but I found the other racers and people in the pits to be very encouraging and more than willing to help. I ended up loving it, made some lifetime friends, and had the most fun of my life over the next several years!! I'd suggest going to a race and getting a pit pass so you can talk to the other racers. They usually like to get other's involved and are more than willing to help with bike advice, riding tips, maybe even a practice track.
  5. verticaltwin

    I'm tired of Zach Osbourne

    S.A.D. - Seasonal Affective Disorder aka winter blues? I have no idea why... by I can't seem to root for Kawi or Suzuki riders. Always been a Yamaha/Honda guy, but root for the underdog KTM/Husky... although they are not so much underdogs anymore. I think the only thing that really bothers me about Osborne is his eyebrows... once you see them you cannot look away.
  6. verticaltwin

    I'm tired of Zach Osbourne

    Until I saw this thread I had no idea there was anyone out there that didn't like Osborne. Suzuki riders maybe? I dunno... I just wanted Husky to win it! ;-) He seems like a good kid and hell of a fast rider... usually the fastest guy on the track on a 250. Much as I can't stand Tomac I have to admit that most of the time he was the fastest guy on a 450.
  7. verticaltwin

    Obstacle Technique?

    You don't really need to use any front brake to compress the forks, just your weight... using the clutch to help lift the front end. I occasionally would use the front brake to slow me down and help compress the front end before going over the log, but the timing is critical and it's much easier to just use rear brake to slow you down BEFORE you compress the forks and hop the log. I'm just an intermediate rider and don't hop anything too big anyway, so listen to the experts before me... I also love hills! I grew up in southeast AZ and used to climb hills back in the 80's on a gutless and heavy '81 XT250 (first bike)... so I got used to laying it down on it's side. The first few times getting it pointed back down the hill and rolling will pucker you up! lol... I used to try climb the steep sides of the mesas, but they would get to a nasty rocky layer up toward the top and got super steep. Here in KS where I live now I can find a few decent hills... different kind of climbing with roots and layers of sedimentary rocks. Keep your rpm's up, weight up on the tank, and try not to lose your momentum... When in doubt hit the hill with a good amount of speed and rpm's. Good luck and have fun!
  8. verticaltwin

    Obstacle Technique?

    YouTube is a great resource for how-to riding and technique videos, then go out and practice them! You've already got the basic concept of getting over a log though... Square up to it, gas it to lighten the front end and shift your weight back. If the log is real big you can compress your front end and release as you accelerate to help lift the front end higher... but you'll see all that on youtube. The master:
  9. verticaltwin

    Roger DeCoster talking SH**

    Ha ha... I heard that one before, but forgot it. Thx for the reminder! I'm still paying off the credit card I used to fund racing efforts for several years. Hotel rooms, gas, valve job... sigh... Now all I have is a box of trophies, a mis-shapen ribcage, and a lot of my best memories!
  10. verticaltwin

    Roger DeCoster talking SH**

    Racing for money... ha ha. Hell, I let it ALL hang out on a flattrack or in a hare scramble for the chance to bring home a trophy worth $5! Millions of riders do it every weekend. The most useful thing I ever got was $75 gift certificate for a MC shop in Wichita for season overall 2nd place... lol! Bought me some high dollar Motorex and a new 19" heavy duty tube... F'n high roller baby. ;-)
  11. verticaltwin

    West Kansas Hare Scramble/Enduro Racing?

    There is a riding area that is right near the border... The Syracuse Sand Dunes. Friend of mine goes there... I'd rather go to the dentist than ride sand. http://www.syracuseks.gov/sand-dunes Ok... I just wanted to respond to an old post for fun. You never know when someone else may be prowling around looking for a place to ride in far western Kansas!
  12. I was wondering the same thing.... Anyone know the time or what network will be showing it? Thanks!!
  13. verticaltwin

    So confused....

    Yes... I think the bore size on a 300 is 72mm. Lucky you!
  14. verticaltwin

    Why is my bike overheating?

    Make sure you don't have some grass or a twig up around your pipe... that will give you a burning smell for sure. Car oil has additives that are bad for motorcycle clutches, that's the main reason to use motorcycle specific oils. If your clutch is slipping it may cause a little more bottom end heat or darken the oil a bit. Slipping clutch is when you do not have the lever pulled in and you are accelerating under a load, like up a hill or a fast take-off, and you hear the engine rev up without moving you forward as much as it should be. I'd change the oil and see how it does. Someone else mentioned running lean will heat up the engine a lot more than normal too. Make sure you don't have an air leak between the carb and motor... or if you put a different pipe or opened up the air box for more flow, then you would need to rejet the carb.
  15. verticaltwin

    Everything about motocross?

    Well that was exhilarating to watch... That kids bike is on crack or has ADD or something! Wow! That track looks like a fun one to an old-timer like me...