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  1. Mutu

    WR250F issues starting off....

    Yes for gearing. I think stock gearing is 13/52? 13/48 might be too hard for the engine to pull with a just about stock bike, it might make it harder to ride too. 4 teeth is a pretty big change. I run 13/49 on my 250F, but mine has got a race pipe, vortex ignition, and a few other bits and pieces. Heaps more power than stock (for comparison, a stock YZ250F has about 35hp, and stock WR250F about 27hp). But mine is so easy to ride for beginners. Broad smooth power. Yes, you'll have to rejet. Follow what alligatorman says, his words are wise.
  2. Mutu

    Cooling System Questions

    +1 what Col says! When you flush the radiators, flush them with vinegar cut 10:1 with water. Just drop the coolant, fill with vinegar mix, run for a minute, then drop mix. Do the same with straight water, then drop and add what ever coolant you like. As for coolant, any coolant that does not contain silicates is fine. I run engine ice in my bikes, I found it to be better than stock coolant for boil over protection.
  3. Mutu

    WR250F issues starting off....

    Lean on the fuel. Turn the throttle, and it is hesitant to get moving. I am serious when I say it is way easier to ride, stock, there is only midrange. no bottom, and it falls flat on it's face. Hard to ride like that.
  4. Mutu

    WR250F issues starting off....

    Yeah, the free mods really make the bike easier to ride, and spreads the power out a bit more. To really uncork it, the muffler has to go.
  5. Mutu

    Introducing the 2007 KX-DX 200

    That bike is SICK!!! It would be perfect for the trails mate, enjoy it!!!
  6. Mutu

    99 KX 250 soft brakes

    The actual brake master cylinder might need a service / replacing. As for brake lines, I've got nothing but praise for goodridge lines, and yes, it helps big time on old brakes.
  7. Mutu

    Service Honda CR500AF Airbox mod

    are you getting your bike from Australia or USA? http://www.bikepoint.com.au/all-bikes/bnbis/details.aspx?R=8478837&__Qpb=true&Cr=10&__Ns=p_RankSort_Int32|1||p_Make_String|0||p_Model_String|0||p_YearMade_Int32|1||p_PriceSort_Decimal|1&__N=604%204294962143&silo=1400&seot=1&__Nne=15&trecs=55&__sid=1291EDE84726
  8. Mutu

    Honda CR500 Pricing?

    Thats funny man!
  9. Mutu

    WR250F issues starting off....

    +1 Yeah, try more gas!
  10. Mutu

    WR250F issues starting off....

    He said rear sprocket! Other way around!
  11. Mutu

    key ignition wiring options

    No, not the kill switch, separate to that. We have a key switch and an on/off switch that are interchangeable. I guess it is the '03 you speak of. I had a look at the wiring diagram in the manual, the on/off switch is in between the starting circuit cut-off relay, and the diode for clutch and neutral switches. As you can guess, this is for e-start. I am not sure about earlier models, but we did had them keyed. I will try and find out for you, but don't rely on it. You might have better luck with an auto electrician.
  12. Mutu

    Cam 2

    My apologies KJ790. I was under the impression that CAM2 was oxygenated, but turns out it is a term that covers all sunoco fuel. Cam 2 is the generic name for Sunoco's line of racing fuels. Some are leaded, some are oxygenated, and octane levels range from 100 and 104 UL all the way up to 110, 112, and 116 L.
  13. Mutu

    can i fit a meaty 140 on my bike?

    what brand? euro sizings seem to be different that jap ones. i.e, a michelain 140 = a dunlop 120.
  14. Mutu

    CR-500 vs KX-500

    Old thread!
  15. Mutu

    Rumors...for 2011 !

    Yeah, what x1glider's point is?