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    If you bike is hard starting first thing to check is the fuel level if the level is on the bottom of the gauges on float bowl it will be to lean. Raise the level up to the upper mark. there should be an improvement in cold starting. I learned this on the early models from 1976. Once you get the fuel level set work on the needle position. Choke with throttle closed don't blip throttle when cranking that leans the mixture out and cancels the choke.. See Ya Okie
  2. Okie

    please help* cr250 sputter on new rebuild

    Check and make sure that there isn't anything in the exhaust pipe that will plug the muffler when the bike starts running. Idles ok but sputters when the throttel is opened. We changed the ignition, carb, only when I looked in the muffler I saw something white. A paper towel was forgotten and blew through the exhaust system. Removed the paper and all was good. See Ya Okie
  3. Okie

    Air filter cleaner questions

    There is nothing wrong with NoToil or Bellray. the issue I have with NoToil is if you are away from home and the air cleaner gets dirty It is much harder to clean NoToil. You have to have a special cleaner to get it clean. Bellray you can use mineral sprites, or god forbid gasoline. That is why I don't use NoTOil. They are both good tacky coatings. Okie
  4. Okie

    CL100 Overcharging?

    I had to change to a Rexes Speed Shop R/R (https://www.rexs-speedshop.com/product/6-volt-solid-state-regulator-rectifier/) to get mine under control. Now I run a Lithium battery, the maximum it puts out is 7.6 volts, well in the safe range for a 6v Lithium battery. See Ya Okie
  5. Okie

    Battery failing repetitively

    I bet your voltage Regulator/Rectifier is putting out to much voltage. Even if it is in spec the Lithium batteries don't like to much voltage and will burn up. Been there done that. changed R/R and haven't had any problems since. I used a Rexes Speed Shop R/R to fix the problem. See Ya Okie
  6. How ever you go make sure the rectifier/regulator doesn't put out to many volts. I've killed 2 lithium batteries that way. The 6v battery doesn't like any more than 7.6 volts. I had to get a rectifier/regulator from England (Rexes Speed shop) to fix that. I've got a bucket full of new only used once 6v R/R if anyone is interested LOL. The 12v is still up in the air as to what voltage it likes. My 6v was a Shori and they said it only needed 7.6v to keep from killing it. The 12v was Western Power Sport blue one. We changed the R/R and haven't had any problems with that one since. Call the folks at Shori and they will tell you how many maximum volts the 12v batteries can take. The 6v bike is a 1973 CL100 and the 12v bike is a 1982 MB5 Honda if interested. See Y'all Okie This is the one I used for the CL100 Honda. Rexes Speed Shop. https://www.rexs-speedshop.com/product/6-volt-solid-state-regulator-rectifier/
  7. Thanks I'll give it a good look. Thanks for sending this to me.
  8. Surely there is one that someone wife's wants out of the drive. LOL
  9. I know they can be a pain. but that is one pain I'm willing to tackle. I just need a decent one to start with. Thanks Okie
  10. Thanks for the reply I know they are getting a bit long in the tooth. But I still think that is what I need. A bit of cracking is ok as long as I can tow it home. See Ya Okie
  11. I'm looking for a decent Hi-Point trailer 14" or a 16' with 6' inside dimension.. Thanks Okie
  12. Why did you have the slide apart? I've been using these carbs since 2002 and have never taken one apart. Just curious. Thanks Okie
  13. I have a 1974 250 WR Husky that I need to weld the end pieces back on the silenser core. I need to know if the flange goes toward the outside or the center of the core. Thanks Okie:thumbsup:
  14. Okie

    Sikk 125 oil?

    Thanks Speedo for the reply. Okie
  15. Okie

    Sikk 125 oil?

    Why not use synthetic oil? Okie