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  1. faster48

    SXF Plastics

    anyone know where to find the brighter orange that TLD team uses? Acerbis makes it but i cant find it
  2. faster48

    2016 ktm 450 sxf manual HELP

    thank you for the dropbox link dude! I also picked up two 16 450 SXF bikes last weekend without manuals. I was told they will be mailed.
  3. faster48

    Bto Discount?

    "pulpmx" is good for 10%
  4. faster48

    Chad Reeds 2013 CRF450 AMA SX

    Factory Showa SFF Air forks have been around for the last year...
  5. faster48

    CRF STUFF 2013 450R Product Fittment Overview

    I have one of Chad Reed's 2011 bikes and it has a couple of CRF Stuff parts on it. The front brake is crazy on the bike! I will be ordering the front rotor for my 13 as soon as I can. I also own a small company that designs/sells/installs custom audio, video and control systems. We sell ourselves on our service, not on price. I get beat up all day long on TV prices (low or no margin). We still end up providing them due to the simple fact that we stand behind the systems we install, and this includes the individual components. We may not always be the lowest cost, but we stay VERY busy becuase of how we take care of clients before AND AFTER the sale. Don't discount (pun intended) the service you get when dealing with a better company like CRF Stuff..
  6. faster48

    R.I.P. Marty Moates

    For those who care, Marty Moates one of my original moto heroes took his own life yesterday.... so sad:excuseme: . Marty was one of the No Fear pricipals, and the winner of the 1980 USGP.... I'm really bummed and quite confused. Godspeed Marty.
  7. faster48

    Broken radiator brace mounting tabs!

    I have had the same problem. That is the only problem I've had with my 06 in just over a year... not bad in my humble opinion. I actually decided to stick with the 06, and cancelled my 07 order. It was either a new bike or a vintage Porsche. I chose the Porsche:D
  8. faster48

    Radiator shrouds

    I've had all green since last January. Acerbis makes them, so does Polisport.
  9. faster48

    Replate Cylinder Or Go New?

    Replating is the only way to go. Check with these guys http://www.powersealusa.com/
  10. faster48

    07 Racer X 450 Shootout

    Post of the week!
  11. faster48

    Got it,

    it's like deja vu. Didn't all the doubters go away with their tails between their legs this time last year? Good for you Mike, enjoy I can't wait to hear how it feels compared to your '06....
  12. faster48

    Got it,

    Right on! I guess I can expext mine any time now too. I'd be more excited if I hadn't mashed up some ribs at the Kawasaki Race of Champions last weekend . I won't even be able to ride it right away
  13. faster48

    Need Head Pipe also!

    I wa slooking for a head pipe also. Einstine offered his to me but never responded to any of my PM's either....
  14. faster48

    How many??

    Not a single problem since Oct. 05. Perfect bike so far!
  15. faster48

    07 kx450f price

    Yeah, so what's your point? He fell on his sword and apologized.